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  1. Is there a possibility that the Isomorphic Lumatone keyboard could be integrated with Opusmodus functions and programs? I am considering buying one and would love to see what it could do with Opusmodus powering the composing algorithms! umatone boasts 280 illuminated, velocity sensitive hexagonal keys, and each comes armed with polyphonic aftertouch, Lumatone boasts 280 illuminated, velocity sensitive hexagonal keys, and each comes armed with polyphonic aftertouch, continuous controllers, and Lumatouch™ expression mode. Each key can be individually programmed for expression mode, MIDI note number and channel, and key colour. Easily turn Lumatone into a vast multi-instrumental master controller. Or, map it with colourized isomorphic layouts, microtonal tunings, or harmonic tables.
  2. UPDATE I just tried playing several of the sample scores None of them will play! When i put my cursor on the area for define score , everything looks like it should play, but when i go to audition and notation, it shows the notation, but there is no audio performance. I was just getting up the courage to dive deeper into the software. Now i find i cannot play the score for the examples, or anything that i create. I am following the example scores very carefully and duplicated the process in a very simple manner. I seem to be doing everything correctly, but cannot hear the notes audition when i try to hear the full piece. I hope that what I have written here is reasonably clear! Richard
  3. > Error: The function double is predefined by Opusmodus. > While executing: ccl::cerror-if-redefine-om, in process Opusmodus Extension Initialization(5). > Type cmd-/ to continue, cmd-. to abort, cmd-\ for a list of available restarts. > If continued: Replace the definition of double. > Type :? for other options. 1 > WHAT DOES IT MEAN, AND HOW CAN I FIX IT?
  4. I am trying to get my PIANOTEQ Instrument to be recognized when i go to play the score this score, is an experiment that i basically copied, changing a few parameters for diversity and fun. The PIANOTEQ Instrument works perfectly with Opusmodus except for when i go to play the score. It will play back any of the individual aspects, just not the whole score. Can someone please help. I cannot stand the sound of the GM piano score.opmo
  5. having the exact same problem that HenryT describes above
  6. until

    i think i missed the live zoom event! Really want too understand how to use my midi keyboard to input into Opusmodus. I cannot figure it out without help
  7. Did i miss the timing on the Zoom live session for July 4th? I am in Seattle Washington? I thought the time zone difference meant i should be watching July 5th 9am-10am did i miss the video presentation i cannot make midi entry work with my keyboard Every time i input a pitch the next one i input makes the previous one dissapear. I am sure this is really simple, but i cannot make it work I thought that if your video presentation started at 6-7 pm CET , the i should log in on July 5th at 9am PDT. I probably totally miscalculated. Sad. I really want to be able to understand how to do this.
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