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  1. Hello, here's the VSL Syncron-ized Special Edition Plus Soundset. All the best ! Stéphane VSL-SynchronSpecial-Edition.lisp
  2. Hi, Here's a score for 4 hands recently finished. SB. PourEtContre1Edit2.opmo PourEtContre1-4Hands.mp3
  3. i agree about the Kontakt version S.
  4. Short demo about how to drive EastWest Hollywood choir with Opusmodus. Original opusmodus files from the demo are available on the Opusmodus Forum.
  5. Adding articulation into generated Opusmodus score.
  6. Video (in French) I made for a friend to show how I've used Opusmodus to compose a piano prelude. OSC-Threads-Example.zip
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