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  1. Stephane Boussuge

    Orchestral Template EastWest HW Orch and Plogue Bidule

    Hi Torsten, my Mac have 16gig of RAM. Also, i'm using an SSD. About the articulations, if you expand one instrument group, you will see the play module AND a bidule keyswitcher who allow me to have the soundset i use. Best, S. added 6 minutes later Actually, i use a derivation of this with Bidule encapsuled into Logic X. I attach the logic template here, if you want to have a look. Best S. BaseOrch5.logicx.zip
  2. Stephane Boussuge

    Opusmodus 1.2.23428

    also the new vector functions are awesome ! SB.
  3. Hello, here's one of my personal orchestral template. It use plogue Bidule as host (because some special KeySwitch configuration) and EastWest Hollywood orchestra and East west Convolution reverb (but you can replace it by another one). You can use this template and associated files (soundset etc..) as this or use it as a base for designing you own and take inspiration from it. Attached you will find and audio example of the raw output of the template, the template itself (.opmo), the Bidule file and the soundset necessary to drive this template. Put the BaseOrch4.bidule file into the Instrument/Templates folder from Opmo folder. (create the Template folder if not exist) Put the soundset file BaseOrchestra4.lisp into the Def-soundset folder from opmo folder. Have fun !! SB. TemplateOutExample.mp3 ForumHWBiduleBaseOrchestra.opmo BaseOrch4.bidule BaseOrchestra4.lisp
  4. Stephane Boussuge

    Opusmodus 1.2.23428

    Thank you for this update Janusz, the possibility to specify the snippets audition parameters directly into the code was very useful for me for designing and test instrument by instrument the orchestral template based on EastWest Hollywood orchestra and Plogue Bidule shared into the Template and customisation section. no need to alway click and go to preferences just write some preconfigured code and evaluate it depend on your need Very convenient SB.
  5. Stephane Boussuge

    Opusmodus 1.2.23374

    Yep 😉
  6. Stephane Boussuge

    Piano Trio "Slonimsky" Movement 1

    Hi, here's for study purpose the Opusmodus score of the first movement of my piano trio. All the best to the wonderful Opusmodus users community ! SB. PianoTrio-SlonimskyV2.opmo
  7. Stephane Boussuge

    Opusmodus 1.2.23291

    Thank you very much, the spectra option in tonality map is exactly what i'm looking for. Wonderful tool !!! Thanks a lot S.
  8. Stephane Boussuge

    mapping integer?

    With vector-map function, you can map anything: (vector-map (expand-tonality '(c4 messiaen-mode5)) '(0 1 2 3 4 2 1 5 3 1)) SB.
  9. Stephane Boussuge

    tonality-map: controlling in which octave tones occur

    You can try harmonic-path function. But i agree and would like to define larger than one octave tonality for tonality-map. :map '(step) could be a partial solution, but i'm always searching for a tonality mapping that preserve the octave map. the spectral way is important for me and i would like to use pitch-fields like Kaja Saariaho 😉 S.
  10. Stephane Boussuge

    Classical accomp. Example

    Here's the rendering of the score "Classical Accomp Example" i've made for the last version of Opusmodus.
  11. Stephane Boussuge

    QuickTips - Classical Piano accompaniment

    Hi Julio, yes, it is a very small lib i've made myself. You will find it attached to this post. All the best ! S. HarmoProg1.opmo
  12. Stephane Boussuge

    Scaling Velocity Vectors

    (setf rh-a-dynamics (gen-eval 8 '(vector-to-velocity (random* 0.7) (random* 0.9) (vector-range 0.55 0.69 (gen-white-noise 5 :seed 12))))) S.
  13. Stephane Boussuge

    QuickTips - Classical Piano accompaniment

    Thanks guys ! S.
  14. Stephane Boussuge

    Chord Inversions & Arpeggios

    (list (chord-inversion 1 (expand-chord '(c4 69)))) S.
  15. Stephane Boussuge

    Opusmodus Vs. Symbolic Composer

    I think Scom send just the midifile to Logic. If you open a midi-file created with Opusmodus with Logic, all the tracks will be created, the tempo map, the bar changes and logic will load instruments exactly as you describe. It is just opening the midi-file into logic. S.