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  1. I don't know - I never had OM2. Just saying what I did to get something like a dark mode in 3
  2. you can right click on the workspace and listener backgrounds and do select colors->background colour
  3. I don't know about cluster engine, but regarding the Quicklisp error above, you can get it up by following the instruction in the comments of Opusmodus/User Source/Extensions/Quicklisp Start.lisp
  4. Ha yes, But I mean the colour of the note in the notation viewer. Like I change the note head style for a particular note to a cross, : attribute '(- nh-x nh-norm - -) I would like to be able to do something like: :attribute '(- ncolorff0000 ) and have the second note drawn in red in the notation view Or something like that? Maybe it's a feature request
  5. Is it possible to change the color of certain individual notes as they are draw within the notation viewer, eg make a certain note red while the rest remain black? I had a good rummage in the docs but I could not find anything yet.
  6. I am only half way through, but I can recommend Stephane's course too.
  7. Hi J111, I am a very new user, for what it's worth I am running on m2 ventura 13.1 with installed to ~/Opusmodus and working fine, even pasting in code from this thread.
  8. Thank you for doing this first session today ! It was very useful and inspiring for me as a begining user, to see OM being used practically and explained.
  9. Thanks. I am kitted up with a Mac and bought a OM3 licence, this is great! and will keep me busy for a while
  10. Hypothetical Question for @opmo Maybe is not yet decided, but, If I were to buy a temporary cheap Mac machine and a full OM Mac licence, then later on, once windows port of OM is available, would I need to pay again for the win version of OM to run on my fast win machine?
  11. Thanks. I had a go with virtual box a while back, but the OS ran so slow as to be almost unusable, perhaps I did something wrong. Maybe I will try again with VMware.
  12. Haha I have been contemplating getting a MacBook+opusmodus, Vs wait for the windows version! I hope the win version will come quickly
  13. I know you are so busy on the Mac port, but I wonder if you have any idea how much work to get a windows version up now. I would be very keen to buy a win version, and think this could be a great extra revenue stream for you!
  14. Any update on when might come a windows version, since you have moved to lispworks I think?
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