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  1. I am getting something similar but I have got the Opusmodus folder in my home directory. I get these two error messages:
  2. So I'm very happy to be exploring new snippet structure but cannot seem to define my own instrument, based on the example in the help file I did this but get errors: SOLVED: I had to Evaluate my Def-Inst before it would play..
  3. Wow this really is a huge deal for me. We can now have snippets as mini scores before we compile. Key sigs, time sigs, tempo and instrument defs all in a snippet. And multiple voices too. Thanks Janusz. 5 hours later. So this is a major change it seems to me and very useful. The whole workflow has had a boost. This, amongst other things, allows the creation of snippet libraries with granular control over the visual and functional aspects of the snippets. An ideas library is here. Of course it was possible before with mutiple .opmo files and def scores but this is much more useful (
  4. Thanks Stephane but looks like the latest update has rather wonderfully added this feature.
  5. But I'm not sure how the dual display is instigated?
  6. Mmm so this relates back to my earlier question about libraries and storing ideas and multiple def-scores in a single document. To store an "idea" which can be viewed with a key signature in notation I have to save it as a def-score, but each composer document (.opmo) can effectively only have one idea in it, because each .opmo file uses only one def-score, as previously discussed. (I know it can have the code of an infinite number of def-scores, however only the last def-score will 'Evaluate and Audition and Notation" i.e it's not possible to highlight a def-score in a composer do
  7. Is it possible to have a key signature with a snippet? Thanks
  8. So I can have multiple def-scores in a file, but only one of them will be acted upon by "Evaluate and Audition and Notation"..always the last one?
  9. If I use Menu> Evaluate and Audition and Notation on your code..it will always act on the second score, score2. How do I do that to the first score in your example? Thanks
  10. Ah OK in that case I need help because when I evaluate a Composer document with multiple def-score's in it, it will always evaluate the last one in the document. If I have a def-score higher up, I cannot evaluate that one. To evaluate a def-score... it does not involve highlighting the parentheses so how does OM decide which one to evaluate? Thanks.
  11. I think I am correct in saying there can be only one def-score per Composer document? Is that correct? Thanks
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