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  1. RST


  2. Very interesting opportunities here.
  3. After installing the newest version, I receive this diagnostic. Not sure at all what it means. There is no applicable method for the generic function: #<STANDARD-GENERIC-FUNCTION ENSURE-COMPOSER-PANE #x302001CFAA4F> when called with arguments: ("/Users/RSTGSU/Opusmodus/Extensions/Load CLM Instruments.lisp" #<OM-LAYOUT-CONTROLLER <OMLayoutController: 0x735e90> (#x735E90)>) Nor do I know how to solve it.
  4. super helpful! thank you, Janusz!
  5. Would it be possible to point this out specifically? Trouble is finding this element.
  6. > Error: The function double is predefined by Opusmodus. > While executing: ccl::cerror-if-redefine-om, in process Opusmodus Extension Initialization(5). > Type cmd-/ to continue, cmd-. to abort, cmd-\ for a list of available restarts. > If continued: Replace the definition of double. > Type :? for other options. 1 > Recently when I start Opus Modus I get this error message. Is there something to do? With thanks!
  7. I learned a great deal from him. A very astute composer and teacher.
  8. Hello people! This is a relatively recent work that I composed with Opusmodus. A septet... Alto Flute, Clarinet, Trombone, Viola, Violoncello, Piano, Percussion This is a live recording from the premiere at the Trieste Prima Festival and is by Ensemble MD7 conducted by Steven Loy.
  9. Greetings all: When I invoke this command (Evaluate and Audition and Notation) I get the compilation of the code and the notation but audition playback does not occur. I get the following in the Listener: ambitus make-instrument viola ambitus make-instrument violoncello def-score, name: timeline 6 > audition-musicxml-last-score #<process play loop(17) [Reset] #x3020024491ED> 6 > compile-score #<score timeline> However, when I invoke the command to audition the last score (from the menu or the keyboard shortcuts) it plays. I should note that I am playing out via MIDI to Logic. Am I doing something wrong? Many thanks, Robert
  10. This will be quite helpful. Last week Jay Spears from Avid was visiting me at my university and informed me of many exciting new developments with Sibelius that are planned. Thus, keeping the focus on Sibelius for extending Opusmodus work is probably a great idea. I will look forward to exploring these tools. Thank you for providing them!
  11. Bravo!! Thank you for showing me this way!
  12. Hi! I have a small tuplet question: best way to notate this kind of structure in OMN?
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