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  3. Something like that : (substitute-map '(pizz arco+ord arco+tasto arco+ponte) '(0 1 2 3) '(0 3 2 3 1 3 2 3 3 1 0 0 2 0)) => (pizz arco+ponte arco+tasto arco+ponte arco+ord arco+ponte arco+tasto arco+ponte arco+ponte arco+ord pizz pizz arco+tasto pizz) SB.
  4. you want to map some integers (in your case pc..) to attributes? like that? (position-filter '(0 1 2 3 4 5) '(pizz arco ponte molto-ponte stacc stacc+pizz ten+arco ten+molto-ponte)) => (pizz arco ponte molto-ponte stacc stacc+pizz) (position-filter (pcs '6-Z10) '(pizz arco ponte molto-ponte stacc stacc+pizz ten+arco ten+molto-ponte)) => (pizz arco molto-ponte stacc stacc+pizz ten+molto-ponte) or in pure CCL (loop for i in '(0 1 2 3 4 5) with attr-list = '(pizz arco ponte molto-ponte stacc stacc+pizz ten+arco ten+molto-ponte) collect (nth i attr-list)) => (pizz arco ponte molto-ponte stacc stacc+pizz)
  5. I want to define pizz=0, arco-ord =1, arco-tasto=2, arco-ponte=3, then to apply to a string of pitch classes (0-11) mod 4, this will give me another string (0-3) and I want this string to be transformed to a string of attributes according to my definition.
  6. Example please. No. Integer (number) can't be variable.
  7. Can I assign integer to attribute, for e.x integer to attribute?
  8. Hi, i've made this function for my own usage. Sharing here if it can be useful for some others. It is a function who replace articulation by a given one on repeated notes. Best SB. ;;; OMN-REPLACE-ARTICULATION-IF-REPEAT (defun omn-replace-articulation-if-repeat (new-art omn-sequence) (do-verbose ("omn-replace-articulation-if-repeat") (let ((spn '()) (res '()) ) (progn (setf spn (get-span omn-sequence)) (setf res (loop for i from 0 to (- (length (flatten-sublist (single-events omn-sequence))) 1) collect (if (or (eq (second (nth i (flatten-sublist (single-events omn-sequence)))) (second (nth (+ 1 i) (flatten-sublist (single-events omn-sequence))))) (if (> i 0) (eq (second (nth i (flatten-sublist (single-events omn-sequence)))) (second (nth (- i 1) (flatten-sublist (single-events omn-sequence))))) ) ) (omn-replace :articulation new-art (nth i (flatten-sublist (single-events omn-sequence)))) (nth i (flatten-sublist (single-events omn-sequence))) ))) (length-span spn (flatten res)))))) ;;; EXEMPLE #| (setf mat '((s c4 p leg d4 leg e4 leg f4 q g4 f marc)(s a4 mp leg g4 leg leg f4 leg e4 leg leg leg d4 q c4 mf marc))) (omn-replace-articulation-if-repeat '(stacc) mat) => '((s c4 p leg d4 leg e4 leg f4 q g4 f marc) (s a4 mp leg g4 stacc g4 stacc f4 leg e4 stacc e4 stacc e4 stacc d4 q c4 mf marc)) |#
  9. There are many new functionality in ver. 2.0
  10. I'm happy to report that yesterday's release (v 2.025716) works on Catalina. Thanks!
  11. You need Opusmodus 2.0 to run on macOS 10.15.4
  12. Is this your second installation (cpu).
  13. It is 10.15.4 exactly. Still doesn't work.
  14. The Karajan Music Tech Conference is a cross-industry networking event in a creative environment. Parametric Music Composition with Opusmodus presentation by Stéphane Boussuge Join the Online Conference on April 3rd
  15. The macOS need to be 10.15.4 or higher.
  16. To run Opusmodus 2.0 on Catalina you need macOS 10.15.4 or higher.
  17. I've just downloaded Opusmodus 2 for Catalina and got the dialog box asking for my registration information. I copied this from the registration email verbatim and pasted into each field as requested. When I hit the "unlock" button, it simply beeps at me and does nothing. What's going on?
  18. This is a really interesting and useful addition to Opusmodus. I'm already having fun with it!
  19. Hi, you find the price for the upgrade to version 2.0 on our website.
  20. I'm still running 1.3. I never upgraded to 1.4 or 2.0 since I was running 10.15 and could not downgrade. Is there upgrade pricing from 1.3 to 2.0 (on 10.5)? A lot of stuff was added in 1.4 and 2.0 and I'm excited to use it. Thanks!, Paul
  21. Hello, I tried the new Catalina version, but unfortunately it is not possible to do so because it claims the trial period to be over. I had previously running OM in the 1.x licensed version. Any hints? TIA, Wolfgang
  22. Hi folks, This quarantine period is a good occasion to improve your skill with Opusmodus. To help you achieve your goal the price for lessons has dropped 50% during this lockdown ! Lessons page SB.
  23. It worked on a different Mac, using the URL that I got after submitting that form. All is ok. Thanks!
  24. Maybe you need clear the history in your browser or the server is overloaded. At the moment there are many downloads.
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