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  2. Here's the doc: Simplified Common Lisp reference - round JTRA.CZ
  3. May be this can help a bit, I've tried this: (setf bass '(g2 c3 a2 e3 fs3)) (setf bassint (pitch-to-integer bass)) ;=> (-17 -12 -15 -8 -6) ;;; create a set of integers from interpolation ;;; between bass integers (bassint), ;;; then convert those to pitches (defun linear-interpolation (numbers steps) (let ((interpolated-numbers nil)) (loop for i from 0 below (- (length numbers) 1) for number = (nth i numbers) for next-number = (nth (1+ i) numbers) do (loop for j from 0 to steps do (push (+ (* (- next-number number) (/ (float j) steps)) number) interpolated-numbers) ) (push next-number interpolated-numbers)) (filter-repeat 1 (nreverse interpolated-numbers)))) (setf n-steps 4) (setf new-ints (mapcar 'round (linear-interpolation bassint n-steps))) (setf melody (integer-to-pitch new-ints)) (setf sop (filter-tie (make-omn :pitch (pitch-transpose 24 melody) :length '(e) :span :pitch ))) (setf bas (make-omn :pitch bass :length '(h) :span :pitch )) (ps 'gm :fl (list sop) :bn (list bas) :time-signature '(4 4)) SB.
  4. If you want to learn how to do a piece in less than one year with Opusmodus, I recommend my Online course: Introduction to Opusmodus (level 1) – Composer Workshop WWW.COMPOSERWORKSHOP.COM This course is an introduction to Opusmodus, going from interface discovery to music composition using the powerful functions of this incredible music composition environment. <h3>Who this course is for</h3> This course is for people who want to learn algorithmic music composition and generative music techniques. No prior programming experience needed but basic knowledge of music is recommended for... Best ! Stéphane
  5. Just to add an info, if it could help, you can force any chord to start on a pitch by using the function pitch-transpose-start… S.
  6. It works now, I've made an error with the shop system, all this is a bit new for me, but I'm learning and it works now. Best Stéphane
  7. Hi dear Opusmoduser, I've just added a new video course on composerworkshop.com about using Virtual Instruments with OM. http://www.composerworkshop.com Best ! Stéphane
  8. I'm offering to you 20mn of my time through a zoom session to help you to solve this problem. Please contact me at boussuge@opusmodus.com to arrange for the details. SB.
  9. All works fine here, I've just copied your code into a new file and Evaluate score to notation . SB. J111 question.mp4
  10. Hi Cliff, the files were added in new sections of the part 1 and last part of the course in "Resources" lessons. Best Stéphane
  11. Hi folks , the new Zoom into OM video session is now online: Best Stéphane
  12. Hi Cliff, The files will be available soon this week-end on the Composer workshop website. (Only accessible for people who already bought the course.) All the best ! Stéphane
  13. Hi Cliff, Thank you very much, I'm already working on a new pack of videos I hope to release soon. We already know the delay between videos but I've got the same experience on very famous Online learning platform with much more budget and technical facilities than me, so I suppose it comes from the plugin itself and may be not easy to improve. Anyway, I've sent your remarks to my website admin, we will see what we can do and if we can improve. Happy Opusmodusing SB.
  14. Hi David, the video is at the bottom of the main page, in the "Ou last videos" section: I'm working on the next one Best ! Stéphane
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