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  1. One solution would be: (setf omn '((q e3 p -q s a4) (s f3 mp -s) (e g3 mf))) (setf dictum '((:any q :apply ord) (:any e :apply spicc) (:any s :apply stacc))) (dictum dictum omn) => ((q e3 p ord - s a4 stacc) (s f3 mp stacc -) (e g3 mf spicc))
  2. Yes, you need to purchase a new license. Each license key can be used on only two computers. If you wish, after the purchase, we can extend your current license key to cover four computers instead of issuing an additional key.
  3. This makes no sence (1/3 1/5) this is why the function will compete the tuplet. Tuplet here is used as one unit: (gen-combine '(1/2 1/3 1/3 1/3) '(1/4 1/5 4/5)) => ((1/2 1/4) (1/3 1/3 1/3 1/5 4/5))
  4. (setf aug-rest-length (loop for i in (omn :length mat) when (length-restp i) collect (* 1/2 i) when (length-notep i) collect (* 2 i))) or (setf aug-rest-length (loop for i in (omn :length mat) when (minusp i) collect (* 1/2 i) when (plusp i) collect (* 2 i)))
  5. (setf mat (flatten '((s d3 ffff -e. s f3 mf -q.. s f3 ffff -e.) (s g3 -e. s f3 -e. q.. g3 -s)))) (setf aug-length (loop for i in (omn :length mat) collect (if (length-restp i) i (car (length-augmentation 4 (list i)))))) (setf augmat (make-omn :length aug-length :pitch (omn :pitch mat) :velocity (omn :velocity mat) :articulation (omn :articulation mat))) (setf mat (pitch-transpose -12 augmat)) => (q d2 ffff -e. q f2 mf -q.. q f2 ffff -e. q g2 -e. q f2 -e. w.. g2 -s)
  6. Sorry to hear you experienced an issue with the purchase of the software. This has been resolved, and your License Key was sent to you today. Happy coding and composing!
  7. until
    The Institute New Music and the Studio Electronic Music at the University Mozarteum in Salzburg would like to invite you. LIMINA – Contemporary Music Festival Salzburg 29. November – 01. December 2023 During the festival 23 new works by composition students from european music universities will be premiered by five ensembles from three different countries. The programme will be complemented with lectures by Cathy van Eck (BE,NL), Georgia Koumara (GR) and Laure M. Hiendl (DE). Program 29.11. / 20:00 / NAMES (AT) / Solitär 30.11. / 18:00 / eventuell. | Duo (CH) / Kleines Studio 30.11. / 20:00 / Ensemble Garage (DE) / Solitär 01.12. / 18:00 / Duo Stump-Linshalm (AT) / Kleines Studio 01.12. / 20:00 / Ensemble Adapter (DE) / Solitär Free admission to all events. More information can be found on our website and social media channels: limina.moz.ac.at www.facebook.com/liminafestival www.instagram.com/liminafestival We are looking forward to seeing you! LIMINA Team: Alexander Bauer, Achim Bornhoeft, Silvija Čiuladytė, Marco Döttlinger, Laure M. Hiendl, Felix Kiesel, Matthias Leboucher, Marco Sala
  8. Fixed in 3.0.29130 '((3h c4 e4 g4 h c4e4g4b4) (-q q c5 3h a4 g4 e4))
  9. Most of the users were asking about alphanumerical sort. This is what we did adding numerical sort as well.
  10. The Workspace Navigator sorts files alphabetically. If you want a file to appear at the top as a working file, add '00.' at the beginning of the filename.
  11. This message will appear if the SupperCollider extensions are on and the audio devices are changed on your cpu. To fix this, simply run SuperCollider app and kill all servers and start again.
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