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  1. UPDATE I just tried playing several of the sample scores None of them will play! When i put my cursor on the area for define score , everything looks like it should play, but when i go to audition and notation, it shows the notation, but there is no audio performance. I was just getting up the courage to dive deeper into the software. Now i find i cannot play the score for the examples, or anything that i create. I am following the example scores very carefully and duplicated the process in a very simple manner. I seem to be doing everything correctly, but
  2. > Error: The function double is predefined by Opusmodus. > While executing: ccl::cerror-if-redefine-om, in process Opusmodus Extension Initialization(5). > Type cmd-/ to continue, cmd-. to abort, cmd-\ for a list of available restarts. > If continued: Replace the definition of double. > Type :? for other options. 1 > WHAT DOES IT MEAN, AND HOW CAN I FIX IT?
  3. I am trying to get my PIANOTEQ Instrument to be recognized when i go to play the score this score, is an experiment that i basically copied, changing a few parameters for diversity and fun. The PIANOTEQ Instrument works perfectly with Opusmodus except for when i go to play the score. It will play back any of the individual aspects, just not the whole score. Can someone please help. I cannot stand the sound of the GM piano score.opmo
  4. Worked perfectly for me! Thank you so much for such quick attention to a very frustrating problem
  5. having the exact same problem that HenryT describes above
  6. until

    i think i missed the live zoom event! Really want to0 understand how to use my midi keyboard to input into Opusmodus. I cannot figure it out without help
  7. Did i miss the timing on the Zoom live session for July 4th? I am in Seattle Washington? I thought the time zone difference meant i should be watching July 5th 9am-10am did i miss the video presentation i cannot make midi entry work with my keyboard Every time i input a pitch the next one i input makes the previous one dissapear. I am sure this is really simple, but i cannot make it work I thought that if your video presentation started at 6-7 pm CET , the i should log in on July 5th at 9am PDT. I probably totally miscalculated. Sad. I really want to be ab
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