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  1. After restarting OM it works fine here too, can I see from the error warning if it's worth to restart the program.. ( I discovered it more accidentally that a restart helps)?
  2. Hi, When I use omn-to-time-signature with (4 4), everything is fine: (setf test '(w fs5 q. e5 d5 q c5 e c5 h. b4 e a4 h a4 e q. gs4 q. gs4 e fs4 h e4 h e4 q. d4 e c4 h c4 e e fs5 q e5 e e5 q. d5 h c5)) (omn-to-time-signature test '(4 4)) =>((w fs5) (q. e5 d5 q c5) (e c5 h. b4 e a4) (h a4 e q. gs4) (q. gs4 e fs4 h e4) (h e4 q. d4 e c4) (h c4 e e fs5 q e5) (e e5 q. d5 h c5)) but when I use (5 4)or (3 4): (omn-to-time-signature test '(5 4)) => when called with arguments: > (nil) > While executing: #<ccl::st
  3. We are just finished a serie of 10 lessons. Maybe you could gather some other new participants and start a new serie, you could contact Stéphane Boussuge via PM and ask him if he is interested and what his conditions are..? best ole
  4. exactly that's what I've shown in my first post But most of the function work as well with an 'naked' integer as with a quoted list, and like this it is described in the doc of 'find-bar'. I assume it should be consistent among the functions, thats why I've pointed it out..
  5. I know this is only a (very) minor issue, nevertheless I'd like to know if I'am the only one having this problem.. Thanks!
  6. Hi, I'am examing find-bar and I don't get the following: ;from the docs: (setf mat '((c4 db4 ab4 f4 g4 bb4) (a4 eb4 b4 e4 d4 gb4) (db4 ab4 f4 g4 bb4 a4) (eb4 b4 e4 d4 gb4 c4))) (find-bar 1 mat) => Error: The value (1) is not of the expected type number. > While executing: ccl::+-2-into, in process Listener-1(7). > Type cmd-. to abort, cmd-\ for a list of available restarts. > Type :? for other options. ;this works fine: (find-bar '(1) mat) =>((c4 db4 ab4 f4 g4 bb4)) ?? best ole
  7. Found it in the meantime, thanks! (gen-divide 2 (flatten (find-everyother 2 '(((1 2) (3 4) (5 6) (7 8)) ((1 2) (3 4) (5 6) (7 8) (9 10) (11)))))) =>((1 2) (5 6) (1 2) (5 6) (9 10))
  8. Thanks! Do you can propose a workaround until the next update, by chance?
  9. Hi, The doc states: ;Note the handling of further nested sublists: (find-everyother 2 '(((1 2) (3 4) (5 6) (7 8)) ((1 2) (3 4) (5 6) (7 8) (9 10) (11)))) => (((1 2) (5 6)) ((1 2) (5 6) (9 10))) when I evaluate it I get: (find-everyother 2 '(((1 2) (3 4) (5 6) (7 8)) ((1 2) (3 4) (5 6) (7 8) (9 10) (11)))) =>((1 2 5 6) (1 2 5 6 9 10)) What am I missing or how can I achive the upper example? Thanks! ole
  10. Are you sure that your MuseScore lives in /Applications and is named 'MuseScore' and not 'Musescore 3' (or 'MuseScore 2' as your screenshot suggests)? Maybe you need to change : "/Applications/MuseScore.app" into "/Applications/MuseScore\3.app" Don't know what you are after exactly, but when I evaluate ps (with the numerical enter key) and then call (last-score-to-musescore), ms opens that last evaluated score (btw you can look at the score by using the (rightclick-) context menu/ PPrint last Score, then it displays in the listener..)
  11. Hi Julio, For me it works like this: (defun last-score-to-musescore () (compile-score *last-score* :output :musicxml :file "temp-last-score") (musicxml-to-editor "temp-last-score" :application "/Applications/MuseScore.app")) in the extensions folder and then calling: (last-score-to-musescore) It was shown in the forum long time ago, you can do a research.. hth ole
  12. What is also very cool, you can choose for every bar another value (length-diminution '(2/1 1/2 1/3 2/3 3/4) (gen-repeat 5 (list '(q e e e e s s s s))))
  13. So, it could also be something like this: (ps 'vep :va (list test4 :cc '(21 (gen-controller 2 '(0) :time (omn :length test4)))) ) or like this: (setf lensum (list (list '0 (find-sum (omn :length test4))))) (ps 'vep :va (list test4 :cc '(21 lensum)) ) or an increasing vibrato as in the def-score docs: (ps 'vep :va (list test4 :cc '(21 '((:asc 0 127 1/4 4)))) ) I think now I've got it, thanks (again) for your patience!
  14. Ok, now I made it work, following the trail you made: (defun novib (x) (position-replace '(0) '(0)(gen-dynamic-controller x))) then (setf test4 '(q c4 b3 d4 b3 e4 b3 fs5 - e4)) (ps 'vep :va (list test4 :cc '(21 (novib test4))) ) is this the way to go or is there something more simple to achive the same thing..?
  15. Thanks, I found that too but I need cc21, value 0 and this does not work: :cc '(21 ((0 1))) nor does: :cc (21 '((0 1))) nor does: :cc '(21 '((0 1))) so what am I missing? Thank you!
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