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  1. Yes, Janusz. Thank you. I copied all the necessary functions and evaluated all. I´ll try again.
  2. I got an error while running (auto-explode4 full) ;;;; Using auto-explode4 function (setf mat1 (make-omn :pitch (rnd-sample 32 (make-scale 'c5 12)) :length (gen-loop 8 (rnd-sample 16 '(s s s -s -s))))) (setf mat2 (make-omn :pitch (rnd-sample 32 (make-scale 'c4 12)) :length (gen-loop 8 (rnd-sample 16 '(s s s -s -s))))) (setf mat3 (make-omn :pitch (rnd-sample 32 (make-scale 'c3 12)) :length (gen-loop 8 (rnd-sample 16 '(s s s -s -s))))) (setf mat4 (make-omn :pitch (rnd-sample 32 (make-scale 'c2 12)) :length (gen-loop 8 (rnd-sample 16 '(s s s -s -s))))) (setf full (merge-voices mat1 m
  3. I think that this is the function you mentioned today (november 7 at the zoom session) ? Great !
  4. JulioHerrlein

    MIDI Entry

    Question: Where is the configuration of the port and channel (and device) that Opusmodus will listen to in the Midi Entry ? It´s the same port used for the audition pane ? Thanks ! Best ! Yes, is the same !
  5. I found that black bars in the length-syncopate documentation.
  6. Nice, Stephane ! But sounds a little different in Sibelius. Best. Julio And Musescore is free !
  7. musescore_KEYSW.mp4 Here is Musescore doing Keyswitches ! But maybe we can just add standard staves to a MusicXML file for doing this. Put some staves like in the above video and generate it like standard notes for the keyswitches. Simple. We need opusmodus to create articualtion staves alongside the normal tracks with the same rhythms of the staves (and with articulations instead). This can be MusicXML staves (we just need normal notes (in a very low register). I think it´s possible... All the best ! One interesting thing is to make the artic
  8. Dear Stephane, Musescore is playing it right. You just need to configure the tracks to send it. I use a loop midi device for sending the information to the tracks of the DAW. No problem. The problem is that midi files dont suport some details of the notation. MusicXML are more comprehensive for the notation diversity. So, saving as MIDI will lose some details of notation (like tenutos, staccatos, etc, but will gain the track keyswicthes). So, including the articulation tracks embedded in XML files would be great in this situation.
  9. YESSSSSS !! True, Janusz ! The midi export is great ! It contains a track just for articulations, like this : But, as a midi file, it lacks some of the notation information only possible in XML files, so would be a nice idea to have this very same option in the XML file. Seems to be easy: It´s just to compile the articulation staves alongside with the XML output. A suggestion for implementation. All the best ! Julio Actually my file need some debug, since it´s sending double notes in some articulations...
  10. HC_draftt_XML.xml This is the exported file from opusmodus. Maybe the articulations are there, but not in the form of a recognizable track with normal midi notes for keyswithches. Maybe the articulations are embbeded, but not visible as a track. Or maybe there´s a different way to import this as a track... Thank you ! Best, Julio No no Forget.... This is not a keyswich, because the octave is 5 The key switches are very low notes...
  11. Dear Friends, After some time I managed to work with custom articulations, using the def-instruments folder, etc. This is working great ! No problem (thanks Janusz and Stephane for the support and tips). The question for me now is that I use to go back and forth to Opus Modus, Musescore (or Finale) and to my DAW (Bandlab) to work on sections, fine tuning notation, etc. So, in DAW or musescore, I use a setup like this: I have four instruments and more four additional staves just for articulation switching. THE QUESTION
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