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    The Midi Player provides an instant visual guide to the play of pitch, rhythm, duration and velocity (dynamics). Sounding out a composer’s script is accompanied by its graphic representation and immediate playback in this Midi Player window. A pitch event’s intersection with a bar and beats grid is uniquely colour-coded and matched in a display of velocity below the bar and beat grid. Play and Rewind controls are activated from a contextual menu or from keystroke commands: Spacebar for Play and Return for Rewind.


    With Zoom In and Zoom Out one or any number of bars can be viewed in sharp detail. In the top left corner see the time signature display. Where changing signatures are frequent this display changes as the first bar on the left of the window appears. Tempo changes are displayed in a similar way at the bottom of the grid. The instruction Ignore Ports allows the composer to choose between the on-board GM sample-player or use personal outboard or inboard sound sources.

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