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Found 24 results

  1. Bonjour, Cette seconde vidéo a pour objectif de mettre en exergue l'utilisation d'Opusmodus en tant qu'outil et assistant d'analyse afin d'identifier des séries dans une partition comme celle de l'Opus 22 d'Anton Webern à partir de la série originale ou de l'une de ses dérivées. De nombreuses fonctions dédiées permettent à partir d'une série de créer une ou plusieurs matrices de transpositions 12x12 P I R RI, de façon globale ou séparée (originale, rétrograde, inversion, rétrograde de l'inversion). De même, des fonctions récentes de recherche ont été intégrées dans OPMO par Janusz Podraz
  2. Hi people, Though I've been using Opusmodus for about 2 years now, and in great love with it, I haven't really had a chance to share my work on the community. But here I have my piano piece vastly written with Opusmodus, and guess what, it's got a cool video, too! Yamaha corporation kindly offered me to use their automated piano for filming, and I think an algorithmic music like this goes very well with it! Yuichi
  3. Variations on "Webern Variationen Fuer Klavier Op.27, I" (2019) by JP Instrument: VSL Steinway D
  4. A piano piece composed this year in February. SB.
  5. Dear Friends, I'd like to share a composition all made in Opusmodus. The composition is part of the Portfolio of my Doctoral Dissertation. I'd like to thank you so much, Opusmodus and the support of you here in this forum was amazing !! Love you all !! TURING PIANO (Julio Herrlein) Here is the commented code for the First Section: ;;;PART A ;PITCHES – The pitch structure are based on "chevron-like" patterns. This can be related to some Xenakis ideas: the arborescences, the music as a plot idea. (s
  6. Hi, for study purpose only, you will find attached to this post the score script of this Prelude for Piano. SB. PreludeForNicolai.opmo
  7. Hello, a small piece for piano solo. Score script attached to this post. SB. Jeu2PourPiano.opmo
  8. A short piece for piano. Basically, i've played the piano part into logic X, export the part to midi and imported it into opusmodus. After importation, i have copied the OMN piano part from the imported score into a variable named pmat and also the controllers information for sustain pedal (controller No.64) into a variable named ct64. I've generated some scales from a row using harmonic-progression function: (setf row (rnd-row :type :pitch :seed 932281 :transpose 3)) (setf chords (harmonic-progression (rnd-number (length pmat) -
  9. Hi, here's two small piece for piano made today a bit like some "Humoresque", one for this morning and the other this afternoon. SB.
  10. Hi, here's the score script of a small piece for piano inspired by my first day in Vienna. SB. Klavier-Gallery-1.opmo
  11. Hi, here's a small piece for piano as an example of different process like tonality mapping, harmonic rhythm, rhytm and pitch cells etc.. ;;; UTILITY ;;; ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ;;; GEN-PITCH-LINE ;;; Fonction de génération de hauteurs basées sur une conversion de vecteur de bruit ;;; avec un grand choix de type de bruit, taux de compression du vecteur, filtrage des répétitions et ambitus. (defun gen-pitch-line (nb-pitch &key (compress 1) (ambitus '(c4 c6)) seed filter-repeat (type :white)) (let (pitches) (do-verbose
  12. Hi, here's a quiet speed piece playing around the jazz piano ;-) SB.
  13. Hi, here is a new piece, Prelude pour Piano. Happy listening ! Stéphane.
  14. Hi, here's a piece composed in 2015 for two pianos (and two good pianist ;-) SB.
  15. New Score for piano Solo, "Image 1". SB. Image-1_02_060116_1314 - Partition complète.pdf
  16. Hi, Here's a Duet for Violin and Piano. Music score and opmo. script attached to this post. SB. DuoViolonPiano101015-1.pdf s1.opmo
  17. Here's the third or my 3 instants pour Pianos. This pieces are dedicated in order to: 1. Nigel St. Clair Morgan, 2.Janusz Podrazik and 3.Narcisse Bonet, who are three people who have a big influence on my works in one way or another. Instant-3.pdf Instant3.opmo
  18. Here's a piano score that use sublis function to map pitches to lengths. Given here for study purposes. Score attached. SB. LesLindarsRev1.opmo LesLindars_Score.pdf
  19. Here's a score for 2 pianos. If you have some questions about the score script (not very documented..), don't hesitate to ask me for complementary explanations. SB. Frictions2Pnos_12.opmo
  20. Here is the score of a short piano study using Harmony from a row, and user defined functions encapsulated in other functions for the score generation. Provided here as an example of a possible usage of functions defined by the user specifically for a given score. (defun arp1 (nb &key (rev nil) (rnge '(c1 c7)) (nbitv 5) (len (gen-repeat 16 '(s))) (vel '(mf))(art '(leg)) (itvlist '(1 2 4 5 1 3 -1 -2))) (make-omn :pitch (ambitus rnge (if rev (gen-retrograde
  21. Rendered version of my Duet for Piano and Violin included in Opusmodus demo files. SB.
  22. Basic row definition (setf row '(c4 e4 g4 bb4 d5 fs5 a5 gs5 f5 eb4 cs4 b4)) Extract some subsets from the row. (setf set1 (subseq row 0 6)) (setf set2 (subseq row 3 9)) (setf set3 (subseq row 6 12)) Chords generation from sets (setf couleur1 (gen-chord 12 5 5 -6 6 (gen-repeat 12 set1))) (setf couleur2 (gen-chord 12 5 5 -6 6 (gen-repeat 12 set2))) (setf couleur3 (gen-chord 12 5 5 -6 6 (gen-repeat 12 set3))) Preparing tonality-series for futur mapping (create harmonics paths) (setf path1 (tonality-series coul
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