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  1. I would need a few examples, input and output to see how could this work in our system.
  2. opmo

    Upgrade from SCOM

    Upgrade/crossgrade from Symbolic Composer to Opusmodus is the price of the academic licence.
  3. opmo

    Opusmodus 1.3 Upgrade

    Developers Progress The Opusmodus development team is making progress on the new release of our Opusmodus 1.3 software. We are planning to have 1.3 version ready for release on December 1st with the upgrade price of EUR 145. Opusmodus Prices Going Up In the meantime, for those of you who have not yet purchased Opusmodus 1.2 the price will increase to EUR 399 for personal and EUR 250 for academic licence on December 1st so now is the time to buy. Are you Eligible for a Free Upgrade? If you purchased an Opusmodus license on or after July 1st, 2018 you are entitled to the upgrade to version 1.3 at no charge. Opusmodus 1.3 December 1st Whats new in version 1.3 Compatibility with macOS Mojave macOS 10.14 Dark Mode CLM integration OSC integration MIDI player improvements New functions circle-pitch-plot circle-rhythm-plot pc-thythm xy-plot edit-event process-omn make-thread stop-threads osc-send osc-controller Enhancement single-events quantize and bug fixes. Best wishes, JP
  4. opmo

    how to keep omn-notation?

    (setf sequence '((t s t) (3q 3e_s. t) (5h 5h 5q_7q 7q 7q 7q 7q 7q 7q_5q 5h 5h) (t s._3e 3q))) (gen-retrograde sequence) => ((t s t) (t s._3e 3q) (5h 5h 5q_7q 7q 7q 7q 7q 7q 7q_5q 5h 5h) (3q 3e_s. t)) best, JP
  5. opmo

    how to keep omn-notation?

    Will be fixed in the next update. The problem not the ratios but the tied lengths. What we need to do is to reverse the order of tied lengths: 5q_7q = 7q_5q
  6. opmo


    With EDIT-EVENT (ver1.3) function you will be able to edit any parameter in any given bar: (edit-event '( (0 0 '(pitch-transpose 12 x) :pitch) (0 2 '(chord-inversion 2 x) :pitch) (0 3 '(pitch-variant x :variant 'i) :pitch) (2 1 '(chord-inversion 1 x) :pitch) (2 2 '(chord-inversion 1 (pitch-transpose 12 x)) :pitch) (3 1 '(chord-inversion 1 (pitch-transpose 12 x)) :pitch) (3 2 '(chord-inversion 2 x) :pitch) (3 3 '(chord-inversion 2 x) :pitch) (3 5 '(chord-inversion 4 x) :pitch) (3 6 'g3e4c5 :pitch) ) '((e c2 c3e3g3 c3e3g3 c3e3g3) (e f2 c3f3a3 c3f3a3 c3f3a3) (e e2 e3g3c4 e3g3c4 e3g3c4) (e gs2 e3b3 e3b3 e3b3 g2 d3g3b3 d3g3b3 d3g3b3))) => ((e c3 mf c3e3g3 g3c4e4 c3gs2f2) (e f2 c3f3a3 c3f3a3 c3f3a3) (e e2 mf g3c4e4 g4c5e5 e3g3c4) (e gs2 mf b4e5 e4b4 e4b4 g2 g4b4d5 g3e4c5 d3g3b3))
  7. opmo

    Creating Custom Chord Symbols

    There are limitation with text attributes in the music-xml script espacially with more than two layers. Chord symbols are manly for popular music and should not me proceed if you wish to display them in the score.
  8. opmo

    Creating Custom Chord Symbols

    The chord symbols are fixed. You find the list of chord symbols in the chord-library doc. (setf harmpath '((h (b3 maj7) (d3 7)) (h (g3 maj7) (bb3 7)) (h (eb3 maj7) (eb3 maj7)) (h (a3 m7) (d3 7)) (h (g3 maj7) (bb3 7)) (h (eb3 maj7) (gb3 7)) (h (b3 maj7) (b3 maj7)) (h (f3 m7) (bb3 7)) (h (eb3 maj7) (eb3 maj7)) (h (a3 m7) (d3 7)) (h (g3 maj7) (g3 maj7)) (h (cs3 m7) (fs3 7)) (h (b3 maj7) (b3 maj7)) (h (f3 m7) (bb3 7)) (h (eb maj7) (eb maj7)) (h (cs3 m7) (fs3 7))) My display:
  9. opmo

    Pattern for Piano

    Yes, we can add the function to our system. I will try to make it happen for 1.3
  10. opmo

    conTimbre library + pitchbend

    We will delay the midi note-on events that start at time 0 by 5 ticks this might will solve the problem.
  11. opmo

    PAT MARTINO Idiomatic Jazz Lines Generator

    Maybe this is what you are looking for: (setf sec (flatten (gen-eval 10 '(rnd-unique 12 '(0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10)))))
  12. You should't use :span :pitch with tupets otherwise the time signature will be of not much use. In the new QUANTIZE function there is no more :tolerance keyword.
  13. The future pitch (v1.4) will look like: c4 c4[50] fs4[50] d6[-30] etc... chord c4fs5[50] Every cents value which falls into microtonal notation (50, 30 -50 -75 ...) will be part of the notation all others will be written above the note: -43c
  14. The error is a known problem when you copy and past from html pages. Go to documents and use the original score file. No errors here.