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  1. Thanks again Stéphane for today's Zoom! I always come away from these sessions inspired by the possibilities of this great software! I am learning to speak with a Lisp
  2. Hi Stéphane - just ran the algorithm using EW and Ivory and it sounds great! Thanks for posting. Peter
  3. Thanks Stéphane. Very informative, as always - plus it sounds good!
  4. Thanks Stéphane. I really appreciated the topic - very useful. Peter M.
  5. Hi Stéphane. Thanks for this - actually I did unplug my pedal at one point and it did not help in my case. However Janusz seems to have solved the problem with update 25898. I have tested this on my Prokeys88 with all the midi input options and it all checks out fine - Peter
  6. Hello all - I have the same problem with an M-Audio Prokeys88. First saw it with a notation program a couple of years ago and seem to remember solving it by resetting factory defaults on the M-Audio. Now factory reset does not help either. I also see Henry T's description of midi monitor zero value notes instead of note offs. Am now using a 3-octave Korg MicroKey with pitch-bend and mod wheels and everything works beautifully with Opusmodus. Midi Monitor in Logic is showing a normal Note Off (with strikethrough on the notes), so this has to be an M-Audio problem. If anyone s
  7. Still not working, Stéphane. I'll keep playing with it and maybe we'll have time to discuss after Zoom on Saturday. All lines evaluate just fine except the setf flute, clarinet etc with the pitch-transpose and assemble parentheses. A great learning template but frustrating not to be able to preview. best, Peter
  8. PS - Downloaded to my MacPro laptop running 10.13.6 and had exactly the same results and error messages...
  9. Hi Stéphane - Tried with the new file and same problem. Rebooted Opusmodus no luck. Rebooted the whole system and did an Evaluate All on the new file. Got this message when it was done: "pitch-transpose, transpose: 12 ambitus: piano section: nil exclude: nil > Error: Not a pitch symbol (q). > While executing: examine-pitch, in process Listener-1(7). > Type cmd-. to abort, cmd-\ for a list of available restarts. > Type :? for other options." Essentially the same problem ...might these "compiler warnings" I have been seeing all along in the Listener have a
  10. Hi Stephane - I am having a problem in the ;;; INSTRUMENTATION & SECTIONS ASSEMBLY of the "From nothing-Pt2" score. Whenever I evaluate one of the lines in this section I get the following error message from the listener: "Error: Not a pitch symbol (q)" , where (q) could also be (w) or (-q.) as the first value in any given evaluated line of that section. If I try to preview score it shows the same error message. Have spent some time trying to debug, any idea what it may be? thanks! Peter
  11. Thanks Stephane - this will keep me busy for the next week! best, Peter
  12. Hi Stephane - sorry to miss - major computer crash this morning Till next week. Peter
  13. Thanks once again for your generosity, Stephane! This was once again a very useful presentation - I am starting to feel less intimidated by the process Peter
  14. Merci Stephane - it sounds great too! Peter M.
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