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  1. You can have a look here as well: Introduction to Opusmodus (level 1) - Composer Workshop WWW.COMPOSERWORKSHOP.COM This course is an introduction to Opusmodus, going from interface discovery to music composition using the powerful functions of this incredible music composition environment. <h3>Who this course is for</h3> This course is for people who want to learn algorithmic music composition and generative music techniques. No prior programming experience needed but basic knowledge of music is...
  2. Hi Cliff, You will find attached here the Opusmodus score for that piece. Opusmodus was driving VCVRack2 with many modules and also proprietary synths (like Dawesome Myth, Kult, Reaktor...) so I can'really share the VCVRack because many paying modules and synths, but you can study the score and see if you find something interesting. Best Stephane Silent Transformation 1.opmo
  3. Work in progress. Metaphore 1 pour Petit Ensemble .mp3
  4. In this new series I will focus each time on a specific function. This first episode show a short piano piece using the new function ADD-INTERVAL-OMN. This is not and extensive course but more a showcase of OM functions to invite you to experiment and explore more with our favorite tool.
  5. Good, you found it. That's good because it is old files and I didn't want to search in my old hard drives backups
  6. If you are still in version 2, you can find the French doc inside the Opusmodus apps close to what I showed one post above.
  7. No, that is not possible at the moment, but soon you will have access to Opusmodus AI, which can communicate in any language.
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