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  1. A small solo cello piece composed this evening. Stéphane WaitingIntoTheRoom.opmo WaitingIntoTheRoomForSoloCello.mp3
  2. Here's one of my way to compose with harmony and voice leading. Best regards Stéphane ;;; FANTAISIE POUR CORDES ;;; SB. 28.10.2020 ;;; ========================= ;;; Section size (setf size 32) ;;; Chords Structures (setf boz '((-4 -9 -12 -16)(-6 -10 -15 -22)(-5 -8 -12 -24))) ;;; Melodic construction material generation (setf melomat (omn-to-measure (make-omn :pitch (filter-repeat 1 (vector-to-pitch '(g4 c6) (vector-smooth 0.14 (gen-white-noise 96)))) :length (flatten (rnd-sample 12 '(h q (e e) (3q = =) h (h. q) h)))
  3. Hi, as a starting point you can look at passing-intervals function and also length-divide function. Best ! Stéphane
  4. Hi, here's the video rendering of my score "Voile Suspendu" S.
  5. Hi folks, here's the files from today's session. Enjoy ! Stéphane ZoomIntoOM241020-Videos.zip auto-split.lisp Zoom241020a.opmo
  6. I’m not on my computer but by memory i think the 3rd argument is the start point on the circle. legato remove rests and tie the notes. example: s -s s s. Become e s s with legato. sb.
  7. Dear Rangarajan, that's indeed a really good point I'm dreamed about from long time. Hope Janusz will find a bit of time to focus on this aspect I suppose a first solution would be to do a lisp Library from OM. But you are a specialist of development (and not me) , so your ideas are welcome in this domain. Best wishes Stéphane
  8. Hi, here's the material from this sessions. Enjoy !! Stéphane Videos-ZoomIntoOM-session20.zip ZoomOmSession20-171020a.opmo Bassoon-c1.aif
  9. Here's the file from this session and the videos recording of the session. Happy studies !! Stéphane ZoomOM-101020a.opmo Videos-Zoom-OM-10102020.zip
  10. Hi folks, Here's the files from this session showing my process for a work in progress " Extrapolation" for Pierrot Ensemble. You will find also exceptionally the video recording. All this material is shared here for study purpose naturally, please, don't use it "as this" but use this material as an example to inspire yourself and help you to construct your own workflow and algorithms. All the best and happy Opusmodus-ing Stéphane Part1-Basic-idea.opmo Part2-Main-Process.opmo Part3-Looping-Process.opmo Part4-ScoreOutput.opmo pitc
  11. Hi, sorry for this interruption by "pirates"... here's the file used for this session showing some possible ways to connect pitch/intervals to lengths. All the best ! Stéphane Zoom19-9-2020.opmo
  12. yes, you can do that and replace :sound with your own soundest definition. S. I've just edited now the mp3 file, changed some few things... SB.
  13. A short piano piece using GEN-FRAGMENT function. SB. Voile Suspendu.mp3 Voile Suspendu - Partition complète.pdf
  14. Here's the files used in this session and a short mp3 as demo output of this code. All the best ! Stéphane EpicFantasy12-09-2020.opmo Fantasy1Template.logicx.zip iac.lisp Fantasy1LiveCoding120920.mp3
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