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    There are two types of omn snippets. The first one is a single voice snippet which displays and auditions a contents of a list and a list of lists into one staff notation. The second one is for a multi voice display. Each of the snippets has its own shortcut key. The single voice snippet shortcut is ⌘1 and the multi voice snippet shortcut is ⌘2. The best way to examine the examples below is to copy and paste the expressions into the editor file ie. composer panel. You can stop audition at anytime by pressing ⌘ESC keys.


    Single Voice Snippet

    '((s d5f5b5 f e5g5c6 e f5a5d6 s g5b5e6 f5a5d6 e5g5c6 d5f5b5)
      (e c5e5a5 c5e5a5 q d5f5b5 marc)
      (s d5f5b5 e5g5c6 f5a5d6 g5b5e6 e f5a5d6 s e5g5c6 d5f5b5)
      (e c5e5a5 c5e5a5 q d5f5b5 marc)))



    (I. Strawinsky, Petruschka, 1911/21)


    Multi Voice Snippet

    (setf p1 '(q d4 pp s eb4 < leg g4 < leg bb4 < leg a4 q. cs5 mf -e
               3q gs5 > leg fs5 > leg c5 > b4 > leg f4 leg e4)
          p2 '(t d4 < leg eb4 < leg g4 < leg bb4 q. a4 marc  
               t fs4 mf leg gs4 leg e. c5 e b4 t f5 leg e5 leg d5 leg
               eb5 3q bb5 > a4 > bb5 > e a4 pp stacc -e)
          p3 '(q d5 leg eb5 3q g4 stacc bb4 stacc a4 stacc
               e. cs4 marc s gs4 leg q gs4 -q)
          p4 '(q. fs3 pp 3e c3 < leg b4 < leg f4 e d3 mf s eb3 leg
               g3 leg bb3 leg a3 e fs3 leg fs3 3e gs4 > stacc c5 > stacc b5 > stacc t f5 pp e.. e5)
    (setf omn (list p1 p2 p3 p4))



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