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Session 3 - 30.05.20 - Sound-sets

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I've successfully managend to build a soundset thanks to Stéphanes last Zoom Lesson on last Saturday. Thanks for that!
No I try to invoke the CC Expression Controller, I already found the Controllers 1 score where is a lot of information.
How do I assign the controller movement to certain place in the score, lets say I want to have a violin harmonic, a whole note in bar 5, going from al niente to dal niente, so I need a controller movement like

11 '((:asc-desc 0 127 1/32 1)

(a movement from 0 to 127 and back to 0 in the time of 1/1 and in the resolution of 32th notes, right?)
How do I make this movement happen (only) in bar 5?

thanks for an answer,



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Sorry for being a pain in the neck, but I can't figure out why I get this errorwarning:

> Error: In sound set sq-vsl, program stacc, there is no controller named: cc1
> While executing: %def-sound-set-internal, in process Opusmodus Extension Initialization(5).
> Type cmd-/ to continue, cmd-. to abort, cmd-\ for a list of available restarts.
> If continued: Skip loading OM init file.
> Type :? for other options.
1 > 

My Soundset looks like this (see attachment):


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CC was missing:


          :group matrix
           cc1 1  


(in-package :Opusmodus)

(def-sound-set sq-vsl
  (:group omn
          stacc (:key c1 cc1 5)       ;staccato
          susV  (:key cs1 cc1 5)      ;sus with vibrato
           fpV  (:key d1 cc1 5)       ;fp with vibrato
          pleg  (:key ds1 cc1 5)      ;perfect legato
        prepls  (:key e1 cc1 5)       ;perfect repetition legato slow
          frep  (:key f1 cc1 5)       ;fast repetition 150
          trem  (:key fs1 cc1 5)      ;tremolo
           pizz (:key g1 cc1 5)       ;pizz
           harm (:key gs1 cc1 5)      ;harmonic artifical sus
          ponts (:key a1 cc1 5)       ;ponte suspended
           dets (:key c1 cc1 20)      ;detache short
           sus  (:key cs1 cc1 20)     ;sus non vib
           sfzV (:key d1 cc1 20)      ;sforzato+vibrato
         ptrill (:key ds1 cc1 20)     ;perfect trill legato
          prepp (:key e1 cc1 20)      ;perf rep portato medium    
        frep160 (:key f1 cc1 20)      ;fast rep 160
        trill-2 (:key fs1 cc1 20)     ;minor 2nd trill
    bartok-pizz (:key g1 cc1 20)      ;bartok pizz
     short-harm (:key gs1 cc1 20)     ;short harmonic
      pontstacc (:key a1 cc1 20)      ;ponte staccato

          detlV (:key c1 cc1 70)       ;detache long vibrato
          susex (:key cs1 cc1 70)      ;sus vib expressivo
          sffzV (:key d1 cc1 70)       ;sffz vibrato
           marc (:key ds1 cc1 70)      ;marcato
         rspicc (:key e1 cc1 70)       ;perfect rep spiccato
        frep180 (:key f1 cc1 70)       ;fast rep 180
         trill2 (:key fs1 cc1 70)      ;major 2nd trill
       collegno (:key g1 cc1 70)       ;col legno
          harmp (:key gs1 cc1 70)      ;art harm perf rep
           ponp (:key a1 cc1 70)       ;ponte perfect rep legato

          susVp (:key cs1 cc1 120)     ;sus vib progress
          pport (:key ds1 cc1 120)     ;perfect portamento
           prsh (:key e1 cc1 120)      ;perfect repetition harsh
        frep200 (:key f1 cc1 120)      ;fast repetition 200
       pontrem  (:key a1 cc1 120)      ;ponte tremolo
  (:group Default-Settings
          Modulation 1
          pitch 0
          velocity-xf 2
          volume 7
          pan 10
          expression 11
          reverb-dry/wet 14
          reverb-on/off 15
          slot-xf 20
          start-scaler 21
          master-attack 22
          master-release 23
          master-filter 24
          delay-scaler 25
          tuning-scaler 26
          humanize 27
          velocity-xf-on-off 28
          rsamp-on-off 29
          dynamics-scaler 30

          :group pedal
          ped 64
          sost-ped 66
          una-corda 67
          :group matrix
          cc1 1  


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Hi @Stephane Boussuge,


I'm new to OpusModus and the Saturday morning sessions have been great for getting up to speed; thanks!


I have been able to apply your lesson on def-sound-set to control Spitfire's bbcso library; hurrah 🙂


I'm wondering about the def-sound-set plist :group <name> (eg :group strings legato (cc32 0) tremolo (cc32 1) ...).


In my def-score, I can use :program '(legato tremolo) but what about the :group <name>?


Is there any use of <name> other than perhaps documenting the collection of program assignments?



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The name is to help your to sort your programs better - kind of index.

In the Library directory (Utilities panel) you find many DEF-SOUND-SET files with many examples of HowTo.


DEF-SOUND-SET family functions:

(get-sound-set-program 'vsl-cello 'stacc)
(get-sound-set-program-groups 'gm)
(get-sound-set-controller 'gm 'volume)
(get-sound-set-controller-groups 'gm)


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