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  1. Hi, I discovered this post! You chords are already inversions...an example would have been simpler with (c4e4g4b4) like this...I am about to buy your book "combinatorial harmony";-))
  2. I'm using find -bar now , because I can't find any other solutions...so quite long... your code seems to work fine Thank you so much!!!
  3. Thank you it's much better;-) should i do this ?can i not shorten (setf seq+ry12 (make-omn :pitch (omn :pitch seq) :length (gen-repeat 24 tr) :span :length)) (setf for4 (rnd-order seq+ry12 :type :pitch)) (setf bw-rh1 (omn-to-measure seq+ry12 '(4/4))) (setf rep (filter-repeat 1 bw-rh1 :type :pitch))
  4. Hello everyone, Is there a way to remove the same repeated notes with rnd-order function? like (setf for4 (rnd-order seq+ry12 :type :pitch))
  5. how many files can we add in a project?
  6. ok i try with defparameter. otherwise OM is still blocked and I don't understand. On NAS, I have a file that I created with workspace it no longer wants to open...the files containing this workspace open correctly independently What is the problem ? OM remains blocked
  7. thank you! my files are on a NAS. sometimes I can't open the files and OM stays frozen...I do not understand why! ..this message seems me strange too! "Compiler warnings for "/Volumes/web/Pédagogie/Opus modus file/13 chords.opmo" : ; In an anonymous lambda form at position 2162: Undeclared free variable per16.perm"
  8. Hi, every time i create a file and i have copies with snake;-) what does the mean ?
  9. Thank you Stéphane. I changed as you told me and it works. (setf s1um (library 'slonimskymaj 'tritonem 's1um)) (setf s1dm (library 'slonimskymaj 'tritonem 's1dm)) (setf s1um.perm (permute s1um)) (setf s1dm.perm (permute s1dm)) (setf pch1 (assemble-seq (loop for i in s1um.perm for j in s1dm.perm collect (list i j)))) (setf ry1 '((s s s s s s s s))) (setf Gmaj7.omn1 (make-omn :pitch pch1 :length ry1 :span :pitch )) I am using find-Bar and i would like to know if it is possible to get the results algorithmically without a huge manual input? find-bar 1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9 etc etc in my example I have 720 results;-) (setf s1um (library 'slonimskymaj 'tritonem 's1um)) (setf s1dm (library 'slonimskymaj 'tritonem 's1dm)) (setf s1um.perm (permute s1um)) (setf s1dm.perm (permute s1dm)) (setf pch1 (assemble-seq (loop for i in s1um.perm for j in s1dm.perm collect (list i j)))) (setf ry1 '((s s s s s s s s))) (setf Gmaj7.omn1 (make-omn :pitch pch1 :length ry1 :span :pitch )) (setf seq (remove-nils (assemble-seq (list (pitch-transpose 12 (find-bar 1 Gmaj7.omn));;;début (pitch-transpose 12 (find-bar 2 Gmaj7.omn)) (pitch-transpose 5 (find-bar 1 Gmaj7.omn)) (pitch-transpose 5 (find-bar 2 Gmaj7.omn)) (pitch-transpose 10 (find-bar 1 Gmaj7.omn)) (pitch-transpose 10 (find-bar 2 Gmaj7.omn)) (pitch-transpose 15 (find-bar 1 Gmaj7.omn)) (pitch-transpose 15 (find-bar 2 Gmaj7.omn)) (pitch-transpose 8 (find-bar 1 Gmaj7.omn)) (pitch-transpose 8 (find-bar 2 Gmaj7.omn)) (pitch-transpose 13 (find-bar 1 Gmaj7.omn)) (pitch-transpose 13 (find-bar 2 Gmaj7.omn)) (pitch-transpose 6 (find-bar 1 Gmaj7.omn)) (pitch-transpose 6 (find-bar 2 Gmaj7.omn)) (pitch-transpose 11 (find-bar 1 Gmaj7.omn)) (pitch-transpose 11 (find-bar 2 Gmaj7.omn)) (pitch-transpose 16 (find-bar 1 Gmaj7.omn)) (pitch-transpose 16 (find-bar 2 Gmaj7.omn)) (pitch-transpose 9 (find-bar 1 Gmaj7.omn)) (pitch-transpose 9 (find-bar 2 Gmaj7.omn)) (pitch-transpose 14 (find-bar 1 Gmaj7.omn)) (pitch-transpose 14 (find-bar 2 Gmaj7.omn)) (pitch-transpose 7 (find-bar 1 Gmaj7.omn)) (pitch-transpose 7 (find-bar 2 Gmaj7.omn)) etc etc...
  10. Dear Friends, is it possible to modify the file Slonimsky thesaurus.opmo by adding new data? or do i have to create a new library. moreover I cannot find this file on my computer although it is in opusmodus Thanks for your help david
  11. I hadn't seen the rest of your answer, it's just really amazing Stéphane!! I'm going to take lessons!;-) thank you so much, david
  12. Dear Stéphane, Thank you for replying! With this solution, i get pat1 100 times! (setf pat1 (library 'slonimsky 'tritone nil :collect '(0 1))) (setf perm (mapcar 'permute pat1)) (setf ry1 '((s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s))) (setf Gmaj7.omn (make-omn :pitch perm :length (gen-repeat 100 ry1) ))
  13. Hi, I use a lot permute function. is it possible to get directely 24 results for 0 and 24 results for 1? without omn (setf pat1 (library 'slonimsky 'tritone nil :collect '(0 1))) 0=s1u '(c4 cs4 fs4 g4) 1= s1d '(c5 g4 fs4 cs4) Thanks for the help ! Best, david
  14. Dear Friends, Thank you two for replying ! I am interested in possibilities of harmonization with chords (small circles with numbers from Thesaurus) Thanks Stephane, that's exactly what I wanted to do. Best ! David PS: I am also waiting for your book Stéphane!;-)
  15. Hi, cool! how do you get down this PATT # 1 ? and how do you also call PATT 1 and 2 for exemple ? I'm using Slonimsky library, but I can't just call s1u and s1d...to train a scale up and down;-) Thanks for your help david PS: I'm still waiting for your book
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