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  1. Hi, I have a simple question, how can I change the resolution of harmonics to quarter tones or sixth tones. (harmonics 'e1 10) thanks! ole
  2. Hi all, I would like to continue with the 'Zoom into OM' sessions and would like to ask if there are other people who are also interested and are willing to pay for it? If we get minimum 6 participants together and everybody is paying 10€ per session we can ask Stéphane to continue. To have a little planning certainty, I thought about that everybody is paying 50€ so we can have a serie of 5 sessions (and then make a new collection/appointment).. And I think we can have sessions on topics that the participants are suggesting.. If that sounds convincing to you, please
  3. Hi, Is it possible to change the offset from find-everyother somehow? (find-everyother 2 '(1 2 3 4 5 6)) --> (1 3 5) like this: (find-everyother 2 '(1 2 3 4 5 6) :offset 1) --> (2 4 6) thanks!
  4. Wonderful little piece, thanks for sharing! best ole
  5. I can confirm that (I'am also on Mac OS X.11.6 aka 'El Capitain') best ole
  6. Thank you very much for solving this (after month)!! best ole
  7. o_e


    As I wrote its the Unfold Set OM.lisp file, just copied& renamed& placed in that folder and I've got the error when I first evaluate unfold. And can you say something to the mf that gets added, when using t1?
  8. o_e


    Sorry, but it does not work here I changed it in my own Unfold Set.lisp definition (which is a renamed copy of Unfold Set OM.lisp and where I can modify things to my needs) Also I noticed that when I use the transposition function that I posted above, the unfold function puts a mf before the note that get transposed, is that on purpose? And one last thing, when I evaluate (unfold.. ) for the first time it always gives me an error warning that my Unfold Set file does not exist, when I evaluate it again everything works fine..? unfold, set: os methods: ((t1 2 2)) > Error
  9. o_e


    Thanks a lot!!
  10. o_e


    Apologies for being so persistent- I'd really like to know how to handle that..
  11. o_e


    I want instead of the second note in the second bar a pause, accordingly to how it works with transposition..? (unfold 'om '((t1 2 2)) eins) => ((q d4 e4 fs4 gs4) (q d4 mf f4 fs4 gs4) (q d4 e4 fs4 gs4))
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