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  1. Looks great, Janusz ! The new functions omn-dictum looks great. I´m going to investigate this. Thank you !
  2. Dear Friends, I´m seriously doing a composition for String Quartet now. I was procastinating it for more than one year, but now I´m really finding good results that could be part of a composition. The question is that I generate some VERY LONG (sometimes 200 bars) of material and, inside this stream I´d like to use ONE or TWO measures of this particular stream, and more 6 measures generated by other process, interpolate some Free material in between, and so on. In general, this is the expression I use to compile each voice of the quartet: vh1 (VL), vh2 (VL2)
  3. The first that came to mind is Quantize. There is a lot of functions related to Rhythm (type Length for search some) The is also this one, based in my Doctoral Dissertation about rhythm. Best ! Julio
  4. Great ideia, Jor !! Thank you !
  5. My perfect solution (for Musescore): 1) Export XML (with right notation) 2) Export midi file (with keyswtches) 3) copy the keyswtches from the midi file 4) paste the tracks with the keyswitches alongside with the XML staves with the right notation, adjust the midi channels to the daw. Thats it !! Now the keyswtches are working in the notation software (you may even hide the tracks with the keyswitches in the final version). BEst ! Julio
  6. Thank you, Ole !! Now it works !! Even with PS ! It was the wrong path to the application folder !! GREAT !!!! BEst ! Julio
  7. I´d like to know if this is possible with PS function output and also with the last snippet. Here is the old post (it was before the advent of the marvellous preview score. The ideal situation for me would be call musescore to open the last score, PS or snippet generated. Ole, I got this error, doing your instructions compile-score #<score preview> musicxml-to-editor #<external-process (/usr/bin/open -a /Applications/MuseScore.app ...)[522] (exited : 1) #x3020050EBABD> I put the code you mentioned in extensions folder in the
  8. Dear Friends, Is there some way to automatically open XML files from Opusmodus to other application (Musescore, Sibelius) ? Some code to open this (or keyword). Best, Julio
  9. I discovered today that you can use just length-diminution to expand OR contract rhythms, just by using fractions. You can use ti to make some proportional metric modulation stuff. Here are some examples. ORIGINAL (length-diminution 1/1 '(q e e e e s s s s)) CONTRACT (length-diminution 2/1 '(q e e e e s s s s)) EXPAND (length-diminution 1/2 '(q e e e e s s s s)) (length-diminution 1/3 '(q e e e e s s s s)) (length-diminution 3/2 '(q e e e e s s s s)) (length-diminution 3/4 '(q e e e e s s s
  10. Just for the record... This way it worked great ! (besides my messy way to build expressions...) I find it easier to read... My mind is messy... (setf vh1 (make-omn :length rv1 :pitch v1 :span :pitch :velocity (length-map len-map2 rv1 :otherwise '(mf) :repeat t) :articulation (length-map len-map1 rv1 :otherwise '(ord) :repeat t)))
  11. Interesting... I´m going to check this. Another possibility would be to process the length-map before the make-omn expression to get more safe results. Maybe the span expression inside can spoil the length-map list management span inside the make-omn expression. That ocurred to me.... Thank you ! Best
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