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  1. Error: there is no controller named: cc20

    The display of the two examples is correct. The Ped is a default controller and can't be overwritten. How to use controllers as program changes please check the "VSL Cello Solo" file.
  2. Error: there is no controller named: cc20

    The controllers you are using in the program are missing: :group Matrix cc1 1 cc20 20 cc21 21 cc22 22 This should fix the problem.
  3. Opusmodus 1.2.23126

    View File Opusmodus 1.2.23126 Change to MELODIZE-TO-LENGTH function. The functions now is working with omn sequence. Examples: (setf sequence '((e fs3c5 p s f4cs4) (s fs4cs4 p c5fs3eb4 a3c5as4 a4e4fs3))) (melodize-to-length 1/16 1/8 sequence) => ((e fs3 p s f4) (s fs4 p c5 a3 a4))  (melodize-to-length 's 's sequence) => ((e fs3c5 p s f4) (s fs4 p c5 a3 a4))  (melodize-to-length 's 's sequence :select 'e) => ((e fs3c5 p s cs4) (s cs4 p eb4 as4 fs3))  (melodize-to-length '(e s) '(e q) sequence) => ((e fs3 p s f4cs4) (s fs4 p c5 a3 a4))  (melodize-to-length '((e s)) '((e q)) sequence) => ((e fs3 p s f4cs4) (s fs4cs4 p c5 a3 a4e4fs3))  or ((e fs3 p s f4) (s fs4cs4 p c5fs3eb4 a3 a4e4fs3)) or ((e fs3 p s f4cs4) (s fs4 p c5 a3 a4)) ... (melodize-to-length '((e s)) '((e q)) sequence :select '? :seed 12) => ((e fs3 p s cs4) (s cs4 p c5 c5 a4e4fs3))  (melodize-to-length '((e s)) '((e q)) sequence :section 1 :seed 45) => ((e fs3c5 p s f4cs4) (s fs4 p c5fs3eb4 a3 a4e4fs3))  Submitter opmo Submitted 03/15/2018 Category Opusmodus Latest Release
  4. VSL SE & SE Plus def-scores

    Thank you Jamil, I am sure many users will find the presets useful indeed.
  5. Playback of articulations

    Done. 1.2.23108
  6. Done. The legato (leg) attribute duration is extended with 1/256 value, this will produce tiny overlap. 1.2.23108 Janusz
  7. In 1.2.23106 I made few correction to the accents relative duration. Only stacc and stacs is a bit shorter now, all other accents will not change the midi duration. Janusz
  8. Quantization

    Thank you Yuichi for sharing, great piece, I am very happy to see Opusmodus is able to help you realise your ideas.
  9. Playback of articulations

    Will see what I can do.
  10. We will add this, I love it too :-)
  11. Interesting proposition. I am in a country for a few days, back in my studio next week.
  12. Nuit d'hiver For Woodwinds

    Wonderful piece!
  13. group-lst

    The function you are looking for is GEN-DIVIDE
  14. The multi screen support will be part of ver. 2.0
  15. euclidean to interval

    PATTERN-MAP (pattern-map '((1 0) 2) (gen-binary-euclidean 1 14 8 8)) => (2 1 2 2 2 1 2 2)