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  1. Thank you, Julio. That was fun and entertaining! I completely agree with that. Stay safe Lasse
  2. I did that by sending the same messages to the included .ens. Works well in the ensemble. Forget it. If you are on Mojave I will figure out the problem my self. /Lasse
  3. I am sorry but I have still the same problem as Rangarajan. The OSC-messages does not make it out from OM. I have tested the same messages from MAX, Kyma and Reaper. No problem. Weird. Maybe Mojave is the problem. There is sometimes problems with the security thingies that Apple have put in there. Let me know if I can assist in tracking down this. /Lasse
  4. Andy, Maybe this can help. https://opusmodus.com/forums/topic/415-working-with-large-pieces-in-multiple-sections/
  5. I will share whatever I can as soon as I can. I'm writing (notating) everything by hand when composing and arranging. I have used OM since day 1 and before that SCOM for many years. Still I have not learned much Lisp mainly caused by lack of time. I use these tools mainly for chaotic experimenting I would say. I have just quit working and is now a happy retired and hope to be able to spend more time wit OM and Lisp. /Lasse
  6. André, Thank you for the explanation. I agree with JH. Interesting. /Lasse
  7. Add this to the top of the file: (add-program-attributes '(default) ) It is not defined. SB missed to include that . /Lasse
  8. From the Listener: ? gen-chord3, chord-intervals: ((3 3 3 3) (3 5 7 9) (2 5 7 11)) cycle: nil relative: nil ambitus: piano seed: 254965 Since the function have a seed you should get different chords unless you set the seed value. (gen-chord3 '(c4 eb4 g4) '((3 3 3 3) (3 5 7 9) (2 5 7 11)) :seed 42) Gives you the same chords all the time.
  9. Thx Julio, Lot's of useful ideas for me. Brilliant! /Lasse
  10. Me to would like to have functions for that. I made a lib from about 50 pages from the book just to lose them before having time to share it
  11. Very nice! Thank you for this AM. I hope it will make it into OM. I think it should be part of this glorious tool. /Lasse
  12. Thx a lot. Great feature. Is it possible to implement the same when doing audition-omn-snippet?
  13. I guess it is, if you want to see what value init-seed gives you... Or...? That was anyway why I did it this way. Anyway, thank you again for your interesting knowledge. /lasse
  14. (defun doseed (&key seed) (setf seed (init-seed (rnd-range 1 999999))) (print seed)) (rnd-sample 5 '(c4 e4 g4 b4) :seed (doseed)) This works for me. /Lasse
  15. Very nice and interesting piece and video. Love it. Thank you Yuichi /Lasse
  16. Oh, has Nigel passed away. That is sad news. I have really been worried since I have not heard from him in a long time. He was my greatest inspiration to get going again with music. RIP Nigel
  17. Very nice! Merry Christmas Janusz and all of the OM family. /Lasse
  18. This is so great! I used patterns a lot in PWGL but this is so much more easier
  19. Hi all, I just would like to give Torsten a massive THX for sharing his knowledge and code here at the forum(not just Torsten). I learn so much from you in various areas that I try to use. I have used PWGL in the past and will dig deep into what you have done and how, when it comes to make OM and PWGL to "work together". If I can get OM, PWGL and Max to exchange data I am in kind of heaven. Finally I have retired from work and have time to do what I like most. Thank you Torsten and all the other persons that share code and knowledge. /Lasse
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