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  1. erka


  2. Hi, it says in "Introduction to Opusmodus" : Then there is Stages: a 30-part collection of score-scripts and text commentaries designed to be opened simultaneously. Both these are available as a download: a PDF file formatted as a printable A4 book. I see the 30 Stages but where can I find the pdf to download? Rolf
  3. Thanks for GEN-CONTROLLER. Just found it. P.S: Why is GEN-LOOP not listed in the library? Rolf
  4. Thanks Stephane, very good. That gives you all possibilities. It is described in the length.rtfd and I have overlooked it. :-) Length 8 will produce 8 bars of whole-notes lengths. '(8 h q q)
  5. I got it: '(10 a2c4g4d5) easy. Is it in the language description somewhere and I didn't find it? I found this: To assist with multiple rests (-12) will produce 12 bars of whole-note rests. So I tried without minus.
  6. Is there another notation for a drone playing for longer then the longest omn length symbol 'd than this: (make-omn :length '(w) :pitch '(a2c4g4d5) :duration '(10.0)) It does what I want. But not possible to be written in '(w a2c4g4d5 ......) . Or is it?
  7. Hi, I found out after some trying what the symbol "z" does. But I couldn't find it anywhere in the omn language documentation. Is it explained somewhere in the "OMN The Language" section and I just didn't see it? Regards Rolf
  8. Thanks you. Actually too simple. Sorry. Time to wake up. I think I got confused by something like 45 (rnd-sample 3 '(23 45 12 89 94 2 57 21)) Because this are also three values picked once but switched continuously. The timing seems to come from the :omn :length. Can you set it different? Well, I wait for the docu. Looking forward to GEN-CONTROLLER. Regards Rolf
  9. I still don't get it. What exactly does this mean in the controllers.opmo. 45 '((78 1/2) (3 3) (32 1/2)) How will the controller 45 move during playback of the score.
  10. Hi, where can I find a documentation of the syntax of the :controllers section. I don't get the timing. When will a controller change etc. The only thing I found is an example in DEF-SCORE.
  11. https://ask.audio/articles/5-reasons-musicians-producers-and-djs-should-avoid-updating-to-os-x-1011-el-capitan-today I will not update for a while, had problems once even with Logic.
  12. Hi, I installed midi loupe (midi monitor) on my macbook and started and stopped LCI. 12:37:13:165: IAC-Bus OPMO, c: 1, Note off: 62, 0 12:37:13:167: IAC-Bus OPMO, c: 1, Note on: 48, 14 12:37:13:169: IAC-Bus OPMO, c: 2, Note off: 36, 0 12:37:13:171: IAC-Bus OPMO, c: 2, Note on: 36, 34 12:37:13:173: IAC-Bus OPMO, c: 1, Control message: 123, 0 12:37:13:175: IAC-Bus OPMO, c: 2, Control message: 123, 0 12:37:13:177: IAC-Bus OPMO, c: 3, Control message: 123, 0 .......... ......... One can see that the last thing happening is a note on and then a bunch off cc#123 (all notes off). There are a lot of reports that logic tracks are not accepting cc#123 for whatever reason. You have to bypass tracks, as Stephane does in his template. Wouldn't it be possible to do a midiflush( like the MAX7 object). Any note-on gets collected and removed when there is a note-off for it and the midi-flush sends a note off for the leftover ones. Or just send note-offs for all 128 notes on any active channel. No cc#123 needed then. I found that not all instruments or DAWs accept cc#123 for some reason . That would make Opusmodus independent of this issue . @Stephane: Ableton is good, but I like Logic for some of its instruments and features. Regards Rolf
  13. Thank you for your help Stephane. Sure, transferring midifiles will work. No tutorial needed. I got rid of old devices in Audio-Midi-setup. Maybe that helps. I have a working setup now with Ableton. No hanging notes and recording per midi-channel possible. I will do more research to find out, where the problems in Logic and Reason are coming from. Rolf
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