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  1. Nice work and a good companion to Allan Forte. /Lasse
  2. Well done! Very nice piece. Love it. /Lasse
  3. Improving length-rest-series

    Works fine here to. Thx /Lasse
  4. Pattern streams from Common Music in Opusmodus

    This is so great! I used patterns a lot in PWGL but this is so much more easier
  5. Hi all, I just would like to give Torsten a massive THX for sharing his knowledge and code here at the forum(not just Torsten). I learn so much from you in various areas that I try to use. I have used PWGL in the past and will dig deep into what you have done and how, when it comes to make OM and PWGL to "work together". If I can get OM, PWGL and Max to exchange data I am in kind of heaven. Finally I have retired from work and have time to do what I like most. Thank you Torsten and all the other persons that share code and knowledge. /Lasse
  6. merge-rests-with-preceeding-note

    Agree with SB. Thank you, interesting and useful stuff. Thx Torsten
  7. lviklund

  8. Opusmodus sometimes not talking to Ableton?

    Some more testing and I now remember why I left Ableton Live for Reaper. There is strange things going on. It works fine on one IAC bus not two at the same time. Fishy is a good description. Another strange thing with Ableton. All my CC mappings that I route via Reaper to VSL Pro gets stuck somewhere so the dynamics and technics that works without any problem in Reaper, does not work in Live. At least not without fiddling around somewhere in Ableton.
  9. Opusmodus sometimes not talking to Ableton?

    With monitor set to "auto" (default) in the mixer part there is no sound sometimes. Set monitor to "In" and it works (at least for me). /Lasse
  10. Omn Function

    Yes Search for the function OMN. (setf notation '(s g4 pp == cs5 c4 -- fs5 g4 mf ==== gs5 mp == a3 f)) (omn :length notation) => (1/16 1/8 1/16 1/16 -1/8 1/16 1/16 1/4 1/16 1/8 1/16)
  11. Disassembling incomplete OMN expressions?

    I have used omn-replaced like this: (omn-replace :pitch '((g4) (a4)) '((q f pizz) (h arco))) => ((q g4 f pizz) (h a4 arco))
  12. figured-bass function

    Thx for the link to music21. I thought I had found most algo music thingies but this one i have missed completely. /Lasse
  13. velocity-to-dynamic limitation

    Brilliant! Thx T and J.
  14. figured-bass function

    (gen-chord3 '(c4 eb4 g4) '((6 5) (5 3) (4 2)) :seed 42) Without the :seed argument the result should be random. /Lasse
  15. OMN Symbol VOICE

    A make-voices function like the one described feels like the most OM:ish way. I am lost in the technical discussion so I will leave that. Spring greetings from Sweden.