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  1. Few screenshots of the new version 3.0 In a few days on your desktop. Thank you for your patients. Janusz
  2. Warning are not a problem. Here in means: Undeclared free variable per16.perm - possibly part of a loop. You could use defparameter instead of self in this case.
  3. The .opmo~ files are backup files. You can delete the .opmo~ files if you wish.
  4. The PC version will be released shortly after MacOS v.3.0
  5. Just to let you know the port is done and past all the test. The last thing is the authorisation and reauthorisation of the software. J
  6. There are no restriction of any kind. OM allows you to load any Lisp package you like. There are some differences in Lisp developing system. therefore dependencies.
  7. Don't load foreign libraries into OM package. As for the cluster-engine unbound variable you should inform Torsten about.
  8. Thank you @jon. Please send me an personal post on any typos etc... you find in the Book 1. Janusz P.S. There are two more books in making. One by Julio Herrlein and one by Fabio De Sanctis De Benedictis.
  9. Yes, the function name has change, the next edition will fix this. Please give me an example with input and output (what you are looking for) and I will see what I can do. (setf omn '(q c4 - d4 - e4 - f4 -)) (dictum '(:apply b1) omn) => (q b1 mf b1 b1 b1 b1 b1 b1 b1) you looking for: (q b1 mf - b1 - b1 - b1 -) here it is: (dictum '(:range (c1 c8) :apply b1) omn)
  10. The v.3.0 has a build in CL-COLLIDER library. With simple load you will be able to use SC (Super Collider) UGens, score and play it in OM 3.0.
  11. We are making great progress. Tests taking some time, especially when you make a port (not trivial) and make sure, the new app works on new M1/2 and older macOS systems. There are many new functionalities (GUI) with a new Notation Viewer which you can see on the Announcement forum. Better search, rewritten System Function (in PDF format, for better read) responsive MIDI Entry and more. The v.3.0 is not only a port from CCL to LW system - with a support for M1 - but a substantial upgrade to the existing system. Asking 'when', 'you promised' etc... will not speedup the process. I am one of you, wishing too, to use the new system for my own work. Best wishes to all, Janusz
  12. We are already testing everything with 3.0 and all seams to work. We want to release the new OM stable as possible.
  13. If you have problems like registering etc.. please give us the direct note. In the download pages is very clear what macOS system is supported. In the next few days we release v.3.0 which will work in Ventura and M1. I will make the refund for you shortly.
  14. I hope you like the upcoming Notation viewer. Opusmodus v.3.0 screenshot. Coming soon. OM-v.3.0-Notation-Viewer.mp4
  15. Yes, 4 months grace period. I would wait for the new release.
  16. There are still few thing to do mainly to do with license activation. I will release a few screenshots and short video about the new notation viewer this week. Thank you for your patients.
  17. I will add the chord names as text attributes in the v.3.0
  18. Yes. We will extend the demo period to 60 days as well.
  19. Opusmodus 2.2 Language: English, French, Italian and German. © MMXXII Opusmodus™ Ltd. All rights reserved. Requirements: macOS 10.9 - 12.5 (Intel)
  20. The purpose of the forum is not about announcements - which are happening if something is to be announced - but a space for OM users to exchange ideas and get support. OM on a not supported system (M1) will crash, this too was addressed in our forum. As for the release of the ver. 3.0 this was answers already few months ago. Please see above. Anyway, the development (port) is going well and October is still our date.
  21. You can send OSC messages to other OSC devises or software. Opusmodus is the Master here. If you like to input OMN elements into the score with midi-keyboard you can do that with MIDI Entry.
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