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  1. Opusmodus + SuperCollider in Windows ? Do you have a tutorial ? Best !
  2. Beautiful ! Any chance to get the code ? Happy 2024, Stephane !
  3. Thank you, David. I used many functions from Opusmodus in the piece ! Happy 2024 !
  4. Interesting. Both the notations are correct, but I prefer the second most. The first could be achieved by (3h 3q tie 3q 3h). My solution in the moment was to change the time sig to 2/4 (then the triplets appeared right) and then changing back to 4/4 in musescore. Fortunately it was a simple thing... The problem is when you have multiple time signature changes and have to change all manually... Best !
  5. Dear friends, How can I get my tuplets as the second way (all like the bar 2) ? The code is the same (3h), but yields different results... Thanks ! Julio ((3h c4 e4 g4 h c4e4g4b4 ) (-q q c5 3h a4 g4 e4))
  6. Both sorting processes can be implemented. It´s common in every operational system, or file explorer. Best, Julio Sometimes, I take a vacancy from using Opusmodus and I have a hard time finding things... Actually, I´m a little crazy, but softwares are also supposed to help crazy people.
  7. Yes, I´m already doing it. But´s it´s a kind of weird hack... But sorting by date in all workspaces is still desirable... Thanks !
  8. I´m using multiple workspace files. A good idea would be to have the possibility to sort the opmo files by date (recent to old and vice versa). Sometimes I have difficulty to find my files (I have too many...). But I´d like to find the ones I worked recently, so a good thing would be to sort by date. Is it possible ? Best, Julio
  9. Dear Etu, The midi works differently in Mac. Actually, Mac can share the midi drivers among different softwares. In Windows, once a midi driver is used by one application, it can´t be used by other application. So, I helped Janusz and the team of programmers to develop a different approach for Windows systems. With this option for selecting inputs and outputs, you can manage to map the midi inputs and outputs to match the best option for your system. For example, I have the hardware controllers input drivers going in the input of Reaper, that also hosts all my sound libraries and other VSTs. From Reaper I configured the output of just my little keyboard midi controller to input in Opusmodus, via the loopback software. In Mac you can map everything using the MIDI/Audio studio configuration inside OSX. All the best, Julio Herrlein
  10. Julio Herrlein talks about Composition Process with Opusmodus at the 1st Opusmodus Convention.
  11. In this video I will describe some of the techniques I used in my compositional process and why I decided to use OPUSMODUS Software for compose music ! Also my experience with Pure Data and Nodal Software before moving to Opusmodus.
  12. This is a demonstrations of the MIDI ENTRY feature of Opusmodus Software, using a MIDI GUITAR CONTROLLER.
  13. This is a composition for solo piano I did during my Doctorate studies using the concept of parametric composition and the opusmodus software. Opusmodus is amazing.
  14. Dear All, I think there is a much needed basic function in Opusmodus: a function to perform diatonic transposition, like (pitch-transpose-to-set (1) '(c4 d4 e4) :set '(c4 major)) result: (d4 e4 f4) (pitch-transpose-to-set (2) '(c4 d4 e4) :set '(c4 major)) result: (e4 f4 g4) (pitch-transpose-to-set (1) '(c4 d4 e4) :set '(d4 major)) result: (cs4 e4 fs4) (pitch-transpose-to-set (2) '(c4 d4 e4) :set '(cs4 whole-tone) :round up) result: (cs4 ds4 f4) It could be also have the possibility of being octave independent in relation to the set, like (pitch-transpose-to-set (1) '(c2 d6 e5) :set '(c4 major) :octave-free t) result: (d2 e6 f5) Actually, the diatonic transposition (or transposition by any other set) is a more sophisticated thing than the simple transposition. And I think that is an essential function for music. I know that is possible to make it via tonality-map but I miss a more easier way to apply the idea over existing material. Best ! P.S. If this function already exist, please let me know.
  15. Maybe this could be better addressed with AI. Actually, tonality is a very complex endeavour, a very idiomatic system. A melody can assume multiple functions. I like to think it as a system of scales with 9 different degrees or modal stations. Transposing this stations through the 12 keys is enough to get all the progressions of the common practice and jazz, a sort of George Russell stuff. Some time ago I build an Opusmodus library with chords, but after I realised that would be easier to just midi input the chords I like and process the voicings with the drop-voicing function I helped Janusz to create. Each composition have some unique and handmade stuff. For me, that part is the choice of pitches and underlying harmony. I have my sensibility based in years of hearing and playing. Probably the AI will bring some ease to the process, but as humans, we need time to grasp and really internalize the material. The same occur with Opusmodus output, that sometimes brings more material than we can deal with, in the process of building a piece. Part of the problem is also dealing with form and the cognitive aspect of the information flow. Best, Julio
  16. Dear Cliff, I finished the book in October 2022. Now, it´s in the revision and translation stage, according to Marco and Janusz. Looking forward ! The plan is to release in the same publishing house of the first Opusmodus book. All the best ! Thanks for the interest.
  17. Try to install a FOXIT PDF reader (it´s free) and make it your default PDF reader. Hope it helps. /static/company/images/icons/foxitpdf.png Download de Leitor de PDF e Visualizador de PDF grátis | Foxit Software WWW.FOXIT.COM O melhor leitor e visualizador de PDF gratuito, usado por mais de 700 milhões de usuários. Foxit PDF Reader para Windows, Mac e muito mais. Uma rápida alternativa de leitor de PDF ao Adobe Reader.
  18. Thanks, Stephane !! Is there some documentation about it ? Very good to know. Best, Julio
  19. Dear friends, I got the result (z^w c2 z^h c4 q g5 g5 z^h d4 q g5 g5) in this operation, using André´s function. What is the meaning of z and ^ in the OMN language ? THanks, best, Julio
  20. Thanks, Janusz There is a lot of impact of using this in the notation indeed, specially when editing for the publishing work. The example provided in the beginning of this post is about this. I´ll try to make a function or use search/replace in order to do this .
  21. There is any form to aply the :merge-ties only to a selected range of lengths ? (only in longer notes, for example ?). The time signature is irrelevant in this case, only to separate the lists... Best Thanks
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