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  1. Interesting piece, can you share the process of composition and Sound creation?
  2. OM is a great learning device. It also has great PCS support. I learned that the equivalent of functions in tonal music is similarity in atonal music. Is there in OM a system function to calculate the similarity as demonstrated here? PC-set similarity calculator - Michael Norris, Composer WWW.MICHAELNORRIS.INFO v1.0 ©2014 Michael NorrisThis Javascript allows you to calculate the similarity functions between a list of different set-classes. It uses a number of similarity functions that have been published in peer-reviewed journals. Most of the them have
  3. I am working as user xyz inside a OM workspace, in a non-standard folder (actually located inside an Ableton project, to keep things tidy and close to each other). Example: Ableton project: /Users/xyz/Music/Ableton/Projects/2024-04_018 Project OM Workspace: /Users/xyz/Music/Ableton/Projects/2024-04_018 Project/2024-04_018 I can output the latest score as midi inside my workspace folder. (compile-score *last-score* :output :midi :file "/Users/xyz/Music/Ableton/Projects/2024-04_018 Project/2024-04_018/v.mid" :if-exists :new-index) This works fine, but I rather would like to be more flexible by using a folder path representation to current OM workspace. How can I store the midi, without referring to my local folder path explicitly? What's the correct form in the folder path, which always refers to OM workspace ? I tried ~/ , but this seems not a proper symbolic folder path representation to workspace. Thanks for help.
  4. Is there a function in OM which implements a tension level classification according to Hindemith chord classification method? Hindemith WWW.UX1.EIU.EDU Example: Sort the following chords according to their tension class: (chordize (pcs-sub-sets '(2 3 4) (pcs '7-35) :pitch))
  5. I am looking for a function in OM to get for a get-harmonic-path result a list with probabilities say top 5 estimates which scale & root fits (# of notes in scale / # all notes) best the input? I guess all elements are available in OM, I just cant program it.
  6. Does anybody have a fully supported instrument/sound set for Prime ready for sharing?
  7. Thanks Stephane, the possibilities with OM seems infinite, and it shows me I need to study the documentation even more
  8. Is it possible to span multiple consecutive melody notes (i.e half bar) and derive from them the chords?
  9. I did experiment with the code, and I must admit, it is a kind of wonder:-) My hunch is that part of the magic lies in fact that the chords and melody do not 100% have same rhythm thanks to length-weight. I am learning a lot - again thanks a lot.
  10. Great - Thank you Stephane, for taking the time despite of travelling. I will study, based on your pointers.
  11. Seems in other environments there are ideas Just a moment... WWW.RESEARCHGATE.NET Algorithmic composition, a gentle introduction to music
  12. Thank you Julio for your answer.
  13. Beginners question: Starting from a single melodic omn sequence, would it be possible to have function in Opusmodus which calculates a chord progression, which would qualify to harmonize the input. I am aware that this is a underdetermined problem, so the function would require some further inputs constraining the solutions, like harmonic rhythm, size of chords, tonality, mode, interval ( i.e. tertiary, quartal). Even if the solution space is vast, a random solution, which may be fixed with seed would be great. I know about gen-chord… but harmonization spanning multiple melody notes seems more complex. Any thoughts?
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