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  1. I have used omn-replaced like this: (omn-replace :pitch '((g4) (a4)) '((q f pizz) (h arco))) => ((q g4 f pizz) (h a4 arco))
  2. Thx for the link to music21. I thought I had found most algo music thingies but this one i have missed completely. /Lasse
  3. Brilliant! Thx T and J.
  4. (gen-chord3 '(c4 eb4 g4) '((6 5) (5 3) (4 2)) :seed 42) Without the :seed argument the result should be random. /Lasse
  5. A make-voices function like the one described feels like the most OM:ish way. I am lost in the technical discussion so I will leave that. Spring greetings from Sweden.
  6. Great thoughts Torsten. Some very good ideas in your answer and I agree (when I understand :-) ) with your reasoning. /Lasse
  7. I agree with TA. Lasse
  8. Great stuff. Merry Christmas to you all! /lasse
  9. Amazing! Thank you guys for the info. /Lasse
  10. Hi all, I just would like to inform you all that I have made some first tests with xml export to the new Dorico notation program. (compile-score 'violins :file "test2" :output :musicxml) (musicxml-to-editor "test2" :application "Dorico") It works smooth and without problems. Maybe Dorico will be an alternative to Sibelius in the future. It looks promising with quite a few flaws in this first version 1.0.0. /Lasse
  11. Duh...
  12. Hi Janusz OMN-TIE-BARS -> TIE-BARS Gives me this: Error: Undefined function omn-tie-bars called with arguments (((q c4 d4 e4 f4) (q f4 g4 a4) (q a4 b4 c5 stacc))) /Lasse
  13. Thx Stephane. Again. How the whatever can you be so productive? Amazing.
  14. As expected, great work! Thank you all.
  15. "Jazz ain't dead! It just smells funny." (F. Zappa) Nice one.