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  1. Thank you Stéphane for the excellent session. It is helpful and inspiring to see how you compose an entire piece.
  2. oh neat; thanks for the reply! (get-sound-set-program-group 'gm (car (get-sound-set-program-groups 'gm))) fun
  3. Hi @Stephane Boussuge, I'm new to OpusModus and the Saturday morning sessions have been great for getting up to speed; thanks! I have been able to apply your lesson on def-sound-set to control Spitfire's bbcso library; hurrah I'm wondering about the def-sound-set plist :group <name> (eg :group strings legato (cc32 0) tremolo (cc32 1) ...). In my def-score, I can use :program '(legato tremolo) but what about the :group <name>? Is there any use of <name> other than perhaps documenting the collection of program assig
  4. Great, thanks! fwiw: here is how it is handled by noteflight notes: https://notes.noteflight.com/nfbehindthenotation-pickup-bars/
  5. I am trying to write an OpusModus script to capture this Bach Chorale: http://bach-chorales.com/BWV0001_6.htm The chorale starts with a single quarter pick-up note (anacruses) and ends with a 3 beat final bar. Is there any way to capture this annotation? Thanks!
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