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Windows Port?

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Just checking up on this topic. I have been following Opusmodus since its early days of release and have been eagerly awaiting being able to purchase a windows license.


Yes, the program works on VMWare, but it is not as smooth as it could be with all the steps involved in getting it running each time.


Any response on if this is still in the works? I know the original reply was 2016/2017, has this been derailed totally or is it still happening?



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I know you are so busy on the Mac port, but I wonder if you have any idea how much work to get a windows version up now. I would be very keen to buy a win version, and think this could be a great extra revenue stream for you!

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Dear Janusz, 


I´m very happy to see the screenshots of the new version. Looking forward to have the Windows version !

I have questions regarding the windows version.


The questions are:


1) in the windows version there will be the feature of the snippets, like resizing and just touching the snippet in order to copy the notation to the clipboard and then pasting it in a word document or in Inkscape software (or similar vetorial drawing software, like Corel) for further image editing, pasting the result as editable fonts, similar to the way it happens in OSX ?


2) The possibility of opening the snippets in external notation editors, using (musicxml-to-editor) will be available in windows ?


3) Editing the .lisp files for customizing def-libraries, custom instruments, preferences will be possible as in OSX ?

I need to tweak some keyswitches in order to get my VST libraries playing the articulations, etc.


All the best ! Thank you !




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On 12/17/2022 at 5:15 AM, Pli said:

Haha I have been contemplating getting a MacBook+opusmodus, Vs wait for the windows version!

I hope the win version will come quickly 🤞

I use with VMware running Catalina now (before it was the old El Capitan), but looking forward to get rid of all that and use it directly in Windows. Since it´s all Lispworks, I think it will look identical or very similar in Windows. Best !

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