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  1. Thank you so much for sharing this information! - Rangarajan
  2. Hi, Opusmodus team has done a great job in supporting L-system. I have been spending some time to understand this feature; seems quite powerful. I have just uploaded a blog post on this topic. Your comments and suggestions will be very much appreciated. Does OM implementation support the full functionality as outlined in this paper? - Rangarajan
  3. I have created a 24-bar piece in Opusmodus. I use 10 instruments including Kalimba, Ghatam, Nadhaswaram, Mridangam, and Udukkai. Played through Reaper. The instruments are from UVI and Propellerhead Reason. - Rangarajan
  4. Thanks. Wouldn't it be nice to add it to the official documentation?
  5. Just downloaded and installed the latest version 2.1.26172. Documentation for the function "pprint-score" seems to be missing. - Rangarajan
  6. It seems to me that Stephane's solution is the preferred one if the euclidean-rhythm is to be generated with different seeds. - Rangarajan
  7. This is a great initiative! Thanks to Janusz & team. Will the proceedings be recorded and made available to us for later viewing (for those who cannot attend live)? Also, I see that some talks on the second day will be in Italian. Will there be a translation for the benefit of those who do not understand Italian? - Rangarajan
  8. Thanks! I fully agree with your view on license fee, etc. I guess it is possible to view OM as a Lisp-based Library for music synthesis, if you exclude the IDE, etc. It is perfectly reasonable for the library vendor to charge developers a "royalty", based on the number of copies of their application sold, in addition to the one-time license fee for purchasing the library. - Rangarajan
  9. Thanks a lot! "chord-interval-add" comes closest to what I want. Stephane's suggestion would be ideal if we want all chords to be the same size. If we need chords of different sizes, "chord-interval-add" seems better suited. Coming to a related point, I would love to take advantage of the huge collection of predefined chords in the OM library. For instance, something like the following might be useful (hope I don't sound silly): (harmonic-progression '(maj7 add9 11 7s/9/b5) '(c4 major)) This allows me to get different chord types in harmonic progression on a given scale. - Rangarajan
  10. That is correct, but how to handle the special extended chords (like V7 as I mentioned earlier)?
  11. There doesn't seem to be a direct way to do this in Ableton. However, it seems straightforward to take care of it in Falcon. In any case, would it not be better to support this in Opusmodus? Perhaps we can set a global variable for this?
  12. Sorry if I wasn't clear. Maybe this will be clearer: I would like to generate a chord progression in C Major scale like this: I-vi-ii-V7-ii. Here the V chord is played as dominant 7th. How do I do this? Next, I want to use the different elements of the chord library in OM to generate a chord progression. How do I do that? Thanks, Rangarajan
  13. Hi, I noticed something strange a short while go and need your urgent help. I am sending the score from OM to Ableton Live, and noticed that when I send the key sequence <C2, C3, C2, C3...> via Port 0, Channel 1 to Ableton Live, it is received as <C1, C2, C1, C2, ...> within Ableton. I tried again with UVI Falcon (instead of Ableton) and it was the same behaviour! Why is this happening? Any fixes? - Rangarajan
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