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  1. For actual code output suggestions, GitHub Copilot would be a way better option. I am not sure if it can be easily integrated, though. Moreover, GPT-* has knowledge about OMN up to 2021 only so that leads to some wrong function names too.
  2. Sorry, if you want I can open other threads for my questions. Just didn't want to pollute the forum with beginner questions. It can be set for the various TEXTUAL things. But the background, which you change with right-click + select "Background color..." is not remembered when you restart. Or maybe it's a macOS-specific thing that has nothing to do with Opusmodus? I simply wanted a more darker-themed GUI. Another question I have, is how is the Windows version going to support exchanging MIDI data between programs, so you can play Pianoteq for example. With Mac I figured out how to setup MIDI ports, but in Windows for things like this you usually need to use additional software like loopMIDI. I'm curious how that will be done. By the way, on Mac I've been able to figure it out myself, but I suggest making a page in the documentation that explains how to setup MIDI ports. One might try to change OMN code with no result, when what needs to be done is to use the quite hidden "MIDI Studio" tool in macOS, and the OMN code is really just: :channel 1 :port 0 Not every beginner may figure this out. And it should also be mentioned that you have to change the port in the settings, because the default is "Internal".
  3. "Background color..." and "Text color..." in the workspace can be changed, but are not remembered after restart of the software??
  4. "Your machine" doesn't mean anything if it's a virtual machine. Yes, it does chek the internet, but if you disable the internet (actually even if you don't, probably) and you restore an old copy of the virtual machine (with Opusmodus already installed), it lets you use the software anyway, with whatever days it had before. Without an internet connection, I shouldn't be able to use the demo at all, and I shouldn't be able to have all the features (e.g. Pianoteq disables some keys in the trial). I understand that people are cracking software anyway all the time, I just find it funny that it can be unintentionally done via a virtual machine, lol.
  5. I'm personally going to buy the software 100%, but I've noticed that in a virtual machine you can easily "reset" the virtual machine and you will get another 30 days lol You probably want to at least disable musicXML exporting in the demo, like not even having the related fucntion code in the binary. That would be enough to have at least a minimal amount of crack-protection. Just a suggestion.
  6. My bad, page 3 in the Welcome PDF gives you the basics. I closed that document the first time, and it stayed closed, and the next time I started with the other ones right away. The quote is explained there too indeed.
  7. I see. There doesn't seem to be an explanation about this in any of the documentation files I've checked. Which is an otherwise well-structured documentation though. Is there a brief introduction to the LISP syntax somewhere, or for LISP-specific things should I just Google.
  8. Lesson 1 - 2. Full score.opmo. click at the end of any line, for example (e. a4 mordent2 s g4 e a4 q. d5) and press the evaluate shortkey. It throws the error reported above.
  9. I'm trying the demo. Evaluating just about anything throws: Error: Undefined operator e. in form (e. a4 mordent2 s g5 ... and 6 options debugging list etcetera And I'm uncertain if that's intended because it's just a bunch of notes so there's nothing to evaluate ?
  10. Is it coming soon or do you think I should virtual machine? So maybe I can start learning the language.
  11. With virtual machines, you should have a dedicated SSD for the disk image, if you want to get a smooth experience. And enable CPU virtualization. Great to know a Windows version is coming, can't wait. Who knows, maybe we're going to get a christmas present?
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