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  1. I want to report a weird bug with my system. If I try and Copy some text from a pdf in the viewer panel, it crashes OM every time. I'm on Catalina.
  2. Awesome, thank you so much. We're back up and running. I will probably upgrade after I give it another go...
  3. I haven't fired up OM in a bit but tried yesterday and it won't run at all. Is it required that we upgrade to 2.2+ or can we still run 2.1? I notice there are no download links for older versions. Is it possible to re-install 2.1? Thanks
  4. OK, I'm obviously ignorant about the complexity of the job, but thanks for considering.
  5. Saw this at LispWorks. Any chance OM could be ported to iPad? LispWorks® for Mobile Runtime LispWorks for Mobile Runtime is the generic name for our implementations of ANSI Common Lisp which generate Lisp runtime libraries for mobile platforms. Currently these are LispWorks for Android Runtime and LispWorks for iOS Runtime. These are licensed separately from each other, and they are sold as add-ons to LispWorks. There are no runtime license fees. LispWorks for Mobile Runtime has most of the language-level features of LispWorks but not CAPI or the LispWorks IDE. It is source code compatible with LispWorks on supported platforms. You use LispWorks to develop your code, and then run LispWorks for Mobile Runtime on a suitable platform to create your mobile Lisp library. LispWorks for Android™ Runtime LispWorks for Android Runtime has most of the features of LispWorks but not CAPI or the LispWorks IDE. Currently it is 32-bit only. You can run it on ARM Linux or a suitable platform with an ARM emulator, including x86/x86_64 Linux and Mac OS X. We supply the QEMU emulator for Mac OS X; Linux users should install it from their distribution. LispWorks for Android Runtime is available to LispWorks 7.1 licensees, and is separately licensed under this End User License Agreement. LispWorks for iOS Runtime LispWorks for iOS Runtime has most of the features of LispWorks, but not CAPI or the LispWorks IDE, and iOS runtimes cannot use cl:compile. It supports both 32-bit and 64-bit.http://www.lispworks.com/images/new_small.png You should run it on Mac OS X. LispWorks for iOS Runtime is available to LispWorks 7.1 licensees, and is separately licensed under this End User License Agreement. Further Information Here are details about system requirements, information about pricing and how to order. To try before you buy, ask for an evaluation license. If you need further information about LispWorks for Mobile Runtime, please send e-mail to lisp-sales@lispworks.com.
  6. InLight-Tone


  7. Is it possible to sell my license to OpusModus, and if so what are the procedures? Thanks!
  8. Are these available for watching after the stream? I have a really bad connection at the moment and can't attend...
  9. So I've sorted out sending 16 channels of midi from OM to Logic through an IAC bus. I'm now ready to build a bigger template. I've created 4 OM ports in IAC: OM-1, OM-2, OM-3, OM-4. How do I access these ports in tracks in Logic and assign them to these additional ports and 16 midi channels each? Do I need to go in and wire up the Environment? Yikes! Thanks for any help!
  10. I was wondering if it's possible to use midi velocity values 1-127 for the velocity parameter? I noticed I could use floating point. Any examples of using standard midi velocity instead of dynamic symbols? Thanks again, I'll try to keep these basic questions to a minimum if possible!
  11. Is there an EASY way to display the Diatonic notes of a given scale say D Dorian or whatever? I have come across the expand-chord function but can't figure out how to get to a different tonic to display the proper pitches. Thanks again!
  12. Thanks for that, I hope that doesn't mess up anyone's existing workflow!
  13. Oh that explains it, I'm using a generic Mac keyboard from Macally (junk) and they have the tilde/apostrophe key there. Guess I'm outa luck on that command...
  14. Sorry for being dense, but what key is that at the end?
  15. I've got that function. I'm trying to understand the View/Navigater/Show Search command. It's Ctrl + Alt + ???
  16. Just bought into OM, excellent software love it. If you could be so kind, what is the key sequence to call up the search function? That last key symbol is a mystery to me. Thanks!
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