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  1. Hi Everybody I found a great app to upload and share your music here is the address you can test it it is much better and classy than Soundcloud https://octave.is/pmimran/privatealbum/patrick%40mimran.com/em2XkPshTa Patrick Mimran
  2. Argument Question (simple problem)

    Hello Julio if you are like me and you do not know lisp this is a very useful link where you can find the main lisp functions . I found it very useful. cl-reference-brian.pdf LispResumé.pdf
  3. great advises Stephane you are the Best 

  4. Tonality map on chords

    That's exactly what i was looking for Thank you Patrick
  5. Tonality map on chords

    How could we have access to the chord library ? I tried (library 'chord-library 'triads 'maj ) without success Triads maj m min dim mb5 sus sus4 sus2 aug majs5 + -5 Basic seventh chords maj7 m7 min7 7 dom7 dim7 m7b5 min7b5 mmaj7 m/maj7 7sus2 7sus 7sus4 Added tone chords 5 6 maj6 m6 min6 6/7 6/9 69 6add9 6/9s11 69s11 6add9s11 m6/9 m6add9 m69 Extended nondominant seventh chords maj7b5 mmaj7a11 m/maj7a11 maj7s11 m/maj7a13 mmaj7a13 m7sus4 m7s5 m7a11 m7a13 m7b13 m7b6 dim/maj7 dim7/maj7 m7b9b5 7b9sus4 phrig maj7s5
  6. Tonality map on chords

    What do you mean by which output?
  7. Tonality map on chords

    Je vais vous envoyer plus tard la copie du score . Mais le problème est que meme lorsque j'évalue mon chord list , les accords "mapées ",me sortent des secondes alors que je m'attends à ce qu'ils donnent le premier quatrième et cinquième degré de la mineur . Je vais essayer votre suggestion et je vous tiens au courant . Merci pour votre réponse Patrick
  8. Tonality map on chords

    I try to map a tonality on a very simple chord suite 1 4 5 from Major to natural minor in the folowing way (Setq chordlist (tonality-map '(natural-minor :root a4 ) '(c3c4e4g4c5 f3f4a4c5f5 G3G4b4d5g5) )) But it doesn't seems to work the way i want , i am just looking to transform degree 1 4 5 from c major to 1 4 5 a minor with no success there is probably something i am missing or another easiest way Thanks Patrick
  9. Try to add seed as an option in this function

    I get it work now Thank you Patrick
  10. Try to add seed as an option in this function

    i looked at it and i tried to put it in the function , but without success This is what i did (defun patkaos ( lambda long &key seed ) (rnd-seed seed ) (let ((res (cons seed nil)) (xn seed)) (dotimes (n long res) (setf res (cons (setf xn (* lambda xn (- 1 xn))) res))) (reverse res))) when i evaluate this is what i gat Error: floating-point-overflow detected > performing * on (-2.5452163E+36 2.5452163E+36) > While executing: ccl::*-2, in process Listener-1(7). > Type cmd-. to abort, cmd-\ for a list of available restarts. > Type :? for other options. Thanks Patrick
  11. I try to put a seed as an option in this function with a default value of nil or no seed , how may i add it as optional Thanks Patrick (defun patkaos ( seed lambda long ) (let ((res (cons seed nil)) (xn seed)) (dotimes (n long res) (setf res (cons (setf xn (* lambda xn (- 1 xn))) res))) (reverse res)))
  12. Thank you I found the problem. Patrick
  13. I have this error message, is there a new argument in this function following the last update ? when evaluating this score, it wasn't doing it before i cannot find out why. Thanks for your help Patrick SpringTonality_1.opmo
  14. Looking for a function that could do that

    Thank you to all of you for your time and your help Patrick
  15. Post processing adding operations in a loop for i

    Meric Stephane Patrick