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  1. Much appreciated, gentlemen! Thank you very much.
  2. Just checking in, oh, five years later to see how this is looking! I am certainly hopeful for a windows version - once and for all! I have spent most of my time working on ideas in OpenMusic and actually just managed to dig up and activate my old copy of SCOM... RIP Nigel Morgan who mentored and coached me in it. I often think of the exchanges we had - he was a most excellent man. Anyway, it would be excellent to finally run opmo on my windows machine. Maybe it finally is time to give that VM a proper go.
  3. Hello, Just checking up on this topic. I have been following Opusmodus since its early days of release and have been eagerly awaiting being able to purchase a windows license. Yes, the program works on VMWare, but it is not as smooth as it could be with all the steps involved in getting it running each time. Any response on if this is still in the works? I know the original reply was 2016/2017, has this been derailed totally or is it still happening? Thanks!
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