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  2. Thanks for the response. I have been tripped up by nesting several times, so I'm paying closer attention to it now. I will leave this as a mystery!
  3. I will release a new app later today with possible fix. Check the Announcements. -Janusz
  4. Hi Stoney, It took some time to look into the issue this morning, but I can't find a clear answer for you as well. It might be the result from an earlier evaluation although I really doubt that since the video was recorded in one take, either way, sublists are the way to go! - Jor
  5. I have also an M-audio Keyboard but i use it without pedal. It works perfectly here. May be you could try to unplug your pedal then restart Opusmodus and try to see if it works. SB.
  6. Hello all - I have the same problem with an M-Audio Prokeys88. First saw it with a notation program a couple of years ago and seem to remember solving it by resetting factory defaults on the M-Audio. Now factory reset does not help either. I also see Henry T's description of midi monitor zero value notes instead of note offs. Am now using a 3-octave Korg MicroKey with pitch-bend and mod wheels and everything works beautifully with Opusmodus. Midi Monitor in Logic is showing a normal Note Off (with strikethrough on the notes), so this has to be an M-Audio problem. If anyone s
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  8. Maybe this can be related to the Midi Off message. For each note pressed there is a note off message of value zero. I did a midi to text converter in Pure Data and I had to filter out the midi off messages.
  9. having the exact same problem that HenryT describes above
  10. until

    i think i missed the live zoom event! Really want to0 understand how to use my midi keyboard to input into Opusmodus. I cannot figure it out without help
  11. Make sure the modulation wheel is set to off (0) after every modulation entry and the sustain pedal is down, one of them is the problem.
  12. Oh, I'm really sorry Richard. For your problem I don't know what could produce this problem. Have you got the possibility to try another keyboard ? S.
  13. Did i miss the timing on the Zoom live session for July 4th? I am in Seattle Washington? I thought the time zone difference meant i should be watching July 5th 9am-10am did i miss the video presentation i cannot make midi entry work with my keyboard Every time i input a pitch the next one i input makes the previous one dissapear. I am sure this is really simple, but i cannot make it work I thought that if your video presentation started at 6-7 pm CET , the i should log in on July 5th at 9am PDT. I probably totally miscalculated. Sad. I really want to be ab
  14. Must be something to do with your M-Audio Keystation 88 Pro setup or the modulation wheel is no Off after any modulation entry. What ever the problem is, it is not related to MIDI Entry system. My keyboard is Roland A-49 with one wheel for modulation (vertical) and pitch bend (horizontal), after the release of the wheel the mod and pitch-bend automatically is set to Off.
  15. Hello! I have been trying the new MIDI Entry system. Data can be seen in Opusmodus as long as a key is pressed, but vanishes when key is released. Note values seem to stick, but not note names, attributes or volumes. My keyboard is M-Audio Keystation 88 Pro. In MIDI Monitor I can see that this keyboard does not send note off messages, but instead note on with zero value when key is released. I guess that this is normal behaviour in any keyboard. Anyway, this second note on wipes off the data that came in with the first note on. I appreciate any suggestions t
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    Session 9 Invitation to a weekly livestream series with Stéphane Boussuge. It's free to all who wish to learn more about the OPUSMODUS Music Composition System, plus Q&A. On Sat, Jul 11, 2020, from 06:00 PM to 07:00 PM, Central European Summer Time (CEST). Link: https://us04web.zoom.us/j/4306063713?pwd=QmYyWlBNSGNXMkh3Yjd3aEwrWGFmdz09 Meeting ID: 430 606 3713
  17. Last week
  18. Thank you very much, dear Stéphane, that was very interesting.
  19. Here's the files from today's session. Enjoy ! SB. MidiEntry&Counterpoint.opmo RenéWoh-Intervalles1.opmo Attached, an updated version for the file from René idea because there was an error in ambitus for the flute. SB. RenéWoh-Intervalles1.opmo
  20. 2.1.25893 – Addition: COUNTERPOINT - methods on bars and events.
  21. The only way to do that is to make the documentation in PFD format. If more users would agree on this we could consider to do that. This would be a big task because of the pitch colorisation.
  22. Is the underlying LISP system technically unable to display documents at different zoom levels? Usually the size at which documents are displayed have nothing to do with whether the displayed document is write-protected or not. I strongly vouch for implementing a preference setting letting the user choose at what size a document is displayed in future versions (if technically possible). My guess is that many older users of OPMO does not have the same eye-sight as they did when they were in their 20ies and could benefit from a a larger display size for documentat
  23. 2.1.25892 – Fixed: Stop playback with <Cmd>-<Escape>, will no longer append MIDI entry input as if you were in a chord or the sustain pedal was down. – Changes: Revised attributes list entry. Pitch-Bend Down-Half is now assign to attributes. Pitch-Bend Up-Half is now assign to velocities. – Documentation Revised MIDI Entry document. Best wishes, Janusz
  24. Then why did Jorvd get a correct output in the video without the sublists?
  25. (setf instrument1 (gen-repeat (length chords) '((s g4c4 c4 g4e4 g4 d4 c4 g4f4 g4)))) Nothing change, it needs to be a list with sublists. (gen-repeat 3 '((c4 g4) (c4 a4))) => ((c4 g4) (c4 a4) (c4 g4) (c4 a4) (c4 g4) (c4 a4)) If number is a list then each list is repeat individually. (gen-repeat '(3) '((c4 g4) (c4 a4))) => ((c4 g4 c4 g4 c4 g4) (c4 a4 c4 a4 c4 a4))
  26. In the video "Opusmodus Parametric Composition" by Jorvd, from 2019-12, at 11:10, he demonstrates using harmonic-path to combine a melody and chords. I entered this code to match the video, and it didn't work for me. Here's what he showed: (setf chords '(c3g3c4ds4 gs2f3c4d4 c3g3c4ds4 gs2f3c4d4 c3g3c4ds4 d3g3b3f4 c3g3c4g4 d3f3c4gs4 ds3g3c4g4 cs3g3as3f4 ds3a3c4fs4 fs3a3c4ds4 c3g3c4ds4 g2g3b3d4 gs2f3c4d4 b2d3f4 c3g3c4ds4 f3gs3c4d4 g2g3b3d4 c3ds3g3ds4 as2e3g3g4 f2f3c4gs4 g2g3b3d4 cs3g3as3f4 b2g3d4g4 c3g3c
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    As I wrote its the Unfold Set OM.lisp file, just copied& renamed& placed in that folder and I've got the error when I first evaluate unfold. And can you say something to the mf that gets added, when using t1?
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