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  1. lviklund

    Make-chord-if-length study

    Add this to the top of the file: (add-program-attributes '(default) ) It is not defined. SB missed to include that 🙂. /Lasse
  2. From the Listener: ? gen-chord3, chord-intervals: ((3 3 3 3) (3 5 7 9) (2 5 7 11)) cycle: nil relative: nil ambitus: piano seed: 254965 Since the function have a seed you should get different chords unless you set the seed value. (gen-chord3 '(c4 eb4 g4) '((3 3 3 3) (3 5 7 9) (2 5 7 11)) :seed 42) Gives you the same chords all the time.
  3. lviklund

    Composing with Piano Reductions

    Thx Julio, Lot's of useful ideas for me. Brilliant! /Lasse
  4. lviklund

    Idea for a Rhythmic Set Theory Function

    Loopyc, Thank's for pointing to this beatyful app. Just what I have been looking for 🙂 /Lasse
  5. lviklund

    Slonimsky Stuff HELP

    Me to would like to have functions for that. I made a lib from about 50 pages from the book just to lose them before having time to share it 🤯😡🤬
  6. lviklund

    Updated library of many custom Opusmodus functions

    This is brilliant! Thx Torsten and Julio.
  7. lviklund

    sorting algorithms

    Very nice! Thank you for this AM. I hope it will make it into OM. I think it should be part of this glorious tool. /Lasse
  8. lviklund

    Posting seed value

    Thx a lot. Great feature. Is it possible to implement the same when doing audition-omn-snippet?
  9. lviklund

    Posting seed value

    I guess it is, if you want to see what value init-seed gives you... . Or...? That was anyway why I did it this way. Anyway, thank you again for your interesting knowledge. /lasse
  10. lviklund

    Posting seed value

    (defun doseed (&key seed) (setf seed (init-seed (rnd-range 1 999999))) (print seed)) (rnd-sample 5 '(c4 e4 g4 b4) :seed (doseed)) This works for me. /Lasse
  11. lviklund


    Very nice and interesting piece and video. Love it. Thank you Yuichi /Lasse
  12. lviklund

    Requiem for Nigel

    Oh, has Nigel passed away. That is sad news. I have really been worried since I have not heard from him in a long time. He was my greatest inspiration to get going again with music. RIP Nigel
  13. lviklund


    Very nice! Merry Christmas Janusz and all of the OM family. /Lasse
  14. Nice work and a good companion to Allan Forte. /Lasse
  15. Well done! Very nice piece. Love it. /Lasse