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  1. I'm really sorry but it was not possible for me to record the session. We will try to find a solution for other sessions. SB.
  2. Here's the file from today. Happy Opusmodusing !! Stéphane Zoom300520-Soundsets1.opmo
  3. I agree for short staccatos and eventually dynamic change on Marc. The zoom into Opusmodus session today will focus on soundest creation for sound library . It could help you to configure your sound stuff. Stéphane
  4. I didn't totally agree , I'm using OMN not for sketching but for composing and I'm driving VSL , not GM and I don't want dynamics change who will mess up my actual good midi output. I agree for staccato who could be shorter for gm but I don't want dynamics changes for staccatos . SB.
  5. look docs for add-program-attributes function and add-text-attributes. SB.
  6. Lundi seulement possible le matin à 08h ou l'après-midi à 17h. Sinon aussi possible Mercredi13 Mai matin 08h30. Contactez-moi en MP, c'est mieux. S.
  7. Why not using combination in place of combination2 ? SB.
  8. you don't evaluate correctly the file... Do what I've said, just right click into the score and use the menu
  9. Copy and past exactly that and Do a right click inside your score and select 'Evaluate & Notation & Audition" (setf chords '((w c4e4g4) (h g4b4d5) (h c4e4g4) (-h) (q e4g4b4 q) (q a4c5e5 mp leg q leg) (q g4b4d5 leg) (q f4a4c5) (w d4f4a4) (w a4cs5e5 mf) (-q) (q d4f4a4 q q) (q a4c5e5) (h c4e4g4) (h d4f4a4) (q d4fs4a4 leg q leg q) (h g4b4d5 h) (-q) (q bb4d5f5 q q) (w eb4g4bb4) (-q) (q c4eb4g4 q) (q g4bb4d5) (h c4eb4g4) (h bb4d5f5) (w f4a4c5 h) (-q) (q d4fs4a4) (q g4bb4d5 q q q) (h d4fs4a4 h) (-q) (q g4bb4d5) (h c4eb4g4) (h g4bb4d5) (h d4fs4a4 h) (h. g4bb4d5) (-q) (w g4bb4d5) (h d4f4a4 h) (-q) (q a4c5e5) (q a4c5e5) (q a4c5e5) (h c4eb4g4) (h c4eb4g4) (h g4bb4d5) (q g4bb4d5) (q g4bb4d5) (h d4f4a4) (h d4f4a4) (-q) (q d4f4a4 mf) (q a4c5e5 f) (q d4f4a4 p) (h. b4d5fs5 p) (q d4f4a4 mp) (q f4a4c5 q q q) (w e4g4b4) (h a4c5e5) (-h) (h d4fs4a4) (q d4fs4a4 q) (h g4b4d5) (h g4b4d5) (h e4g4b4) (q e4g4b4) (q e4g4b4) (h. c4e4g4) (q c4e4g4) (h f4a4c5) (q f4a4c5) (q bb4d5f5) (h. g4b4d5) (q c4e4g4) (h a4cs5e5) (h d4f4a4) (q g4b4d5) (q d4fs4a4) (w g4b4d5 p) (w g4b4d5 pp))) (choralis chords :rotation 1 :index 'v :interval 8 :path '? :seed 826083 :methods '( :sop ((t5 6) (t-4 (31 32) (3 1)) (t-12 32 2)) :ten ((t4 (31 32) (3 1))) :bass ((t-12 (1 2 3)) (t-12 4 (1 2))) ) ) (def-score choralis1 ( :key-signature 'chromatic :time-signature '(4 4) :flexible-clef nil :tempo 60 :layout (choir-satb-layout 'v1 'v2 'v3 'v4) ) (v1 :omn v1 :channel 1 :port 17) (v2 :omn v2 :channel 2) (v3 :omn v3 :channel 3) (v4 :omn v4 :channel 4) ) SB.
  10. yes but your message error is not about port, it is about choralis > Error: The value #<score choralis1> is not of the expected type list.
  11. do in listener: (midi-destinations). to see what is exactly the name of your ports for Opusmodus. SB.
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