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  1. opmo

    [HELP] Removing white spaces from a list ?

    I will make the octave-map function work with octaves numbers as well. (octave-map '(c3 cs3 e5 f5 fs6 g5 gs4 a4 as3 b3) '(c3 d3 e3 f3 g4 f4 e4 d4 c4 cs4)) => (c3 d3 e5 f5 g6 f5 e4 d4 c3 cs3) (octave-map '(3 3 5 5 6 5 4 4 3 3) '(c3 d3 e3 f3 g4 f4 e4 d4 c4 cs4)) => (c3 d3 e5 f5 g6 f5 e4 d4 c3 cs3)
  2. opmo

    Music xml import, convert to Score?

    At the moment you can't convert musicxml file into omn score. But it is in our TODO list.
  3. opmo

    Request: make-omn

    I have some idea how we could do that - possibly next week.
  4. opmo

    Variations on Variations (2019)

    It is a new function which generate a variations of a given score or section. The function has around 20 keywords and is not yet ready for release.
  5. Variations on "Webern Variationen Fuer Klavier Op.27, I" (2019) by JP Instrument: VSL Steinway D
  6. opmo

    Opusmodus 1.3 crashing

    Dear Timothy, Lets delete some folders and files from the Library folder. 1. Quit app. 2. Go to Library/Preferences folder and delete the com.opusmodus.Opusmodus.plist file: 3. Go to Library/Caches folder and delete the com.opusmodus.Opusmodus folder: 4. Start Opusmodus app 5. Create a new workspace Let me know if the app is still crashing. best, Janusz P.S. To play with the CLM please use the CLM.opmo file which you find in the Library panel '3. HowTo Score/Sound Synthesis' folder: As well the 3 files in '5. Sound Synthesis' folder: The CLM folder should not be used. There are some clm instruments which may course crash. With the time we will add more clm instruments with OMN form.
  7. opmo

    Opusmodus 1.3 crashing

    What macOS you are running. What course the crash ie. closing a window, evaluation etc... I need more information in order to reproduce the crash.
  8. opmo

    Opusmodus 1.3 release

    Whats new in version 1.3 Compatibility with macOS Mojave 
macOS 10.14 Dark Mode 
CLM added
 OSC added 
MIDI player improvements New functions: binary-to-attribute merge-attributes circle-pitch-plot
 circle-rhythm-plot xy-plot pcs-rhythm
 edit-events find-max-span fit-to-span
stop-osc-threads Enhancements and fixes: quantizer returns now the count of given length-notes single-events returns given type don't join dissimilar rests fixed rest grouping fixed tied 8va or 8vb tuplets Installation: There are some changes to the Opusmodus user system folder. Before opening the new application you need to delete the old Opusmodus folder. Make sure you save your personal files (scores, docs etc...) before. A good solution is to rename the Opusmodus folder first and then compress it. After you have deleted the Opusmodus user folder you can start the new application. At the start Opusmodus will ask you for permission to create a new user folder in your home directory, if you don’t see a window for it, it means the old folder is still on your computer. Make sure the new Opusmodus folder is installed in your home directory. New Opusmodus folder: Upgrade: Opusmodus 1.3 requires a new serial number to run. When purchasing upgrade 1.3 the current user will need to provide an Opusmodus 1.2 serial number. After the confirmation which takes a few seconds only, you will be redirected to the purchase page. Following the purchase a new serial number will be sent to you by email. Happy New Year 2019 Yours, Janusz Podrazik
  9. opmo

    Startup issue

    Delete the source code of the DOUBLE function from the 'User Source.opmo' file.
  10. opmo

    Startup issue

    Just delete the function double for the Opusmodus Extensions folder, the function is just an example.
  11. opmo

    LessThanEigth for String Quartet and Clarinet

    The function name length-rest-weight has changed to length-weight. I fixed the score of above as well.
  12. This will be fixed in ver. 1.3
  13. The midi channels should to be the same in each score.
  14. You will find the answer in the Stephane score "DseExta.opmo" in the 4. Score Examples/Strings and Piano.
  15. opmo

    On the Functions of death......

    GEN-AMBITUS-SERIES - expanding and narrowing