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  1. In this video we explore the Counterpoint function, and I show you how to create a Drum and Bass (DnB) track, all in Opusmodus.
  2. In this video we take an existing MIDI file and use it to create new melodies and rhythms in Opusmodus. We also show a very convenient way to create envelopes and control synth parameters, which we can then record.
  3. In this video we learn about the various methods cl-collider exposes to manipulate recorded sound (samples), we look at regular Samplers, as well as Granular synthesis. In addition we briefly look into FX and 'probability' based sample control. The code file with samples: Working with Samples in Opusmodus.zip
  4. In this video we explore how we can control SuperCollider synthesizers via Opusmodus, thereby merging the fascinating worlds of sound design and Composition.
  5. I've never liked drawing automation curves, luckily, with Opusmodus, we don't have to. This video shows you how to create accurate automation shapes and apply them to any parameter you want.
  6. Starting with a graph is a great way to come up with new musical ideas. This video will show you how to modulate a sine-wave and map the result to a sequence of pitches.
  7. Being able to visualize a code-snippet can go a long way in understanding how a function works. This video shows you how to create multiple graphs and apply them in a musical way.
  8. It's easy to get stuck with the same old drum patterns, not with Opusmodus though. This video shows you how to use the polygon-rhythm function to create interesting and new patterns.
  9. Writing for four voices traditionally takes a lot of practice and patience, as it should be. Still, it's great to get a little bit of help sometimes. In this video I show you how to use the choralis function to experiment with voice leading in a very straightforward way.
  10. The power of Parametric Composition lies in the ability to separate individual aspects of your compositions. This video will show you how to experiment with different velocities before mapping them again to a row of pitches.
  11. An overview of the Music Composition system, highlighting techniques for controlling complexity.
  12. Hi everyone, Today, when starting OM I got a Fatal error due to a missing file (see attached). This error was caused by opening a MIDI file in Opusmodus, closing again, and then removing the file on disk. Just in case you run into the same error: For me resetting the preferences didn't work, but replacing the MIDI file with a random file of the same name did. - Jor
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