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  2. no just text symbol above staff like this;-) i would like to write symbols above each bar
  3. Something like that ? '((h (b3 maj7) (d3 7)) (h (g3 maj7) (bb3 7)) (w (eb3 maj7)) (h (a3 m7) (d3 7)) (h (g3 maj7) (bb3 7)) (h (eb3 maj7) (gb3 7)) (w (b3 maj7)) (h (f3 m7) (bb3 7)) (w (eb3 maj7)) (h (a3 m7) (d3 7)) (w (g3 maj7)) (h (cs3 m7) (fs3 7)) (w (b3 maj7)) (h (f3 m7) (bb3 7)) (w (eb maj7)) (h (cs3 m7) (fs3 7))) SB.
  4. Yesterday
  5. Hi, I am just wondering If is in any way possible to write into snippet chords like: Δ ou Maj7 7 m7 Ø ou min7b5 °7 6 m6 7sus4 9 m9 7#11 7#5 6/9 13 7b9 7#9 above the staff?
  6. Last week
  7. Awesome, looking forward to trialling the software properly. By the way this problem also occurs on Intel macs, not just M1. I tried it on my partner's 2015 Macbook Air yesterday and after 1 hour the program locked up and needed to be forced to quit. After that when I try to open it it states that the demo is not available
  8. Yes. We will extend the demo period to 60 days as well.
  9. Oh right, I'm on an M1 - that would do it. When the new version is released next month would I be able to download again with a new demo period?
  10. Opusmodus 2.2 Language: English, French, Italian and German. © MMXXII Opusmodus™ Ltd. All rights reserved. Requirements: macOS 10.9 - 12.5 (Intel)
  11. The purpose of the forum is not about announcements - which are happening if something is to be announced - but a space for OM users to exchange ideas and get support. OM on a not supported system (M1) will crash, this too was addressed in our forum. As for the release of the ver. 3.0 this was answers already few months ago. Please see above. Anyway, the development (port) is going well and October is still our date.
  12. I do not understand why Opusmodus hosts a forum if it is not used to exchange with the community and customers in a reasonable way. Responsiveness is really very poor compared to other places, unfortunately.
  13. Hello, I downloaded Opus Mondus for the first time today and after a short amount of time it crashed. I attempted to open it again however it now comes up with "Demo Not Available". Is there any way around this? It's a very frustrating bug
  14. @opmo When do you release the new version in October ? (just for those being excited to use OM the first time for >10mins w/o crash).
  15. FWIW: Today issues have been reported to the Lispworks mailing list of issues with LW8 running on MacOS 12.6. I hope this version of the OS is included as a testsuite with the OM code
  16. Earlier
  17. Well, what I'm planning to do is far more complex. I'm training an AI models with images. Then, for a live performance, I will place a camera and the system will recognise the shapes. Different shapes (dots, geometric figures, color, B&W, ... etc) will generate different values, and depending on those values the sound generated will be different. That's why I thought about executing lines of code inside OM remotely, because it could be an incredible way to generate non static musical lines live. I basically need a way to put the cursor mark in certain position of the OM score and send the OM "execute command". Do you think there could be a way to do this? Thanks!
  18. You can send OSC messages to other OSC devises or software. Opusmodus is the Master here. If you like to input OMN elements into the score with midi-keyboard you can do that with MIDI Entry.
  19. Hi! I’m new to Opusmodus but I think it is one of the most amazing software programs I’ve ever used. It just blowed my mind with the possibilities it has. Although I still don’t know how to do anything but simple things, I would like to ask you if there’s a way to remotely execute lines of code via MIDI or OSC messages. That would be an incredible feature! Thanks a lot and forgive me if I start to open new topics with weird questions! ivan
  20. "All to plan." In the interest of those of us who have been waiting on this for quite some time now, would you care to elucidate and expand on this? Will there be a beta period, for example? Will we have to pay for another license or is this a freebie for existing customers? Is there an actual release date you are working towards? That kind of thing...
  21. October is approaching. Will M1 support be ready?
  22. With the :duration-add keyword you can shorten the duration of the note. The length in notation will not change. (def-score duration-add (:key-signature '(c maj) :time-signature '(4 4) :tempo 120) (inst :omn '(t c4 d4 e4 f4 g4 a4 b4 c5) :duration-add '(-0.1) :channel 1 :sound 'gm :program 'Church-Organ :volume 127 :pan 64) )
  23. Is it possible to reduce MIDI gate lengths slightly (without resorting to using shorter lengths and rests)? Some of my external instruments have trouble receiving 'gate on' messages during continuous passages of notes.
  24. New short piece for Piano. Stéphane Instant1-V1Edit03Render1.mp3 instant1v1-01Edit3.pdf Instant1V1-01.opmo
  25. Another possible way: (setf chords '(c4e4g4 e4g4c5)) (setf durations '(q e q e s)) (setf repetitions '(7 1 6 2 5 3 4 4)) (setf out (gen-repeat repetitions (make-omn :pitch (mclist chords) :length (gen-trim (length repetitions) (mclist durations)) ))) S.
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