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  1. Hi folks, here's the file from this session. It was quite a challenge to show this piece but I was very happy to share it with all of you . Enjoy and happy study ! Stéphane ZoomOnPluton.opmo
  2. > we can call the specific sets in the unfold function without having to evaluate the complete procedure of each method ? Yes naturally, you can create your own unfold-set, save it in unfold-set folder and call it in counterpoint or unfold with the optional keyword :set and specify here the name of your set. SB.
  3. Here's the ostinato file from this session with harmonic remapping etc... It was fun !! Enjoy ! Stéphane. Ostinato1opmo.opmo
  4. hello, here's the files from this last session. Enjoy ! S. OchEx1opmo.opmo OchEx2opmo.opmo OchEx3opmo.opmo
  5. Hi Achim, many possible ways but I did a function for my own usage for piano split. Here's the function with doc in French ! All the best ! Stéphane split-point.lisp split-point.rtfd.zip
  6. You need to set :flexible-clef to nil in ps, after it will work. SB.
  7. Dear Julio, i’m actually travelling but i will be back to Vienna on Monday and we could have a zoom call together to speak about the possible way to manage your lib. stephane
  8. Hi René, I've sent to you the proposition by Email. Cheers Stéphane
  9. Dear Richard, your score didn't use any :port keywords who allow you to output midi to other software . I send it back here with the correction. About the evaluation of the code/score i need to see what you are doing exactly to be. able to help you. May be you can take a 30mn lesson on Opusmodus basics with me to help you to start if you wish. https://opusmodus.com/forums/lessons/ All the best ! Stéphane score-2.opmo
  10. We need to take an appointment and you will share your screen and I will have a look.
  11. Click inside the displayed score To give it the focus and press cmd+s to save it as music xml. s. About the difference, some scores use ps function and some others use def-score, so the approach is a bit different for evaluation. s.
  12. Here's the material score and output of this session. Happy studies ! S. NonLinear Reflection.mp3 NonLinear Reflection - Partition complète.pdf DanielFuncDef.opmo RenéWohNonLinear.opmo
  13. shift-command-B shortcut for opening the mini Browser. Stéphane
  14. I have also an M-audio Keyboard but i use it without pedal. It works perfectly here. May be you could try to unplug your pedal then restart Opusmodus and try to see if it works. SB.
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