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  1. Dear Janusz, I was looking back to this textural method and I noticed that "chord-closest-path" function no longer exists. What the name of the new correspondent replacement function ? Best, Julio
  2. Yes, interesting. And importing MusicXML is also important and desirable.
  3. Dear All, One interesting thing that could be implemented as a function could be a form of generating Negative Harmony. In the video below, there are some explanation of what it is and the origin in the Levy book. It was a trendy topic due to the Jacob Collier interview. And there are a lot of fun videos making versions of pop tunes using negative harmony. The way I understand it, it is simply a kind of mapping notes in relation to an axis, like in the figure below. So we need a function that could map a note in any register to another note in the closest register to the first on. So, any C note will be mapped to G, all Db to F#, all D to F, all, Eb to E, all B to Ab, all Bb to A. It´s also possible to generate other mappings as well. I think that replace map or substitute map can do the job, but I´m not sure (I will try), but I find interesting to post it here to explore the idea. All the best, Julio It´s kind of funny to sse in this por versions how every is upside down and how you can generate an entirely new song from exactly the same material. POP TUNES with negative harmony:
  4. Great, Janusz ! Thank you ! Best, Julio
  5. It would be great to have it automated because its painful to make it in notation software...
  6. Hello, Friends I´d like to ask if there is some support in MusicXML for Stemlet notation (as in the example below) and if it can be accomplished in the OMN Lingo. I like this kind of writing for rhythmic stuff (the downbeat is more clear, IMHO). All the best, Julio
  7. Heavy pressure by Monsieur Boussuge ! Indeed, really important and time saver for the composer. This would let us import stuff, maintaining the attributtes (dynamics, markings) of existing scores. All the best ! Julio
  8. Looking forward to this. Now I´m trying to get some Ravel Piano scores onto OMN to make some tweaks.
  9. Dear All, I´m doing some melodic permutations and I have a question about replace-map: Here are four elements permutations, generated by: (permute '(1 2 3 4)) (setf permut4 '((1 2 3 4) (1 2 4 3) (1 3 2 4) (1 3 4 2) (1 4 2 3) (1 4 3 2) (2 1 3 4) (2 1 4 3) (2 3 1 4) (2 3 4 1) (2 4 1 3) (2 4 3 1) (3 1 2 4) (3 1 4 2) (3 2 1 4) (3 2 4 1) (3 4 1 2) (3 4 2 1) (4 1 2 3) (4 1 3 2) (4 2 1 3) (4 2 3 1) (4 3 1 2) (4 3 2 1))) Here are the pitch material to be permutated: (setf permutcontent '((1 cs4) (2 d4) (3 e4) (4 g4))) I used the REPLACE MAP FUNCTION, like this: (replace-map permutcontent permut4) THE RESULT: ((c4 d4 e4 g4) (c4 d4 g4 e4) (c4 e4 d4 g4) (c4 e4 g4 d4) (c4 g4 d4 e4) (c4 g4 e4 d4) (d4 c4 e4 g4) (d4 c4 g4 e4) (d4 e4 c4 g4) (d4 e4 g4 c4) (d4 g4 c4 e4) (d4 g4 e4 c4) (e4 c4 d4 g4) (e4 c4 g4 d4) (e4 d4 c4 g4) (e4 d4 g4 c4) (e4 g4 c4 d4) (e4 g4 d4 c4) (g4 c4 d4 e4) (g4 c4 e4 d4) (g4 d4 c4 e4) (g4 d4 e4 c4) (g4 e4 c4 d4) (g4 e4 d4 c4)) THE QUESTION: What if I want to replace one item (like a pitch) for a list of melodic pitches ? How to proceed ? For example: Instead of substitute a C4 for the number 1, I want to substitute a list of notes, like (cs4 ds4) (setf permutcontent '((1 cs4 ds4) (2 d4) (3 e4) (4 g4))) When I set this, a get only the cs4 permeated... Best, Julio I got it ! All the material must have the same number of elements, like (setf permutcontent '((1 (c4 cs4)) (2 (b4 ds4)) (3 (c5 f4)) (4 (cs5 ds4)))) Resulting in: ((c4 cs4) (b4 ds4) (c5 f4) (cs5 ds4)) ((c4 cs4) (b4 ds4) (cs5 ds4) (c5 f4)) ((c4 cs4) (c5 f4) (b4 ds4) (cs5 ds4)) ((c4 cs4) (c5 f4) (cs5 ds4) (b4 ds4)) ((c4 cs4) (cs5 ds4) (b4 ds4) (c5 f4)) ((c4 cs4) (cs5 ds4) (c5 f4) (b4 ds4)) ((b4 ds4) (c4 cs4) (c5 f4) (cs5 ds4)) ((b4 ds4) (c4 cs4) (cs5 ds4) (c5 f4)) ((b4 ds4) (c5 f4) (c4 cs4) (cs5 ds4)) ((b4 ds4) (c5 f4) (cs5 ds4) (c4 cs4)) ((b4 ds4) (cs5 ds4) (c4 cs4) (c5 f4)) ((b4 ds4) (cs5 ds4) (c5 f4) (c4 cs4)) ((c5 f4) (c4 cs4) (b4 ds4) (cs5 ds4)) ((c5 f4) (c4 cs4) (cs5 ds4) (b4 ds4)) ((c5 f4) (b4 ds4) (c4 cs4) (cs5 ds4)) ((c5 f4) (b4 ds4) (cs5 ds4) (c4 cs4)) ((c5 f4) (cs5 ds4) (c4 cs4) (b4 ds4)) ((c5 f4) (cs5 ds4) (b4 ds4) (c4 cs4)) ((cs5 ds4) (c4 cs4) (b4 ds4) (c5 f4)) ((cs5 ds4) (c4 cs4) (c5 f4) (b4 ds4)) ((cs5 ds4) (b4 ds4) (c4 cs4) (c5 f4)) ((cs5 ds4) (b4 ds4) (c5 f4) (c4 cs4)) ((cs5 ds4) (c5 f4) (c4 cs4) (b4 ds4)) ((cs5 ds4) (c5 f4) (b4 ds4) (c4 cs4))) But would be nice to MIX different number of elements...
  10. I Love pieces with Scores !! Thank you and congrats for the music, Stephane ! Sounds great ! Best, Julio
  11. Very Cool ! opmo code/score avaiable ? Best, Julio
  12. Cool ! I'm curious !! Best, Julio
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