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  3. Hi, evaluating sieve-tree-series or sieve-tree gives error "undefined function get-sieve-tree-series (or get-sieve-tree) called". Opusmodus is the newest version 2.2.26595. Henry
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  5. Opusmodus is not compatible with Apple M1 cpu. We hope CCL will be ported to the M1 by the end of this year.
  6. I share the frustration with my new Mac mini. Crashing all the time. Even when it didn't crash the processing time also seemed longer than reasonable. And it's not just OpusModus. I guess the takeaway is don't upgrade to M1 yet. It is too different and no matter how great the chip itself is, with everything else still ruled by the Intel it's just too hard to work with. But still, this has to be solved, please.
  7. Any updates on this issue? I'm regretting my M1 "upgrade" and am missing Opusmodus' full functionality.
  8. Thank you! This appears to have reset the program, and I can reopen it once more.
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  11. Soon I will release the documentation for the SCORE-PLAYER and STOP-SCORE-PLAYER function.
  12. the LOOP-cycles produces data-sequences with lengths about 5 to 20 sec for this... stop and wait via SLEEP is oaky.... inside the loop: i send the datas (the sequences) to screens (generative score + conducting for the musicians / polytempo) and MAXMSP (sound/modsynth) ... this is via OSC for accuracy/coordination so it works fine like that... but: LISP is not exactly suitable for REALTIME processing
  13. Thanks for sharing your screen. Is sleep precise enough for realtime scheduling?
  14. dear torsten, that works perfect! so i can display what my algo is doing in each loop... thx
  15. Anyway, thanks to Janusz again for adding that after such a feature request!
  16. Actually, it is possible to leave out those logging messages. Execute the following. (Unfortunately, this does not work when defined in an ~/Opusmodus/Extensions/*.lisp file. My guess is that it is overwritten by the system afterwards. However, you can execute it after the startup, e.g., by hand, and it cleans up your listener.) (defparameter *do-verbose* nil "Enable or disable traces printed by do-verbose.") For details see Best, Torsten
  17. is there a possibilty to ONLY show INSIDE the LISTENER what i like to: some (print ....)-stuff ...and not all the "function-calls" like ..... ratio-to-msec rnd-pick :seed 990096 rnd1 :seed 858709 compress rnd1 :seed 223329 compress list-to-string ratio-to-msec ratio-to-msec ratio-to-msec prob :seed 115209 prob :seed 40751 stop-score-player score-player .... thanx for a hint andré
  18. You need to download Opusmodus app for your macOS. You can't use OM for Catalina on macOS Big Sur etc... You can do the following: 1. Quit Opusmodus 2. Go to ~/Library/Caches and delete the com.opusmodus.Opusmodus folder. 3. Go to ~/Library/Preferences/ and delete the com.opusmodus.Opusmodus file. 4. Empty trash. 5. Remove any personal files or code from the ~/Opusmodus/Extensions directory if any. 6. Start OM
  19. I have installed, uninstalled, restarted, rebooted, checked Preferences... no matter what, this program usually crashes upon opening. After I report it twice to Apple, it will open, but with no options to create a new file or to open any templates. I would like to be a new user, but I just cannot get the program to work.
  20. If possibile the system will use power of 2 values and not tuplets. (/ 3/4 4) => 3/16
  21. Dear All, Simple question How to make this kind of tuplet ? (4h. 4h. 4h. 4h.) won´t work in this context... Best ! Julio
  22. Greetings from Finland, new Opusmodus user here... How do I get my serial number / license information to register my copy of Opusmodus? I purchased it today but didn't get any information via email nor can I find it under my profile/settings... Thanks.
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  24. OK, I'm obviously ignorant about the complexity of the job, but thanks for considering.
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