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Found 7 results

  1. There are many occasions when we would like to add articulations by hand to our generated scores. The first thing we need to do is to convert (output) the score into omn format. Algorithmically generated score. (setf size 200) (setf vector (add-triangle-waves 4 size 1 0.6 :modulation (gen-triangle size 1 '(0.5 0.4 0.3 0.6) :modulation (gen-triangle size 1 0.3 :phase 180)))) (setf pitches (gen-divide 4 (vector-to-pitch '(g1 g6) vector))) (setf transpose (pitch-transpose -12 pitches)) (setf variants (pitch-variant transpose :variant '?)) (setf length (rnd-sample 120 '(s e s s))) (setf time (span pitches length)) (setf dynamics '(p mf ff)) (def-score add-triangle (:title "Waves Add-Triangle" :composer "OPMO" :copyright "© 2014 Opusmodus" :key-signature 'chromatic :time-signature (get-time-signature time) :tempo 120 :layout (piano-solo-layout 'rh 'lh :flexible-clef t)) (rh :length time :pitch pitches :velocity (rnd-sample size dynamics) :port 0 :sound 'gm :channel 1 :program 'acoustic-grand-piano) (lh :length time :pitch variants :velocity (rnd-sample size dynamics))) The expression below will convert the score into omn score format. (compile-score 'add-triangle :output :score) To get a more readable version of the score add PPRINT (print pretty) at the beginning of the expression. (pprint (compile-score 'add-triangle :output :score)) Output in the Listener: (def-score add-triangle (:title "Waves Add-Triangle" :composer "OPMO" :copyright "© 2014 Opusmodus" :key-signature 'chromatic :layout '(:brace (:flexible-treble rh) (:flexible-bass lh) :name "" :abbr "" :flexible-clef t) :time-signature '((1 4 2) (5 16 2) (1 4 1) (5 16 1) (3 8 2) (5 16 2) (3 8 1) (5 16 2) (1 4 1) (5 16 1) (1 4 1) (3 8 2) (1 4 1) (3 8 1) (5 16 1) (3 8 1) (5 16 2) (3 8 1) (7 16 1) (1 4 1) (3 8 1) (1 4 1) (5 16 1) (1 4 2) (5 16 2) (1 4 1) (5 16 1) (3 8 2) (5 16 2) (3 8 1) (5 16 2) (1 4 1) (5 16 1) (1 4 1) (3 8 2) (1 4 1) (3 8 1)) :tempo '120) (rh :omn '((s g1 ff gs1 p a1 ff b1) (s c2 mf cs2 ff d2 e2 mf) (e f2 p s fs2 ff g2 p a2) (s b2 mf e c3 s cs3 ff eb3) (s e3 mf f3 ff fs3 p a3 mf) (s bb3 ff b3 e c4 p s e4) (e e4 ff s f4 e s b4 p) (e b4 s s mf e fs5 ff) (s fs5 mf f5 p mf e cs6) (s cs6 c6 p e b5 mf s g6 ff) (s g6 p ff e f6 g6 mf) (s g6 g6 p ff e fs6) (s g6 mf p e s fs6) (s fs6 fs6 ff mf ff) (e fs6 p s ff fs6 fs6 mf) (s fs6 fs6 ff p f6) (s fs6 ff mf e e f6) (s f6 e fs6 fs6 p s f6) (s f6 mf fs6 fs6 p f6) (e f6 f6 ff s fs6 p f6 ff) (s f6 p e s s) (s f6 e mf p s ff) (s f6 mf p mf e ff) (s f6 p e s mf p) (s f6 ff e mf s e p) (e f6 s e ff mf) (s f6 p mf e6 ff f6 p) (s f6 ff e6 mf e eb6 p f6 mf) (s f6 e6 d6 f6) (s f6 e6 ff d6 e f6 p) (s f6 mf e6 ff cs6 f6 mf) (s f6 ff f6 cs6 mf f6 ff) (e f6 mf s s cs6 p fs6 mf) (s f6 ff e e6 p s bb5 mf f6) (s e6 p b5 f5 eb6) (s bb5 fs5 ff e cs5 p s a5 mf) (e e5 ff s c5 e gs4 mf s d5) (e bb4 s fs4 d4 e g4) (s e4 ff d4 b3 mf e eb4) (s cs4 p bb3 mf e gs3 p s c4 ff) (s a3 a3 mf e b3 ff gs3) (s bb3 c4 d4 e b3 mf) (s cs4 p eb4 mf e f4 p s eb4 ff) (s e4 fs4 gs4 p fs4 ff) (e g4 p s a4 mf bb4 a4) (s bb4 c5 cs5 p c5 mf) (s cs5 eb5 ff e e5 mf eb5 ff) (s e5 mf e fs5 g5 p s fs5 ff) (s g5 mf gs5 a5 p a5) (e bb5 ff b5 mf s c6 ff c6)) :channel 1 :sound 'gm :program 'acoustic-grand-piano :volume 90 :pan 64) (lh :omn '((s b0 p a0 mf gs1 g1) (s e1 d1 cs1 ff c1) (e a1 mf s g1 p fs1 mf f1) (s eb2 ff e cs2 s c2 mf b1 p) (s e2 mf eb2 d2 b1 p) (s e3 mf c3 p e b2 ff s bb2) (e b3 p s f3 mf e s e3 ff) (e b3 p s s ff e e3 mf) (s cs5 ff a5 p a5 e gs5 mf) (s cs5 ff c5 e b4 mf s g5 ff) (s g5 mf a5 ff e g5 p g5) (s g5 g5 mf g5 e fs5 ff) (s g5 p g5 e ff s gs5 mf) (s fs5 fs5 ff mf fs5) (e fs5 s p mf fs5) (s fs5 p ff p f5 mf) (s f5 p fs5 mf e e) (s f5 p e e5 e5 ff s f5) (s f5 p e5 e5 f5) (e f5 ff fs5 p s f5 ff f5) (s f5 e s p f5) (s f5 ff e e p s ff) (s f5 mf f5 f5 e p) (s f5 e ff s mf ff) (s f5 mf e p s e mf) (e f5 s e p f5) (s e5 f5 mf p f5) (s f5 g5 ff e fs5 p f5 ff) (s f5 fs5 mf gs5 f5 ff) (s f5 d5 e5 e f5 mf) (s cs5 e5 f5 f5 p) (s f5 ff mf p cs5) (e cs5 ff s f5 mf p fs5 mf) (s f5 e fs5 s c6 f5) (s e5 b4 p f4 eb5 mf) (s bb4 p a4 mf e fs4 p s cs4 ff) (e e4 mf s gs4 p e c5 mf s fs4 ff) (e bb3 s fs3 d3 e g3 mf) (s e3 p d3 b2 e eb3 ff) (s c3 mf e3 p e d3 ff s b2 mf) (s b2 ff a2 p e e gs2) (s b2 ff gs2 mf bb2 ff e c3 p) (s cs3 b2 mf e a2 ff s b2 p) (s fs3 e3 mf fs3 p gs3) (e g3 ff s f3 e3 p f3 ff) (s c4 mf cs4 c4 bb3) (s cs4 p eb4 mf e e4 eb4) (s fs4 p e g4 mf fs4 s e4) (s g4 gs4 p a4 a4) (e c5 ff mf s cs5 ff d5 p)) :channel 1 :sound 'gm :program 'acoustic-grand-piano :volume 90 :pan 64)) Copy the score from the Listener and paste it into the Composer panel. Now we are ready to add articulations etc... to the score by hand.
  2. Score with ADD-TEXT-ATTRIBUTES and GEN-DYNAMIC-CONTROLLER. ;;;--------------------------------------------------------- ;;; Sechs Bagatellen fuer Streichquartett OP.9, I ;;;--------------------------------------------------------- (add-text-attributes '(daempfer "mit Dämpfer") '(steg "am Steg") '(d-saite "d-Saite") ) (setf violin1-I '((-q - cs5 pp< daempfer+ubow+tie) (e cs5 > - - bb5 p> leg e5 > leg f4) (q g4 pp> leg eb4 -) (-3q eb4ab4 <> harm - -q -) (-q -3q 3h f6 pp<> ubow) (-q e a6 f< ten fs6 < ten) (q g5 ff - -3q - b3 f marc) (e. c4 < leg s b3 -q -e f3ds4 p leg) (q a3gs4 < - -) (-e q g3fs4 ppp> ten -e fermata -q))) (setf violin2-I '((-h.) (e c4 pp< daempfer+leg gb4 < leg 3h ab4 -3q -q) (-h.) (q bb3 pp pizz+ten - gs3e4 pp<> ubow+arco) (-q d4 pp< ttrem+steg+leg fs4 steg) (-h) (-q -3q 3h gs5 ff d-saite+leg q f4 >) (-q -3q gs3 f> stacc+pizz a4 > stacc -q) (-3q 3h eb6 f> ten+arco+tie s eb6 - e gb4 p> leg+d-saite f5 leg s e5 -) (-h. fermata))) (setf viola-I '((-q -3q 3h eb4 pp<> ubow+harm+ten+steg+daempfer -q) (-q s a3 pp stacc+steg b3 stacc+steg a3 stacc+steg b3 stacc+steg a3 stacc+steg b3 stacc+steg a3 stacc+steg b3 stacc+steg) (-h.) (-e. s c4 p< arco+leg q. c5 leg e bb4 >) (-h) (-s e b5 sf leg s bb4 >p< tie e bb4 -) (-q e f5 fff ten+pizz eb5 ten -q) (-e q. cs5fs5 sfp harm+arco+trem -e b3fs4 p leg) (q c3cs4 < - -s e. bb5 p> marc+tie) (e. bb4 pp -s -3q c5 ppp> fermata+ten - -q))) (setf cello-I '((-q d4 pp< ten+harm+daempfer -) (-q - -3q 3h fs2 pp leg+tie) (q. fs2 < leg e e2 > e4 p leg d5 leg+tie) (e d5 < leg f5 > -q a2f3 pp<>) (-e q cs3fs3 p< ten+harm e g2 pp ten+tie) (3q g2 < 3h cs3fs3 f ten+harm -e c2b2 f stacc+pizz) (-s gs4 ff< leg+arco e e5 < leg+tie q e5 < -e db3c4 f stacc+pizz) (-q -e g3 sffp harm+arco+marc+leg q d4 > app+leg 3q g3 harm 3h g3 f> harm+marc+tie) (e g3 > harm g3 p harm+marc+tie 3q g3 > harm - - -q) (3q b2 pp pizz - cs2fs2 pp< harm+arco+tie e cs2fs2 > harm -e fermata -q))) (setf tempo-I '(("Mäßig" 60 :length 10/4) (:rit 60 40 1/64 2/4) (60 2/4) (:accel 60 96 1/64 2/4) ("heftig" 96 2/4) (:rit 96 60 1/64 1/4) ("wieder mäßig" 60 4/4) (:rit 60 44 1/64 2/4) (44 3/4))) (def-score Anton-Webern-OP-9-I ( :title "Sechs Bagatellen für Streichquartett OP.9, I" :composer "Anton Webern" :copyright "Copyright © 1924 Universal Edition" :key-signature 'chromatic :time-signature (get-time-signature violin1-I) :tempo tempo-I :octave-shift '(c2 c6) :merge-rests t :flexible-clef t :accidentals :cautionary :layout (string-quartet-layout 'vln1 'vln2 'vla 'vlc) ) (vln1 :omn violin1-I ;:port 0 :channel 1 :sound 'vsl-violin-solo :controllers (11 (gen-dynamic-controller violin1-I))) (vln2 :omn violin2-I :channel 2 :sound 'vsl-violin-solo :controllers (11 (gen-dynamic-controller violin2-I))) (vla :omn viola-I :channel 3 :sound 'vsl-viola-solo :controllers (11 (gen-dynamic-controller viola-I))) (vlc :omn cello-I :channel 4 :sound 'vsl-cello-solo :controllers (11 (gen-dynamic-controller cello-I))) )
  3. Is there a function or some parameter I can set to avoid note collisions in chords? For a very simple example, to re-notate the chord (c4 cs4 e) as C, D flat, E. If not, another question-- maybe a way to set all D sharps to be notated as E flat, etc. Thanks! Paul M.
  4. Stephane Boussuge

    Score post processing

    Hi, i have composed a short strings trio as an example of how to use score post processing techniques, ie. change things in a score after the OMN generation by the opmo functions. Score script and mp3 attached to this post. SB. StringsTrio210516g-GM.opmo StringsTrio210516g.mp3
  5. dear users and opusmodus-guys i'm an OPUSMODUS-newby, very happy with this direct and cool LISP-programming! now the question: i would like to create an polytempo-score for example: this BOTS (bot1-bot4) are playing/written in ONE score with ONE tempo - is it possible to create a score, so that every bot has his own tempo? in extremis: bot1 = 90bpm, bot2 = 91bpm... etc... like in "ars subtilior", but not with a modification of rhythm/duration... thanks for you support - perhaps it's very simple, i don't know... andré further informations to ploytempo etc... http://www.greschak.com/polytempo/ptword.htm -------my simple score-OMN with "material" bot1 to bot4 (def-score multi-bots (:title "multi-bots" :key-signature 'atonal :time-signature '(4 4) :tempo 90 :layout (bracket-group (treble-layout 'bot1) (treble-layout 'bot2) (treble-layout 'bot3) (treble-layout 'bot4))) (bot1 :omn mat_bot1 :channel 1 :sound 'gm :program 'acoustic-grand-piano) (bot2 :omn mat_bot2 :channel 2 :sound 'gm :program 'acoustic-grand-piano) (bot3 :omn mat_bot3 :channel 3 :sound 'gm :program 'acoustic-grand-piano) (bot4 :omn mat_bot4 :channel 4 :sound 'gm :program 'acoustic-grand-piano))
  6. opmo

    Made in Opusmodus

    Hello! We are in the midst of preparing an audio player section for the Opusmodus site. We would love you to contribute with one of your scores made in Opusmodus. We are looking for audio mp3 files with good sound quality ie. samples. The page will be named 'Made In Opusmodus - Demos'. I look forward to hearing from you. Best wishes, JP