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  1. Hi, for such things, i tend to use do-timeline with time resolution parameter (:time keyword). i use also find-bar, replace-bar etc... collection of function. Actually we are in the process of changing many functions in Opusmodus for giving total access of individual omn events. For example, you can now use gen-divide at the event level and it is very useful for micro control. (gen-divide '(2 4 2) '(s c4 ppp d4 pp -q s e4 p f4 mp g4 mf a4 f b4 ff c5 fff)) => ((s c4 ppp d4 pp) (-q s e4 p f4 mp g4 mf) (s a4 f b4 ff) (s c5 fff)) Some over example of omn processing: GEN-TRIM (gen-trim 12 '(q c4 mf e d4 e4)) => (q c4 mf e d4 e4 q c4 e d4 e4 q c4 e d4 e4 q c4 e d4 e4) (gen-trim '(12 4) '((e c4 mf d4) (e e4 mf s f4 g4))) => ((e c4 mf d4 c4 d4 c4 d4 c4 d4 c4 d4 c4 d4) (e e4 mf s f4 g4 e e4)) GEN-REPEAT (gen-repeat 3 '(s c4 q d4)) => (s c4 mf q d4 s c4 q d4 s c4 q d4) (gen-repeat '(3) '(q c4 d4 e4 f4 g4 a4)) => ((q c4 mf c4 c4) (q d4 mf d4 d4) (q e4 mf e4 e4) (q f4 mf f4 f4) (q g4 mf g4 g4) (q a4 mf a4 a4)) (gen-repeat 3 '((q c4 g4) (s c4 a4))) => ((q c4 mf g4) (s c4 mf a4) (q c4 mf g4) (s c4 mf a4) (q c4 mf g4) (s c4 mf a4)) (gen-repeat '(3) '((q c4 e g4) (s c4 a4) (e b4 d5 q fs5))) => ((q c4 mf e g4 q c4 e g4 q c4 e g4) (s c4 mf a4 c4 a4 c4 a4) (e b4 mf d5 q fs5 e b4 d5 q fs5 e b4 d5 q fs5)) (gen-repeat '(3 2) '((q c4 g4) (s c4 a4) (e b4 d5))) => ((q c4 mf g4 c4 g4 c4 g4) (s c4 mf a4 c4 a4) (e b4 mf d5 b4 d5 b4 d5)) GEN-REPEAT-SEQ (gen-repeat-seq 8 1 3 '(q c4 mf e cs4 s d4 s ds4)) => (q c4 mf e cs4 cs4 cs4 s d4 d4 d4 ds4) (gen-repeat-seq '(5 2 7 1) 1 2 '((q c4d4e4f4 p) (s c4 mp fs4) (e c4d4e4f4 f) (e c4 fs4 =) (e c4d4e4f4 p))) => ((q c4d4e4f4 p c4d4e4f4 c4d4e4f4 c4d4e4f4 c4d4e4f4) (s c4 mp fs4) (e c4d4e4f4 f c4d4e4f4 c4d4e4f4 c4d4e4f4 c4d4e4f4 c4d4e4f4 c4d4e4f4) (e c4 f) (e c4d4e4f4 p c4d4e4f4 c4d4e4f4 c4d4e4f4 c4d4e4f4)) SB.
  2. Hi, here's the score script of a small piece for piano inspired by my first day in Vienna. SB. Klavier-Gallery-1.opmo
  3. Hi Torsten, no change in EastWest soundsets. Same as before. Best, Stf
  4. Hi, here's an orchestral template for the EastWest Symphonic Orchestra Sound Bank. In the attachments below, you will find the Opusmodus template file, a EastWest.ewi file with the corresponding instruments in the EastWest Play instrument and all my EastWest soundsets made for this bank. The template and the soundsets can be refined, naturally. If you find this helpful, please, share at least the result. I would be very happy to hear what people do with this stuff. Best wishes SB. StfConcertOrchestra1.ewi StfConcertOrchestra1.opmo
  5. Hi, here's a short piece i've made while playing with GEN-DYNAMIC-CONTROLLER function. SB. Dynamics2.opmo Dynamics2gm.opmo
  6. Hi Torsten, i use always play in Logic but i've noticed sometimes the same problem when using play in standalone. In past, we experiment some problems with some daw with stuck notes and it is probably the reason Opusmodus send some messages at the end but strangely this message affect only Eastwest play because NI products and other don't have problem with that when used with opmo. SB.
  7. Hi, you can experiment with pitch-demix function. Also try ambitus-filter function. Have a look to this function docs and if you have problem and/or want more help, don't hesitate to ask here. Best wishes Stéphane
  8. Hi, bellow you will find attached score with the first section of a string quartet (work in progress) as an example of the use of the PASSING-INTERVALS function. SB. SQS1-ForumGM.opmo
  9. Name: simple-score (def-score) function example Category: Howto Date Added: 2017-01-12 Submitter: Stephane Boussuge simple-score (def-score) function example
  10. Hi, you will find attached a function which help when you need a quick score template when drafting an example. The video show's how to use it. Put the function into your Opusmodus/Extensions folder. Don't forget to modify the function a bit and replace the composer name and the copyright name by your own name :-) SB. simple-score.lisp
  11. Opusmodus has evolved a lot every week from almost 2 years now and it would be much more interesting to use it the actual version which is very powerful. May be an OS update could be the good way... best wishes Stéphane
  12. may be you can try the demo version for make a test on your OS. SB.
  13. Yes :-)
  14. In def-score with the slot :program for example: (def-score temp ( :key-signature 'chromatic :time-signature '(4 4) :tempo 120 ) (inst1 :omn '((q c4 d4 e4 f4)(q g4 a4 b4 c5)) :channel 1 :port 0 :sound 'EWGO-scl :program '((sus-non-vib)(marcato)) ) ) S.