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  1. Opusmodus 1.2.23126

    View File Opusmodus 1.2.23126 Change to MELODIZE-TO-LENGTH function. The functions now is working with omn sequence. Examples: (setf sequence '((e fs3c5 p s f4cs4) (s fs4cs4 p c5fs3eb4 a3c5as4 a4e4fs3))) (melodize-to-length 1/16 1/8 sequence) => ((e fs3 p s f4) (s fs4 p c5 a3 a4))  (melodize-to-length 's 's sequence) => ((e fs3c5 p s f4) (s fs4 p c5 a3 a4))  (melodize-to-length 's 's sequence :select 'e) => ((e fs3c5 p s cs4) (s cs4 p eb4 as4 fs3))  (melodize-to-length '(e s) '(e q) sequence) => ((e fs3 p s f4cs4) (s fs4 p c5 a3 a4))  (melodize-to-length '((e s)) '((e q)) sequence) => ((e fs3 p s f4cs4) (s fs4cs4 p c5 a3 a4e4fs3))  or ((e fs3 p s f4) (s fs4cs4 p c5fs3eb4 a3 a4e4fs3)) or ((e fs3 p s f4cs4) (s fs4 p c5 a3 a4)) ... (melodize-to-length '((e s)) '((e q)) sequence :select '? :seed 12) => ((e fs3 p s cs4) (s cs4 p c5 c5 a4e4fs3))  (melodize-to-length '((e s)) '((e q)) sequence :section 1 :seed 45) => ((e fs3c5 p s f4cs4) (s fs4 p c5fs3eb4 a3 a4e4fs3))  Submitter opmo Submitted 03/15/2018 Category Opusmodus Latest Release
  2. VSL SE & SE Plus def-scores

    Thank you Jamil, I am sure many users will find the presets useful indeed.
  3. Playback of articulations

    Done. 1.2.23108
  4. Done. The legato (leg) attribute duration is extended with 1/256 value, this will produce tiny overlap. 1.2.23108 Janusz
  5. In 1.2.23106 I made few correction to the accents relative duration. Only stacc and stacs is a bit shorter now, all other accents will not change the midi duration. Janusz
  6. Quantization

    Thank you Yuichi for sharing, great piece, I am very happy to see Opusmodus is able to help you realise your ideas.
  7. Playback of articulations

    Will see what I can do.
  8. We will add this, I love it too :-)
  9. Interesting proposition. I am in a country for a few days, back in my studio next week.
  10. Nuit d'hiver For Woodwinds

    Wonderful piece!
  11. group-lst

    The function you are looking for is GEN-DIVIDE
  12. The multi screen support will be part of ver. 2.0
  13. euclidean to interval

    PATTERN-MAP (pattern-map '((1 0) 2) (gen-binary-euclidean 1 14 8 8)) => (2 1 2 2 2 1 2 2)
  14. The best way is to print the graph is to print directly form the graph panel. Gen your graph then click on the graph panel and command print, this way you will get high resolution print. Or save the file as pdf file (the default is .pdf): (length-list-plot (vector-to-length 8 8 -8 (gen-white-noise 100)) :file "vector-length")
  15. Quantisation?

    Implemented in version 1.2.22867