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Found 8 results

  1. Hi, here's the video rendering of my score "Voile Suspendu" S.
  2. Hi, here's a new score made with Opusmodus and Sibelius. SB.
  3. WHY I USE OPUSMODUS SOFTWARE IN MY MUSICAL COMPOSITION PROCESS In this video I will describe some of the techniques I used in my compositional process and why I decided to use OPUSMODUS Software for compose music ! Also my experience with Pure Data and Nodal Software before moving to Opusmodus.
  4. testing videoplayer in OPMO.mov whitenoise.mov
  5. Hi people, Though I've been using Opusmodus for about 2 years now, and in great love with it, I haven't really had a chance to share my work on the community. But here I have my piano piece vastly written with Opusmodus, and guess what, it's got a cool video, too! Yamaha corporation kindly offered me to use their automated piano for filming, and I think an algorithmic music like this goes very well with it! Yuichi
  6. Dear Friends, I'd like to share a composition all made in Opusmodus. The composition is part of the Portfolio of my Doctoral Dissertation. I'd like to thank you so much, Opusmodus and the support of you here in this forum was amazing !! Love you all !! TURING PIANO (Julio Herrlein) Here is the commented code for the First Section: ;;;PART A ;PITCHES – The pitch structure are based on "chevron-like" patterns. This can be related to some Xenakis ideas: the arborescences, the music as a plot idea. (s
  7. Hello, This is my participation at Pianoteq Video Contest 2017. The composition was written with Opusmodus and played in Ableton Live with seven instances of Pianoteq (modified TubularBells, modified ConcertArp recording, Steinway D Classical Recording A, modified Celesta, modified Cinbalom, modified original ChurchBells, Steinway D Classical Recording BA and completed with a Ircam Solo Instruments bank instance (flute, Horn, Cello) read via the UVI Workstation : and the list of videos in competition : http://www.forum-pianoteq.com/viewtopic.php?id=5301 Do not
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