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  1. JulioHerrlein

    Harmonic Rhythm Question

    Thanks a lot, Stephane !! Best ! Julio
  2. JulioHerrlein

    Harmonic Rhythm Question

    Dear All, Stephane did this amazing and clear example (code below) of how to spread an harmonic progression over a predefined texture. This can be altered to any harmonic idiom. I did some test, using a chorale texture originated from a 12-tone row and also a more jazz-oriented chorale. THE QUESTION IS (For Stephane Boussuge) 1) How the harmonic rhythm is controlled here? In the example, the chord changes every half note. 2) How can I make the harmony changes at every quarter note ? 3) Can I use different rates of harmonic rhythms ? Best, Julio ;;; Classical Accompaniment Exemple ;;;--------------------------------------------------------- ;;; Parameters ;;;--------------------------------------------------------- ;;; Motif definition (setf mtf1 '((s c5 leg g5 leg e6 leg g5 c5 leg g5 leg e6 leg g5))) (setf mtf2 (pitch-transpose 4 mtf1)) (setf mtf3 '((-q e5))) (setf mtf4 '((-q g4c5))) (setf mtf5 '((q c2 -))) ;;; Chords definition (setf chords (library 'harmoprog1 'minor-4vx 'prog1)) ;;; Ostinati (setf ost1 (gen-repeat (length chords) mtf1)) (setf ost2 (gen-repeat (length chords) mtf2)) (setf ost3 (gen-repeat (length chords) mtf3)) (setf ost4 (gen-repeat (length chords) mtf4)) (setf ost5 (gen-repeat (length chords) mtf5)) ;;; Tonality-map series (setf tm-path (tonality-series chords)) ;;; Here we apply the map 'tm-path' into arpegio sequence. (setf ost1.map (tonality-map tm-path ost1)) (setf ost2.map (tonality-map tm-path ost2)) ;;; Here we apply our library chords into chord sequence. ;;; The harmonic-path preserves the voice leading. (setf ost3.map (harmonic-path chords ost3)) (setf ost4.map (harmonic-path chords ost4)) (setf ost5.map (harmonic-path chords ost5)) (setf violin1 (ambitus '(g3 c7) ost2.map)) (setf violin2 (ambitus '(g3 c6) ost1.map)) (setf viola (ambitus '(c3 e4) ost3.map)) (setf violoncello (ambitus-chord 12 (pitch-transpose -12 ost4.map))) (setf bass ost5.map) ;;;--------------------------------------------------------- ;;; Score and Layout ;;;--------------------------------------------------------- (def-score Classical-accomp (:title "Classical accompaniment example" :composer "S.Boussuge" :copyright "Copyright © 2018 s.boussuge" :key-signature 'chromatic :time-signature '((1 1 1 1) 4) :tempo 80 :layout (bracket-group (violin-layout 'violin1 :name "Violin-1") (violin-layout 'violin2 :name "Violin-2") (viola-layout 'viola) (violoncello-layout 'violoncello) (contrabass-layout 'bass) ) ) (violin1 :omn violin1 :channel 1 :sound 'gm :program 'String-Ensemble-1 :volume 100 :pan 48 :controllers (91 '(68)) ) (violin2 :omn violin2 :channel 2 :sound 'gm :program 'String-Ensemble-1 :volume 100 :pan 48 :controllers (91 '(68)) ) (viola :omn viola :channel 3 :sound 'gm :program 'String-Ensemble-1 :volume 90 :pan 64 :controllers (91 '(68)) ) (violoncello :omn violoncello :channel 4 :sound 'gm :program 'String-Ensemble-1 :volume 90 :pan 80 :controllers (91 '(68)) ) (bass :omn bass :channel 5 :sound 'gm :program 'String-Ensemble-1 :volume 90 :pan 80 :controllers (91 '(68)) ) )
  3. JulioHerrlein

    Kanikkai for Piano

    Thanks, Stephane!!! All the best! Julio
  4. JulioHerrlein

    Kanikkai for Piano

    Great !! Opmo Score avaiable ? Best, Julio
  5. JulioHerrlein

    Autour de Tête Noire for Orchestra

    Great work, Stephane ! Congrats ! Julio
  6. JulioHerrlein

    Idea for a Rhythmic Set Theory Function

    I did my own chord symbols for all the FORTE Structures (p. 361 of Dissertation ). Just in case... Some have Strange names, specially the chords that contain a Chromatic Cluster. Best, Julio
  7. JulioHerrlein

    Idea for a Rhythmic Set Theory Function

    WOWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW I´m CRAZY to have IT !!!!! Thanks a lot !!!! When it is going to be released ? BEST !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :)
  8. JulioHerrlein

    Pattern for Piano

    Thanks, Stephane ! Best, Julio
  9. JulioHerrlein

    Pattern for Piano

    The chords are also derived from the slonimsky patterns? Do you remember wich slonimsky pattern you used? Im teaching slonimsky patterns to my students and using opusmodus in the class. This is Great! Best Julio
  10. JulioHerrlein

    Pattern for Piano

    Sounds Great, Stephane! Somewhat jazzy and groovy in my perception. Any hint of the code/method used? Best!
  11. JulioHerrlein

    Idea for a Rhythmic Set Theory Function

    Thanks a lot, Janusz! Let me know if you find something wrong. Looking forward for this function. Looks Great! Best, Julio
  12. JulioHerrlein

    Idea for a Rhythmic Set Theory Function

    Dear Janusz, Yes, I did a mistake in the dissertation caption of this example but in the attached complete catalog of the Dissertation it's correct. The complete rotations of the 4-24 set are like this (page 388 of the dissertation): Thank you ! Julio
  13. JulioHerrlein

    Idea for a Rhythmic Set Theory Function

    WOW !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Amazing !!!! This is great !!!!! MUCH LOVE !!! Thanks ! Next release ? All the best !! Julio LOOKING FORWARD !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😎😎 😍 😍 THIS IS THE Coolest thing !!! hahahahahaha