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  1. New piece made with OM: stephaneboussuge · Traces For Ensemble SB.
  2. Perfect, so if we write (q c4 ped -), the pedal will stop at the end of the quarter c4 as it has to be but if we want it goes on the rest we will write (q c4 ped - ped) ? That’s will be very cool and elegant solution. Or ( ped (q c4 -)) ? Also nice ... s.
  3. Yes, that's useful indeed but also we need to be able to stop it precisely if needed... SB.
  4. Hi Julio, Staffpad was used ONLY for the sound rendering. The piece was composed in OM and edited in Sibelius then exported to Musicxml to Staffpad. About Staffpad, I am very impressed by the quality of sound of the sound libs you can buy separately to it (Berlin first chairs Strings, woods etc..). I'm using it like the most efficient and simple midi rendering tool I ever seen with great output sound quality without any editing. And yes, it's on iPad but staffed exist also for Windows tablet. Best, S.
  5. Hi folks, Here's a work in progress made with the fantastic COUNTERPOINT function. S.
  6. i've experimented a bit with pitch alignment for controlling harmony, here's what I tried. Hope it could help. ;;; Pich alignment with binaries ;;; Proof of concept (progn (setf lvl (rnd-sample 8 '(8 12 16))) (setf len1 (euclidean-rhythm lvl 1 12 's)) (setf len2 (euclidean-rhythm lvl 1 12 's)) (setf len3 (euclidean-rhythm lvl 1 12 's)) (setf bin1 (length-to-binary len1)) (setf bin2 (length-to-binary len2)) (setf bin3 (length-to-binary len3)) (setf pch '(c4 d4 e4 f4 g4 a4 b4 c5 b4 a4 g4 f4 e4 d4 c4)) (setf pch1 (binary-map bin1 pch)) (setf pch2 (binary-map bin2 pch)) (setf pch3 (binary-m
  7. Only Janusz can do such a function but indeed I think something like that could be useful for controlling vertical intervalic harmony between multiple voices coming from and already generated chord canevas and extracted with pitch-demix or similar function. S.
  8. What about this: (setf pitchlist '((c4 d4 e4 f4)(cs4 ds4 as4 fs4)(bb4 eb4 ab4))) (setf rhy '((s s s)(s s) nil (s s s)(s s)(s s))) (remove-nils (gen-swallow rhy pitchlist)) => ((c4 d4 e4) (cs4 ds4) (c4 d4 e4) (cs4 ds4) (bb4 eb4))
  9. Look to the function span and the function gen-swallow. May be it could help to achieve what you want. May be something like that: (setf pch (span rv1 pitmat :swallow t)) (make-omn :pitch pch :length rv1) S.
  10. You can have a look on that page: https://opusmodus.com/forums/lessons/
  11. Hi Marc, I've stopped now the Zoom into OM but you can still take private lessons with me et en Français Stéphane
  12. I'm using emacs with OM with my own configuration with an Opusmodus menu and so on, but I'm absolutely not a specialist of Emacs. SB.
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