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  1. I own IRCAM Solo Instruments Vol.1 and 2. The classical articulations do not sound very convincing, but it is a good library for educational purposes in my opinion. I have created a s custom soundset with corresponding files for IRCAM string quintet. It is not perfect but may you will find it useful. Please keep it is for the first IRCAM version. Nikos IRCAM-String-Quintet-Files.zip
  2. Hello, I would like to use two samplers for Violin sound, UVI and Kontakt on the same midi channel. I am going to use Kontakt for Classic articulations and the UVI for the extended techniques. My problem is that def-sound-set function can't send different midi channels for different articulations. If I use two different midi channels for different articulations, for the same instrument they will of course sound together. Can anyone please help? Thank you Nikos
  3. Thank you very much Stephane, your sessions are a valuable source of Opusmodus and music composition material.
  4. Thanks Stéphane for the livestream, great teaching as usual!
  5. until

    Hello, will the livestream be recorded?
  6. Hello, I've noticed that, for example (rnd-round 1 15) returns floating point number instead of an integer. Could you please help? Thank you
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