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    EastWest Hollywood Choir and Opusmodus

  2. Stephane Boussuge

    Composing a piano prelude

    Here's a video (in French) I made for a friend to show her how I've used Opusmodus to compose a Piano prelude.
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    Simple beat box

  4. Stephane Boussuge

    Basic Chords Figuration

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    Classical Piano accompaniment

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    Workflow: Import Midi from Logic

  7. Stephane Boussuge

    How To Use Opusmodus LogicTemplates1

  8. Stephane Boussuge

    Random And Static Motives Alternance

  9. Stephane Boussuge

    Simple chords progressions generation

    Chords progressions using GEN-MARKOV function.
  10. Table ronde : L'informatique musicale au service des compositeursDu séquenceur à l'assistance à la compositionPrésentation du logiciel "Opusmodus" par Stéphane BOUSSUGES, consultant musique/informatique
  11. Stephane Boussuge

    CONF@42 - Opusmodus

    42Born2Code - Opusmodus conference at École 42, Paris.
  12. A short example of using Opusmodus as a generator of music sections for a DAW.Featuring LogicPro X and Metropolis Ark.
  13. Stephane Boussuge

    Theme and development example

    Here's a Theme and development example (also more generally, song construction example). It is the start of one of my composition but i give it here as a pedagogical example. Happy reading. ;;;--------------------------------------------------------- ;;; Parameters ;;;--------------------------------------------------------- ;;; BASIC MATERIAL ;;; PERIOD 1 (setf violin-1 '(#|1|# (s g5 mf leg a5 leg fs5 leg f5 q gs5) #|2|# (e gs5 stacc b5 stacc a5 stacc g5 stacc) #|3|# (h eb5 tr1) #|4|# (q f5 -) #|5|# (h gs5 tr1) #|6|# (s a5 leg b5 leg bb5 leg fs5 q a5) #|7|# (s c6 leg bb5 leg fs5 leg f5 q a5) #|8|# (s e5 leg cs5 leg bb4 leg gs4 q b4) )) (setf viola-1 '(#|1|# (q c5 mf -) #|2|# (q c5 -) #|3|# (q bb4 -) #|4|# (e fs4 stacc eb4 stacc e4 stacc cs4 stacc) #|5|# (s e4 leg d4 leg cs4 leg e4 q f4) #|6|# (q fs4 -) #|7|# (q f4 -) #|8|# (h e4 tr1) )) (setf cello-1 '(#|1|# (h g3 mf tr1) #|2|# (s g3 leg fs3 leg cs3 leg c3 q bb2) #|3|# (s a2 leg d3 leg db3 leg c3 leg q g2) #|4|# (h eb2 tr1) #|5|# (q f2 -) #|6|# (h f2 tr1) #|7|# (h bb2 tr1) #|8|# (q a2 -) )) ;;; PERIOD 2 (setf violin-2 '(#|1|# (e g4 stacc g4 stacc a4 stacc cs5 stacc) #|2|# (h c5 tr1) #|3|# (s b4 leg bb4 leg eb5 leg eb5 leg q fs5) #|4|# (h g5 tr1) #|5|# (h b5 tr1) #|6|# (h d6 tr1) #|7|# (q d6 -) #|8|# (h f6 tr1) )) (setf viola-2 '(#|1|# (q c3 -) #|2|# (q c3 -) #|3|# (q d3 -) #|4|# (e e3 stacc gs3 stacc a3 stacc gs3 stacc) #|5|# (h gs3 tr1) #|6|# (q g3 -) #|7|# (q g3 -) #|8|# (e b3 stacc d4 stacc e4 stacc e4 stacc) )) (setf cello-2 '(#|1|# (q g3 -) #|2|# (q g3 -) #|3|# (q eb3 -) #|4|# (e g3 stacc eb3 stacc g3 stacc gs3 stacc) #|5|# (h d3 tr1) #|6|# (q eb3 -) #|7|# (q g3 -) #|8|# (e c4 stacc fs3 stacc gs3 stacc d3 stacc) )) ;;; INTRO1 (setf violin-i1 (omn-replace :velocity '((pp)) (omn-replace :articulation'- (gen-trim 4 (length-adjust 4/4 (length-augmentation 4 violin-1)))))) (setf viola-i1 (omn-replace :velocity '((pp)) (omn-replace :articulation '- (gen-trim 4 (length-adjust 4/4 (length-augmentation 4 viola-1)))))) (setf cello-i1 (omn-replace :velocity '((pp)) (omn-replace :articulation '- (gen-trim 4 (length-adjust 4/4 (length-augmentation 4 cello-1)))))) ;;; DEVELOPMENT 1 (setf violin-d1a (pitch-transpose-repeat '(2 4) (find-bar '(1 2) violin-1))) (setf viola-d1a (pitch-transpose-repeat '(2 4) (find-bar '(1 2) viola-1))) (setf cello-d1a (pitch-transpose-repeat '(2 4) (find-bar '(1 2) cello-1))) (setf violin-d1b (pitch-transpose-repeat '(1 -2) (pitch-invert (find-bar '(1 2) violin-1)))) (setf viola-d1b (pitch-transpose-repeat '(1 -2) (pitch-invert (find-bar '(1 2) viola-1)))) (setf cello-d1b (pitch-transpose-repeat '(1 -2) (pitch-invert (find-bar '(1 2) cello-1)))) (setf violin-d1c (pitch-variant (rnd-order violin-1 :list t))) (setf viola-d1c (pitch-variant (rnd-order viola-1 :list t))) (setf cello-d1c (pitch-variant (rnd-order cello-1 :list t))) (setf violin-d1 (assemble-seq violin-d1a violin-d1b violin-d1c)) (setf viola-d1 (assemble-seq viola-d1a viola-d1b viola-d1c)) (setf cello-d1 (assemble-seq cello-d1a cello-d1b cello-d1c)) ;;; SCORE ASSEMBLY (setf violin (assemble-seq violin-i1 violin-1 violin-2 violin-d1 )) (setf viola (assemble-seq viola-i1 viola-1 viola-2 viola-d1 )) (setf cello (assemble-seq cello-i1 cello-1 cello-2 cello-d1 )) ;;; TIME SIGNATURE (setf ts (get-time-signature violin)) ;;;--------------------------------------------------------- ;;; Score and Layout ;;;--------------------------------------------------------- (def-score string-trio (:title "Trio" :composer "S.Boussuge" :copyright "Copyright © 2018 s.boussuge" :key-signature 'chromatic :time-signature ts :tempo 100 :layout (string-trio-layout 'violin 'viola 'cello)) (violin :omn violin :channel 1 :sound 'gm :program 'violin :volume 100 :pan 34 :controllers (91 '(48)) ) (viola :omn viola :channel 2 :sound 'gm :program 'viola :volume 90 :pan 64 :controllers (91 '(60)) ) (cello :omn cello :channel 3 :sound 'gm :program 'cello :volume 90 :pan 94 :controllers (91 '(60)) ) ) S.B
  14. Stephane Boussuge

    Displaying Existing Libraries

    1. LIBRARY is for accessing to a library. DEF-LIBRARY is for the definition of a library CREATE-LIBRARY is a utility function helping for creating the content of a DEF-LIBRARY. 2. Normally, if you put the library in the right place in the Opusmodus/def-libraries/def-library folder, you can see all of them in Opusmodus utility pannel "L" (L for Library). Cheers S.B
  15. Stephane Boussuge

    Harmonic Rhythm Question

    Hi Julio, you can use the parameter :time for tonality-map and harmonic-path: ;;; Classical Accompaniment Exemple ;;;--------------------------------------------------------- ;;; Parameters ;;;--------------------------------------------------------- ;;; Motif definition (setf mtf1 '((s c5 leg g5 leg e6 leg g5 c5 leg g5 leg e6 leg g5))) (setf mtf2 (pitch-transpose 4 mtf1)) (setf mtf3 '((-q e5))) (setf mtf4 '((-q g4c5))) (setf mtf5 '((q c2 -))) ;;; Chords definition (setf chords (library 'harmoprog1 'minor-4vx 'prog1)) ;;; Ostinati (setf ost1 (gen-repeat (length chords) mtf1)) (setf ost2 (gen-repeat (length chords) mtf2)) (setf ost3 (gen-repeat (length chords) mtf3)) (setf ost4 (gen-repeat (length chords) mtf4)) (setf ost5 (gen-repeat (length chords) mtf5)) ;;; Tonality-map series (setf tm-path (tonality-series chords)) ;;; HARMONIC RHYTHM CONTROL (setf harmonic-rhythm '(1/4)) ;;; Here we apply the map 'tm-path' into arpegio sequence. (setf ost1.map (tonality-map tm-path ost1 :time harmonic-rhythm)) (setf ost2.map (tonality-map tm-path ost2 :time harmonic-rhythm)) ;;; Here we apply our library chords into chord sequence. ;;; The harmonic-path preserves the voice leading. (setf ost3.map (harmonic-path chords ost3 :time harmonic-rhythm)) (setf ost4.map (harmonic-path chords ost4 :time harmonic-rhythm)) (setf ost5.map (harmonic-path chords ost5 :time harmonic-rhythm)) (setf violin1 (ambitus '(g3 c7) ost2.map)) (setf violin2 (ambitus '(g3 c6) ost1.map)) (setf viola (ambitus '(c3 e4) ost3.map)) (setf violoncello (ambitus-chord 12 (pitch-transpose -12 ost4.map))) (setf bass ost5.map) ;;;--------------------------------------------------------- ;;; Score and Layout ;;;--------------------------------------------------------- (def-score Classical-accomp (:title "Classical accompaniment example" :composer "S.Boussuge" :copyright "Copyright © 2018 s.boussuge" :key-signature 'chromatic :time-signature '((1 1 1 1) 4) :tempo 80 :layout (bracket-group (violin-layout 'violin1 :name "Violin-1") (violin-layout 'violin2 :name "Violin-2") (viola-layout 'viola) (violoncello-layout 'violoncello) (contrabass-layout 'bass) ) ) (violin1 :omn violin1 :channel 1 :sound 'gm :program 'String-Ensemble-1 :volume 100 :pan 48 :controllers (91 '(68)) ) (violin2 :omn violin2 :channel 2 :sound 'gm :program 'String-Ensemble-1 :volume 100 :pan 48 :controllers (91 '(68)) ) (viola :omn viola :channel 3 :sound 'gm :program 'String-Ensemble-1 :volume 90 :pan 64 :controllers (91 '(68)) ) (violoncello :omn violoncello :channel 4 :sound 'gm :program 'String-Ensemble-1 :volume 90 :pan 80 :controllers (91 '(68)) ) (bass :omn bass :channel 5 :sound 'gm :program 'String-Ensemble-1 :volume 90 :pan 80 :controllers (91 '(68)) ) ) Have a nice day S.
  16. Stephane Boussuge

    Kanikkai for Piano

    A piano piece composed this year in February. SB.
  17. Stephane Boussuge

    Kanikkai for Piano

    Here's the opmo score. S. kanikkaiForPiano.opmo