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  1. I will add this option to the function with the next update.
  2. Maybe your Instrument (virtual instruments) is setup to C5 (centre).
  3. Check the sound-set name of the articulation and the program.
  4. until
    Session 16 Invitation to a weekly livestream series with Stéphane Boussuge. It's free to all who wish to learn more about the OPUSMODUS Music Composition System, plus Q&A. On Sat, Sept 19, 2020, from 06:00 PM to 07:00 PM, Central European Summer Time (CEST). Link: https://us04web.zoom.us/j/4306063713?pwd=QmYyWlBNSGNXMkh3Yjd3aEwrWGFmdz09 Meeting ID: 430 606 3713
  5. Next session 'Zoom into Opusmodus' is on. Best wishes, Janusz
  6. Possibile solution: 1. Quit Opusmodus 2. Download the latest version from the Forums Downloads page. 3. Delete the com.opusmodus.Opusmodus directory from the ~/Library/Caches folder 4. Delete the com.opusmodus.Opusmodus.plist file for the ~/Library/Preferences folder 5. Empty Trash 6. Start Opusmodus
  7. The black section visibile only in GEN-CHORD-SERIES document?
  8. With the next Update the 'Check For Updates...' will link you to the Downloads page. In there you will find two versions with macOS system dependent downloads. very strange indeed.
  9. 2.1.26015 – New: SCALE-NUMBERS – Changes and Additions (check the documentation for each of the functions below): GEN-CHORD-SERIES GEN-COLLECT – tuplet grouping. GEN-FRAGMENT – tuplet grouping. GEN-INTERLEAVE – tuplet grouping. GEN-MORPH – tuplet grouping. CHORD-INVERSION – extended functionality. DECHORD PS – preserve pitch names (composers intend). COUNTERPOINT – dictum addition: :tempo and :harmony, new voice symbol * (Pedal Point). DICTUM-TEMPO – Fixes: Tempo :length - tempo mark in the middle of a measure. TIE-BARS – with argument :section and :exclude. and same
  10. This need to be done is OM and musicxml level. Simply adding them to the user attribute list won't work. The ped and ped1 attributes are working. I will add the missing pedals, half-ped, sost-ped and una-corda soon after we make the display working.
  11. Every layout from the "Instrument Layout Presets" document can be used in the DEF-INSTRUMENT-SET function i.e., PS.
  12. To get a final score in OM we use DEF-SCORE instance. The PS (preview score) function should be seen as a snippet (momentaufnahme). To add all the options etc... to PS would defeat the primary idea.
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