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  1. The terminal command is needed on Big-Sur, indeed.
  2. Opusmodus/User Source/Libraries/Def-Instruments-Sets/
  3. If really you want to do that you can do: `(#|1|# ,line1) But that's a bit strange usage of OM.
  4. Hi Tom, you can create as many different .opmo files you want with your functions etc... and load them with the load function from your main master file. Best. Stéphane
  5. Hi Tom, indeed, I've got this problem from few days now. I informed my son who is the admin of the website, he investigate actually to find the cause of this. Really sorry. Stéphane
  6. The windows version is coming soon. And yes, Nigel Morgan was a most excellent man, I agree totally. SB.
  7. Hi, normally, if you name your IAC-Port-1 Bus 1, you can send midi to this port from OM using :port "Bus 1" inside the score. Generally it is better to use named port because actually Bus 1 could be :port 0 but if you plug some other midi devices to your computer, this order could change, that's the reason why it is better to use named ports. Best ! Stéphane
  8. Hi Zvony, waiting the revision of pitch-variation function, you could use mapcar function to do that or also OM function gen-process: (setf chords (gen-repeat 4 '((c4e4g4 d4f4a4 g4b4d5)))) (assemble-seq (mapcar(lambda(x y z ch) (pitch-variation x y z ch)) '(0 2 1 2) '(0 1 1 0) '(2 3 4 3) chords ) ) (assemble-seq (gen-process '(pitch-variation a b c d) '((0 2 1 2)(0 1 1 0)(2 3 4 3) chords) ) ) Best ! S.
  9. Hi, Zoom into OM 4: gen-filter-euclidean is online now. Best ! Stéphane
  10. Hi Zvony, unfortunately I don't know where the score is and I was not able to found it ... Sorry. Best ! Stéphane
  12. Here's the doc: Simplified Common Lisp reference - round JTRA.CZ
  13. May be this can help a bit, I've tried this: (setf bass '(g2 c3 a2 e3 fs3)) (setf bassint (pitch-to-integer bass)) ;=> (-17 -12 -15 -8 -6) ;;; create a set of integers from interpolation ;;; between bass integers (bassint), ;;; then convert those to pitches (defun linear-interpolation (numbers steps) (let ((interpolated-numbers nil)) (loop for i from 0 below (- (length numbers) 1) for number = (nth i numbers) for next-number = (nth (1+ i) numbers) do (loop for j from 0 to steps do (push (+ (* (- next-number number) (/ (float j) steps)) number) interpolated-numbers) ) (push next-number interpolated-numbers)) (filter-repeat 1 (nreverse interpolated-numbers)))) (setf n-steps 4) (setf new-ints (mapcar 'round (linear-interpolation bassint n-steps))) (setf melody (integer-to-pitch new-ints)) (setf sop (filter-tie (make-omn :pitch (pitch-transpose 24 melody) :length '(e) :span :pitch ))) (setf bas (make-omn :pitch bass :length '(h) :span :pitch )) (ps 'gm :fl (list sop) :bn (list bas) :time-signature '(4 4)) SB.
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