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  1. oneder

    Opusmodus Vs. Symbolic Composer

    I bought Symbolic Composer not too long ago and regret it. I do like the symbolic representation of note data and how you can change the scale easily by declaring the symbols be in a new one. Now it seems the website is gone as well has a message "on update" for the past 6 months or so. Are they no longer in business?
  2. oneder

    Creating mp3 file

    Whoa, does that mean plugin hosting?
  3. oneder

    Preambule for Violin and Piano

    Can anyone post some examples of music that isn't so random, like create a pop tune with algorithmic software? Sometimes I think this is a weakness of these methods, i.e., crafting a memorable theme and developing it is near impossible...
  4. oneder

    Windows Port?

    That's great news, thanks.
  5. oneder

    Windows Port?

    Is there any chance of a port to Windows?