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  1. Hi all, I just would like to give Torsten a massive THX for sharing his knowledge and code here at the forum(not just Torsten). I learn so much from you in various areas that I try to use. I have used PWGL in the past and will dig deep into what you have done and how, when it comes to make OM and PWGL to "work together". If I can get OM, PWGL and Max to exchange data I am in kind of heaven. Finally I have retired from work and have time to do what I like most. Thank you Torsten and all the other persons that share code and knowledge. /Lasse
  2. Agree with SB. Thank you, interesting and useful stuff. Thx Torsten
  3. lviklund


  4. Some more testing and I now remember why I left Ableton Live for Reaper. There is strange things going on. It works fine on one IAC bus not two at the same time. Fishy is a good description. Another strange thing with Ableton. All my CC mappings that I route via Reaper to VSL Pro gets stuck somewhere so the dynamics and technics that works without any problem in Reaper, does not work in Live. At least not without fiddling around somewhere in Ableton.
  5. With monitor set to "auto" (default) in the mixer part there is no sound sometimes. Set monitor to "In" and it works (at least for me). /Lasse
  6. Yes Search for the function OMN. (setf notation '(s g4 pp == cs5 c4 -- fs5 g4 mf ==== gs5 mp == a3 f)) (omn :length notation) => (1/16 1/8 1/16 1/16 -1/8 1/16 1/16 1/4 1/16 1/8 1/16)
  7. I have used omn-replaced like this: (omn-replace :pitch '((g4) (a4)) '((q f pizz) (h arco))) => ((q g4 f pizz) (h a4 arco))
  8. Thx for the link to music21. I thought I had found most algo music thingies but this one i have missed completely. /Lasse
  9. (gen-chord3 '(c4 eb4 g4) '((6 5) (5 3) (4 2)) :seed 42) Without the :seed argument the result should be random. /Lasse
  10. A make-voices function like the one described feels like the most OM:ish way. I am lost in the technical discussion so I will leave that. Spring greetings from Sweden.
  11. Great thoughts Torsten. Some very good ideas in your answer and I agree (when I understand :-) ) with your reasoning. /Lasse
  12. Hi all, I just would like to inform you all that I have made some first tests with xml export to the new Dorico notation program. (compile-score 'violins :file "test2" :output :musicxml) (musicxml-to-editor "test2" :application "Dorico") It works smooth and without problems. Maybe Dorico will be an alternative to Sibelius in the future. It looks promising with quite a few flaws in this first version 1.0.0. /Lasse
  13. Thx Stephane. Again. How the whatever can you be so productive? Amazing.
  14. "Jazz ain't dead! It just smells funny." (F. Zappa) Nice one.
  15. That blog is a gold mine for me. Thx again. Prolog and OM together, a dream. Have to finish all my boring graphic work so I can take a look into this.
  16. Thx a million, I have tried to find time to look into this interesting concept and now you taken me quite a long bit. Very nice. /Lasse
  17. I have learned and enjoyed a lot from Nigel Morgans blog that you can find a link to on this site. . His latest blog is all about 12-tone and serialism. If you missed those. My 2cents
  18. SB, Sorry for hijacking your thread! Nice piece at the top and we are starting to discuss other things. On the other hand it is a good thing when music touch you and make you feel and think. Good day
  19. I think that it is very important to remember that, at least for me, I am myself my biggest critic. Good of course but also very destructible som times. Yes indeed. Your friend is very wise :-). Actually in my case I have done in the past a lot of composing even as a pro for many years but for now I just enjoy digging my bits and pieces.... Taking apart music by f.ex. Bartók with tools like OM and fiddle around with the snippets is very fun and you learn alot. Using the sound of the blackbird as a blueprint for my new theme is very educational. The list of what you can do can be made very long. The biggest problem is to find the time to do everything that is possible :-). One more reflection is that when getting older and with better finances it is very easy to buy new gear and software. Very fun but also very time consuming, so as said earlier in this thread, you have to make choices and decide on what tools to learn, what should be finished and so on. /Lasse
  20. Thank SB for that very interesting little description on how you work. I'd like to share som tiny thoughts on my humble use of OM. Today I do almost all in OM. My problem is that I seems to end up with tons of ideas but have to struggle a lot to finish anything. Bits and pieces seems to be my destiny. The nice part is that I do not have to finish anything so I am just having fun making all the fragments. With a broad and diverse background in music and sound design I am happy to just investigate composition and different techniques with scales and melodies. Opus Mudus is a fantastic tool for that. So fun. /Lasse
  21. Thank you Rangarajan. I wish I had the knowledge that you have in the LISP world. /Lasse
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