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  4. I'm on Monterey... And I'm pretty sure I remember it working on Big Sur
  5. This only work on two systems - not on Big Sur and not on Catalina. The latest version you find in the Downloads page.
  6. If I click Opusmodus -> Check for updates it says "No valid update information could be loaded"
  7. Bravo !! Great ! I will have a dedicated computer just to test Opusmodus in Windows !
  8. Mac Apple Silicon first (October). PC version soon after.
  9. Any update on when might come a windows version, since you have moved to lispworks I think?
  10. The only way would be to install the Demo on a different cpu.
  11. I understand. What would be the best way for me to try out Opusmodus pre-purchase?
  12. The demo version can't be reset on the demo server.
  13. Hi all! I've been digging into the documentation for Opusmodus and am super excited to try it out. I opened it once a few days ago, and decided not to start the 30 day trial period yet, since I knew I wouldn't be able to take time to use it until later in the week. When I opened it again today, I was unable to start my trial period, as the start dialogue simply says "Demo not available". Is there anything I can do in order to start a trial?? I'm on a 2019 16" Intel Macbook Pro running macOS 10.15.7, if that's helpful Thanks, Isaac
  14. Dear Janusz, This will be in the next update ? Best, Julio
  15. In many scores, Pierre Boulez use a lot of accacciatura or appoggiatura , for exemple like in Dérive (1984), a score composed for and based on the name SACHER (famous hexachord used also in "Message esquisse"). Here's a function to help to add such appoggiature in your score based on a list of rhythmic values. There is a draft doc in French joined to the function definition. Hope it could be useful for some of us and may be improved and better coded and refined. My best to all of Opmo users. SB. gen-ornament.lisp gen-ornament.rtfd.zip
  16. This is great for motivic development and variation. Best !
  17. No crash here (OM 2.2, Big Sur).
  18. Done. (dictum '(:remove e4) '(e c4 d4 e4 fs4 -q)) => (e c4 mf d4 - fs4 -q) (dictum '(:remove -q) '(e c4 d4 e4 fs4 -q)) => (e c4 mf d4 e4 fs4) (dictum '(:apply (length-rest-remove x)) '(e c4 d4 e4 fs4 -q)) => (e c4 d4 e4 fs4)
  19. I want to report a weird bug with my system. If I try and Copy some text from a pdf in the viewer panel, it crashes OM every time. I'm on Catalina.
  20. To get: (dictum '(:apply (length-rest-remove x)) '(w c5 ped -e)) => '(w c5 ped) I would need to make some changes how the dictum deals with rests. I will see what I can do.
  21. But I can do something like this and that changes the length of the bar: (dictum '(:any e :apply q) '(e c4 d4 e4 fs4))
  22. dictum is not about changing the length of the bar (time-signature). You can substitute a list in dictum do.
  23. OK, thank you for reply. Fabio
  24. Is it possible to remove rest(s) with dictum? Thanks! Edit: Why this does not work? (dictum '(:apply (length-rest-remove x)) '(w c5 ped -e))
  25. Awesome, thank you so much. We're back up and running. I will probably upgrade after I give it another go...
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