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  1. ;;; Classical Accompaniment Exemple ;;;--------------------------------------------------------- ;;; Parameters ;;;--------------------------------------------------------- ;;; Motif definition (setf mtf1 '((s c5 leg g5 leg e6 leg g5 c5 leg g5 leg e6 leg g5))) (setf mtf2 (pitch-transpose 4 mtf1)) (setf mtf3 '((-q e5))) (setf mtf4 '((-q g4c5))) (setf mtf5 '((q c2 -))) ;;; Chords definition (setf chords (library 'harmoprog1 'minor-4vx 'prog2)) ;;; Ostinati (setf ost1 (gen-repeat (length chords) mtf1)) (setf ost2 (gen-repeat (length chords) mtf2)) (setf ost3 (gen-repeat (length chords) mtf3)) (setf ost4 (gen-repeat (length chords) mtf4)) (setf ost5 (gen-repeat (length chords) mtf5)) ;;; Tonality-map series (setf tm-path (tonality-series chords)) ;;; Here we apply the map 'tm-path' into arpegio sequence. (setf ost1.map (tonality-map tm-path ost1)) (setf ost2.map (tonality-map tm-path ost2)) ;;; Here we apply our library chords into chord sequence. ;;; The harmonic-path preserves the voice leading. (setf ost3.map (harmonic-path chords ost3)) (setf ost4.map (harmonic-path chords ost4)) (setf ost5.map (harmonic-path chords ost5)) (setf violin1 (ambitus '(g3 c7) ost2.map)) (setf violin2 (ambitus '(g3 c6) ost1.map)) (setf viola (ambitus '(c3 e4) ost3.map)) (setf violoncello (ambitus-chord 12 (pitch-transpose -12 ost4.map))) (setf bass ost5.map) ;;;--------------------------------------------------------- ;;; Score and Layout ;;;--------------------------------------------------------- (def-score Classical-accomp (:title "Classical accompaniment example" :composer "S.Boussuge" :copyright "Copyright © 2018 s.boussuge" :key-signature 'chromatic :time-signature '((1 1 1 1) 4) :tempo 108 :layout (bracket-group (violin-layout 'violin1 :name "Violin-1") (violin-layout 'violin2 :name "Violin-2") (viola-layout 'viola) (violoncello-layout 'violoncello) (contrabass-layout 'bass) ) ) (violin1 :omn violin1 :channel 1 :sound 'gm :program 'String-Ensemble-1 :volume 100 :pan 48 :controllers (91 '(68)) ) (violin2 :omn violin2 :channel 2 :sound 'gm :program 'String-Ensemble-1 :volume 100 :pan 48 :controllers (91 '(68)) ) (viola :omn viola :channel 3 :sound 'gm :program 'String-Ensemble-1 :volume 90 :pan 64 :controllers (91 '(68)) ) (violoncello :omn violoncello :channel 4 :sound 'gm :program 'String-Ensemble-1 :volume 90 :pan 80 :controllers (91 '(68)) ) (bass :omn bass :channel 5 :sound 'gm :program 'String-Ensemble-1 :volume 90 :pan 80 :controllers (91 '(68)) ) )
  2. For searching the doc for a function in composer panel, just put the cursor on it and hit ctrl + Tab. SB.
  3. You can see the correct shortcuts in Menu "Outils" Attached to this post a short video. SB. ExempleEvaluation.mp4
  4. Si vous le souhaitez, je peux vous donner un cours en Français par Skype. https://opusmodus.com/forums/lessons/ SB.
  5. For woodwinds trio and string quartet. SB.
  6. A short piece as an Hommage to Bruno Maderna. This piece was presented in Venice Italy for the "Musica Domani" in 7th December 2019. It use a lot of new functionalities from the upcoming Opusmodus Version 1.4 . SB.
  7. To use the shortest path i use always the closest-path function. In the example given by Janusz, you may use the closest-path function on the chords before exploding to voices. SB.
  8. Wonderful, it will become one of my favorite and will be probably very fun to use in conjonction with passing-interval function. SB.
  9. you have many way to do that in OM, have a look to pattern-map for example or substitute-map... SB.
  10. look closest-path and relative-closest-path. S.
  11. I wrote this example for one of my student few years ago. I don't know if it could help you but just in case.... Best wishes Stéphane Spectral-remap1.opmo
  12. midi-to-omn will be super useful for me, thanks ! Stéphane
  13. Hi, A short study about some harmonic procedures and unfold set simple usage. SB. MelodieFltPia280819.mp3 MelodieFlutePiano280819GM.opmo
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