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  1. I'm looking for a way to select which port or channel to use for MIDI input. In this video the command above is mentioned, but I don't see this command on my Mac:
  2. Perhaps it's better at coding python. I used chatGPT to help me write machine learning code for analyzing MIDI files to generate new music. It works, and it has a GUI interface, but it will take a lot of experimentation and tweaking to get something decent.
  3. I asked a wide variety of chat bots to write code for Opusmodus. All of them produced results with mistakes, and all of them repeated mistakes after being corrected. The free version of chatGPT 3.5 (chat.openai.com) was the best of them all. It still repeats mistakes sometimes when asked to modify previous code or generate new code, but overall I'm happy with the results. I still struggle to create original works from scratch with Opusmodus, and this gives me lots of working examples I can generate by describing what I want to make. chatgpt bach corale3.opmo
  4. I have 3 variables, v1, v2, v3. What is the syntax to reference all 3 variables in one line? For example (v1 v2 v3) creates an error, and '(v1 v2 v3) only lists the variable names. I've poured over the documentation but I can't find the answer. I'm attempting to use 3 variables together in the pitch-repeat command. ******************************************** EDIT: I found the answer! It's (list v1 v2 v3)
  5. Thanks for posting the score! This is very helpful and interesting!
  6. Thank you! Where can I find a list of the other shortcuts?
  7. Is there a way to restart the musicXML notation playback without evaluating the entire score again? Where is the list of keyboard shortcuts?
  8. This is incredible! I love these fun, playful little snippets!
  9. This is fun! Is there a function for adding length where none exists, for example in this snippet? (setf scale '(c4 d4 e4 f4 g4 a4)) (harmonic-progression (rnd-number 8 0 7) scale)
  10. Is there a way to reduce all of the note lengths equally, without editing each one individually in this snippet? I suppose I could change the audition tempo to make it play faster, but I would really like to reduce the note lengths programmatically, if that's possible. (rnd-sample-seq 4 '( (h. b4 tie) (q b4 h a4 tie) (q a4 e b4 a4 q g4 tie) (h g4 e fs4 e4) (h fs4 -q) (-q h g4 tie) (q g4 e fs4 g4 q a4 tie) (h a4 e c5 b4) (h_e c5 e b4) (e c5 a4 h b4 tie) (q. b4 -e q g4 tie) (h. g4) (h. fs4) (e g4 a4 h b4 tie) (e b4 a4 b4 g4 q a4 tie) (h a4 q a4) (h. g4) (q g4 h fs4 tie) (q fs4 b4 e e4 fs4) (h. g4) (h. fs4 tie) (q fs4 h b4 tie) (h b4 q a4 tie) (h a4 e b4 a4) (h. g4) (e fs4 e4 h fs4) (-h q g4 tie) (h g4 e fs4 g4) (h. a4) (e c5 b4 h c5 tie) (e c5 b4 c5 a4 q b4 tie) (he b4 -e) (h. g4 tie) ))
  11. I'm not upgrading and it isn't due to problems with the upgrade itself. Lots of audio software I use isn't compatible. Sweetwater has compiled a long list if anyone is interested: https://www.sweetwater.com/sweetcare/articles/macos-10-15-catalina-compatibility-list/
  12. I'm a beginner and I can't seem to figure out the changes that you made to compile this code. Could you post your version?
  13. This is the kind of code I'm interested in. It's short and useful for learning, especially for beginners. The video is good, but I'm more interested in the code. Is there a repository of code like this? QuickTips - Classical Piano accompaniment. (setf mtf '((s c4 g4 c5e5 g4 c4 g4 c5e5 g4))) (setf mtf2 '((q c4 g4c5e5))) (setf chords (library 'harmoprog1 'minor-4vx 'prog2)) (setf ost (gen-repeat (length chords) mtf)) (setf ost2 (gen-repeat (length chords) mtf2)) (setf tm-path (tonality-series chords)) (setf ost.map1 (harmonic-path chords ost)) (setf ost2.map1 (harmonic-path chords ost2)) (setf ost.map2 (tonality-map tm-path ost)) (setf ost2.map2 (tonality-map tm-path ost2)) (merge-voices ost.map1 ost.map2 ost2.map1 ost2.map2)
  14. After a few days of testing and reading I'm starting to understand the power of OpusModus. What would be beneficial to me (and perhaps other new users) is a collection of relatively simple scores. I see references to such scores in the forums, but I cannot find them. Perhaps they are not available in the newer versions of OpusModus? Here is an example of a score I cannot find:
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