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  1. To save the notation click on the xml file and go to the Menu and select Save. As you can see all bars are there repeat.xml
  2. The repeat is part of OMN: '((q c4 ds4 fs4 a4) (repeat (e c4 cs4 d4 cs4 d4 eb4 e4 f4)) (q a4 fs4 ds4 c4)) '((q c4 ds4 fs4 a4) (repeat (e c4 cs4 d4 cs4) (e d4 eb4 e4 f4)) (q a4 fs4 ds4 c4))
  3. I will add this option to the next release.
  4. I am please the fix did the job.
  5. Possibile fix to MIDI Entry sticky notes with M-Audio Keyboards. Please download the new version and let us know if it works. -Janusz
  6. Make sure the modulation wheel is set to off (0) after every modulation entry and the sustain pedal is down, one of them is the problem.
  7. Must be something to do with your M-Audio Keystation 88 Pro setup or the modulation wheel is no Off after any modulation entry. What ever the problem is, it is not related to MIDI Entry system. My keyboard is Roland A-49 with one wheel for modulation (vertical) and pitch bend (horizontal), after the release of the wheel the mod and pitch-bend automatically is set to Off.
  8. until
    Session 9 Invitation to a weekly livestream series with Stéphane Boussuge. It's free to all who wish to learn more about the OPUSMODUS Music Composition System, plus Q&A. On Sat, Jul 11, 2020, from 06:00 PM to 07:00 PM, Central European Summer Time (CEST). Link: https://us04web.zoom.us/j/4306063713?pwd=QmYyWlBNSGNXMkh3Yjd3aEwrWGFmdz09 Meeting ID: 430 606 3713
  9. 2.1.25893 – Addition: COUNTERPOINT - methods on bars and events.
  10. The only way to do that is to make the documentation in PFD format. If more users would agree on this we could consider to do that. This would be a big task because of the pitch colorisation.
  11. 2.1.25892 – Fixed: Stop playback with <Cmd>-<Escape>, will no longer append MIDI entry input as if you were in a chord or the sustain pedal was down. – Changes: Revised attributes list entry. Pitch-Bend Down-Half is now assign to attributes. Pitch-Bend Up-Half is now assign to velocities. – Documentation Revised MIDI Entry document. Best wishes, Janusz
  12. (setf instrument1 (gen-repeat (length chords) '((s g4c4 c4 g4e4 g4 d4 c4 g4f4 g4)))) Nothing change, it needs to be a list with sublists. (gen-repeat 3 '((c4 g4) (c4 a4))) => ((c4 g4) (c4 a4) (c4 g4) (c4 a4) (c4 g4) (c4 a4)) If number is a list then each list is repeat individually. (gen-repeat '(3) '((c4 g4) (c4 a4))) => ((c4 g4 c4 g4 c4 g4) (c4 a4 c4 a4 c4 a4))
  13. opmo


    Good. If your file has no errors then it should work.
  14. opmo


    Drop the file into Opusmodus/Def-Libraries/Def-Unfold-Sets directory.
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