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Found 3 results

  1. have fun... greetings andré ;;; here is a MULTI-GEN-SORT ------------------------- ;;; you could interlace different processes of SORTING (defun multi-gen-sort (lists &key (types nil) (sorts '>) (steps nil) (seed nil)) (let* ((sorted-lists (loop for i in lists for cnt = 0 then (incf cnt) collect (gen-sort i :type (if (listp types) (nth cnt types) types) :sort (if (listp sorts) (nth cnt sorts) sorts) :step (if (listp steps) (nth cnt steps) steps) :seed seed)))) (flatten (loop repeat (find-max (loop for i in sorted-lists collect (length i))) for cnt = 0 then (incf cnt) collect (loop for i in (reverse sorted-lists) collect (nth cnt i)))))) ;;; some examples (pitch-list-plot (flatten (multi-gen-sort (list (expand-tonality '(c5 'chromatic)) (expand-tonality '(c3 'chromatic)) (expand-tonality '(c4 'chromatic)) (expand-tonality '(c6 'chromatic))) :types '(selection insertion min-max selection) :sorts '(> > > >) :steps '(7 6 7 3))) :join-points t :point-radius 0 :style :fill) (pitch-list-plot (flatten (multi-gen-sort (list (rnd-order (expand-tonality '(c5 'chromatic))) (rnd-order (expand-tonality '(c3 'chromatic))) (rnd-order (expand-tonality '(c6 'chromatic))) (rnd-order (expand-tonality '(c4 'chromatic)))) :types '(insertion selection min-max selection) :sorts '(> < < >) :steps '(5 3 7 nil))) :join-points t :point-radius 0 :style :fill) (pitch-list-plot (flatten (multi-gen-sort (list (rnd-order (expand-tonality '(c6 'chromatic))) (rnd-order (expand-tonality '(c5 'chromatic))) (rnd-order (expand-tonality '(c4 'chromatic))) (rnd-order (expand-tonality '(c3 'chromatic)))) :types '(selection nil insertion min-max) :sorts '(< > < >) :steps '(4 4 4 4))) :join-points t :point-radius 0 :style :fill) (pitch-list-plot (filter-repeat 1 (flatten (multi-gen-sort (list (rnd-order (expand-tonality '(c4 'chromatic))) (rnd-order (expand-tonality '(cs4 'chromatic))) (rnd-order (expand-tonality '(d4 'chromatic))) (rnd-order (expand-tonality '(ds4 'chromatic)))) :types '(insertion selection min-max selection) :sorts '(> < > <) :steps '(5 5 5 5)))) :join-points t :point-radius 0 :style :fill) ;;; a SORT2 :-) (pitch-list-plot (flatten (gen-sort (flatten (multi-gen-sort (list (rnd-order (expand-tonality '(c6 'chromatic))) (rnd-order (expand-tonality '(c5 'chromatic))) (rnd-order (expand-tonality '(c4 'chromatic))) (rnd-order (expand-tonality '(c3 'chromatic)))) :types '(selection nil insertion min-max) :sorts '(< > > >) :steps '(3 3 3 3))) :type 'insertion :step 7 :sort '>)) :join-points t :point-radius 0 :style :fill) some examples: a sorted mulit-gen-sort:
  2. hi all i'm looking for different SORTING ALGORITHMS in LISP - no problem to find (different) in the WWW... but: i would like to have as OUTPUT-result ALL generations of the SORTING-process and not only the LAST one - i'm interested in the PROCESS!! thanks for some help or any idea? (for once i do not want to code it myself :-)) greetings andré
  3. Good morning. I'm interested in score analysis and I've encountered an issue. Is it possibile in Opusmodus, after I've create a score in OMN form (for example : (h c6 mp) (w. f5 pp) (d a4 mp) ) sort these sublist in PITCH ascending order linking the corresponding value of LENGTH? example: convert this: (h c6 mp) (w. f5 pp) (d a4 mp) in this: (d a4 mp) (w. f5 pp) (h c6 mp) where every sublist remains the same but the order is changed on a pitch base (in this case ascending). I've tried SORT-ASC and similar, but probably there's something to try and I'm new to the program. Thank you a lot! Pietro
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