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  1. Hi, here's a short score composed for string quartet. All the best to all OM users ! Stéphane stephaneboussuge · Méditation MeditationPourRené.opmo 01 - Conducteur - Méditation.pdf
  2. Function studies (Improviation No.1) Some of function used in the study: logarithmic-spiral, ambitus-series, length-weight, length-legato, pitch-figurate... The score will be part of the next update - "4. Score Examples/Piano/Improvisation No.1.opmo" Best wishes, Janusz
  3. Nothing to do during my Covid period and a bit of fever, so... stephaneboussuge · Covid - For - String - Quartet Covid-forStringQuartet.opmo
  4. New piece made with OM: stephaneboussuge · Traces For Ensemble SB.
  5. I have created a 24-bar piece in Opusmodus. I use 10 instruments including Kalimba, Ghatam, Nadhaswaram, Mridangam, and Udukkai. Played through Reaper. The instruments are from UVI and Propellerhead Reason. - Rangarajan
  6. A small solo cello piece composed this evening. Stéphane WaitingIntoTheRoom.opmo WaitingIntoTheRoomForSoloCello.mp3
  7. Hi, The attached score was created in Opusmodus! - Rangarajan Music1.mp3
  8. MORPH function will be part of the next release. (progn (setf chopin-28-4 (pitch-transpose 12 '(h gb2e3 g2b2e3 fs2a2e3 fs2a2eb3 f2a2eb3 q f2a2d3 f2gs2d3 h e2gs2d3 q e2g2d3 e2g2cs3 h e2g2c3 e2fs2c3 e2fs2c3 eb2fs2c3 d2fs2c3 d2fs2c3 d2f2c3 d2f2b2 q c2e2b2 c2e2a2 h c2e2a2 q b1e2a2 b1eb2a2 h c2e2a2 b1eb2a2 b1eb2a2 h b1eb2a2 -h g2b2e3 g2b2e3 fs2a2e3 f2a2eb3 f2gs2eb3 e2gs2d3 q e2g2d3 e2g2cs3 cs2e2bb2 c2e2a2 h a2c3fs3a3 q g2c3fs3 g2b2e3 a2c3e3 e2fs2c3 b1e2b2 c2e2a2 h b1e2b2 q eb2b2 b1eb2a2 h. c2g2bb2 q c2e2a2 b1e2a2 e2gs2 h b1e2g2 bb1c2g2 e2fs2b2e3 b1eb2fs2b2 e2g2b2))) (setf chopin-28-4-pitch (omn :pitch chopin-28-4)) (setf inv-num (gen-trim (length chopin-28-4-pitch) '(1))) (setf chopin-28-4i (chord-inversion inv-num chopin-28-4-pitch :variant '?)) (setf rh (pitch-transpose 12 (make-omn :length '(s) :pitch (melodize chopin-28-4i) :span :pitch))) (setf lh-length (mclist (get-span rh))) (setf lh (dechord (make-omn :length lh-length :pitch chopin-28-4i :velocity '(mp)) )) (setf rh-len (length rh)) (setf rh-morph (morph (rnd-number rh-len 0.2 0.5) rh)) (ps 'gm :p (list rh-morph lh) :tempo '((102 52) (:rit 102 34 1/64 4))) ) Best wishes, Janusz
  9. A short piano piece using GEN-FRAGMENT function. SB. Voile Suspendu.mp3 Voile Suspendu - Partition complète.pdf
  10. Here's a new piece made in Opusmodus. The pdf itself is raw output of Opusmodus, I've just added Title, name etc... with PdfExpert software. Enjoy. SB. CouleursDuTempsPourFluteEtPiano.pdf
  11. For woodwinds trio and string quartet. SB.
  12. A short piece as an Hommage to Bruno Maderna. This piece was presented in Venice Italy for the "Musica Domani" in 7th December 2019. It use a lot of new functionalities from the upcoming Opusmodus Version 1.4 . SB.
  13. Hi, A short study about some harmonic procedures and unfold set simple usage. SB. Score: MelodieFlutePiano280819GM.opmo
  14. Hi, here's a new piece with score. All the best to all of the Opusmodus users ! S.B. 18/07/19 => Small update, missing function added. PolygonsV1-05-Forum.opmo Polygons1-05.mp3
  15. The forthcoming POLYGON-RHYTHM function will allow you to think and compose in a clear symmetrical structures. The great amount of keywords (OPMO stile) makes this algorithm very powerful. This is a short example using POLYGON-RHYTHM exclusively. Instruments: VSL Tenor Sax and Jazz Drumset.
  16. Here's a short study for a small ensemble. All the best ! SB. Mapcar1.opmo
  17. Hi, Here's a score for 4 hands recently finished. SB. Score: PourEtContre1Edit2.opmo
  18. In memoriam Narcis Bonet who was one of my teachers. Opusmodus score attached. SB. PlutonV1-02.opmo
  19. Variations on "Webern Variationen Fuer Klavier Op.27, I" (2019) by JP Instrument: VSL Steinway D
  20. New short piano piece from "3 Pièces pour Piano". stephaneboussuge · Pattern for Piano SB.
  21. hi all, i think a it's a beginner-question... in SIBELIUS i can write for microtonal things MIDI PITCH BEND MESSAGES to every note i want - or automatically by a plugin. in the score/above the note then it's written for example : ~B0,70 etc.... (my PLAYER (conTimbre) works from SIBELIUS via VST) - now the question: how do i send such MIDI-pitch-bend-messages from OPUSMODUS? the opmo-tuning seems to work different and don't work with conTimbre-player... https://www.contimbre.com/en/ thanx for any help andré
  22. A piano piece composed this year in February. SB.
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