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  1. Dear All, Please, help ! ;;; Question How to use DICTUM to filter the use of omn-to-time-signature ? ;;; MAterial (setf vl1 '((-s) (e. gs4 s as4 h. e4 tie) (h e4 d4 tie) (q d4 e ds4 s fs4 hs b4 tie) (h b4 s gs4 g4 a4 qs c5 tie) (q c5 s as4 e a4 cs4 e. d4 d4 s) (w g4 tie) (q g4 h. d5) (e b4 s g4 h.s f4 tie) (q f4 s ds4 e4 f4 hs fs4) (s c5 e as4 ds5 e. cs5 fs4 s g4 q fs4 tie) (w fs4) (h. g4 e gs4 s a4 d5 tie) (w d5) (s b4 g4 a4 hs s gs4 e as4 s e4 tie) (s e4 e. d4 ds4 s fs4 h b4 tie) (h. b4 q gs4 tie) (h gs4 e g4 s a4 qs c5 tie) (h. c5 s as4 a4 cs4 d4 tie) (h d4 s e e g4 e. d5))) ;;; Filter works rigth in this example: pitch transposing only long notes (dictum '((:range (h w.) :apply (pitch-transpose -24 x)) ) vl1) ;;; I´d like to aply this merge-ties nil only to the longer notes, not in the entire example. Can I use DICTUM as a filter to apply only in longer notes ? (omn-to-time-signature vl1 '((2 4 2) (4 4 1) (2 4 8) (1 4 1)) :merge-ties nil) ;;; HOW ??? ;;; This won´t work... What I missed ? (dictum '(:range (h w.) :apply (omn-to-time-signature vl1 '((2 4 2) (4 4 1) (2 4 8) (1 4 1)) :merge-ties nil)))
  2. Looks perfect now, Janusz ! No more hanging notes. Best ! Julio
  3. Dear Janusz, I experienced the hanging of notes when evaluating the Zvony Pluton file above in both of my windows computers. The notebook and the desktop. The hanging of the notes occur when pausing the notation editor. When rewinding the notation player the notes are still hanging until the cursor pass from the point where stopped. Possibly this means that some note off information is missing when the pause is pressed. All the best ! Julio The port was set to IGNORE PORTS
  4. Yes, Janusz With other files all seems to work ok ! I did exported it from musescore. Maybe musescore export with some different header. All is ok in this beautiful Opusmodus Version ! Now the PDFs are permiting copy. The audio going to VLC player is not a problem at all. Best ! Julio
  5. Yes, probably windows stuff. I have no problems with notation viewer and live coding player. Everything works great except the the midi player. Also 1) when navigating to the media content at the (M) button of the workspace the aiff files are launched in my system player instead of the Opusmodus Lispworks interface player. I have VLC player installed. 2) when navigating the documentation, the documents appear to be inside my FOXIT pdf reader (my favorite free reader installed). So I need to right-click and set it to read mode. Windows does not have a default pdf reader when system is installed. Do you recommend some reader. Actually I like the appearance of FOXIT reader + Opusmodus but I have to change to read mode every time I need to copy code from the docs. Best, Julio
  6. Dear, Janusz Unfortunately, It´s still hanging after the update. I don´t know why... It hangs even with the internal sounds. Probably needs a command to reset all notes when "pause" is pressed in the player. Try controller 123 (all notes off) and also individual note off as well (for more recent VST instruments) for sending individual "note off's" to all 127 notes on every MIDI track and channels.
  7. I experienced hanging notes with the midi player when clicking in a MIDI file to listen. Could not stop the notes, even with all notes off command.
  8. Opusmodus 3.0 for Windows ( Basic Install and Workflow Setup ) In this video there is a tutorial for the installation and setup of Opusmodus 3.0 for Windows computers. It also shows the Loop Midi Setup and integration with Reaper, Musescore and Libre Office. LINKS OPUSMODUS 3.0 - Windows https://opusmodus.com/forums/downloads/ LOOP MIDI - Virtual Midi ports - Tobias Erichsen https://www.tobias-erichsen.de/software/loopmidi.html REAPER https://www.reaper.fm/ MUSESCORE https://musescore.org LIBRE OFFICE https://www.libreoffice.org/ CHAPTERS 00:00 - Intro 00:59 - Install Opusmodus 02:41 - First Look at Opusmodus Standalone 04:25 - Midi Setup 05:23 - Loop Midi Install 05:53 - Virtual Ports Setup 06:30 - Selecting Midi Inputs and Midi Entry 07:00 - DAW Midi Loop Setup (Reaper) 09:19 - Def-Instrument-set creation and setup midi 11:42 - Preview Score with def-instrument-set using VST and Reaper 12:20 - OMN for creating musical ideas 12:44 - Using the Preview Score with VST sounds in Reaper 14:36 - Opusmodus and Notation Software - Musescore 15:21 - Opusmodus and word processor software - Libre Office
  9. In the next days I´ll do a video about the Windows setup. The uninstall (if necessary) can be done in the Control Panel.
  10. Yes, I was thinking about this other day... Best !
  11. Dear All, What means multi layout ? For multiple instrument / voices ? :group Multi :multi (:layout multi-layout :port nil :channel 2 :sound 'gm :program 0 :controllers nil :pan (pan 0) :volume 92)
  12. Yes, but I really enjoy more the workflow of PS, because it´s quick and easy to evaluate. So, a sort of "empty-layout" would solve my need. Thanks a lot ! Best
  13. (ps 'gm :sq (list vn1 vn2 vla vlc) :tempo 68 :output :audition) What is the solution if I need only the vn1 and vn2 with staves and vla and vlc just sounding without staves ? Can it be done in PS form ? Thanks a lot ! Best, Julio
  14. Thanks, Janusz These keywords are already implemented in Opusmodus or will be implemented in the next release ? Best, Julio
  15. Dear All, Is there some way to make a ps score with drums (or other instrument) just for hearing but not appearing in the score ? In Def-Score is possible. Is there some kind of layout like "empty-layout" to be used in PS ? Something like (def-instrument-set vst-wind :instruments (:group wind4tet ;optional :vst-flt (:layout empty-layout :port "WIFmidi01" ;here is the midi port name of your system. You can get the name using the (midi-destinations) function :channel 2 :pan (pan 40) :volume 90 ) Thanks a lot ! Best, Julio
  16. Dear Tom, You can go like this: (load "/Users/osxname/Opusmodus/Quick Start/name_of_the_file.opmo") Best, Julio
  17. Dear Janusz, I´d like to have my (musicxml-to editor) function opening in Musescore 3, because I´m not yet using the version 4 because it´s not opening multiple scores at the same time. Each file is a new instance of musescore... please, can you help ? Best, Julio I have a file called SourceCodeJulio.lisp containing the following lines inside the extensions folder, under user source of the Opusmodus main folder. (defparameter *snippet-clef-default* :treble-down8) (defun last-score-to-musescore () (compile-score *last-score* :output :musicxml :file "temp-last-score") (musicxml-to-editor "temp-last-score" :application "/Applications/MuseScore3.app")) (defun last-midi-to-musescore () (compile-score *last-score* :output :midi :file "temp-last-midi") (musicxml-to-editor "temp-last-midi" :application "/Applications/MuseScore3.app")) Also, the function now opens the Musescore 4 but not the temp files
  18. Dear Cliff, That part of the video (around 5´40) is perfectly doable in Opusmodus. The color stuff is possibly feasible but I don´t know if it would be usable to people that don´t have cinestesic abilities, like Messiaen that could hear in colors. All the best !
  19. Thanks ! The merit goes to Stéphane ! I was just trying to help a little. Best ! Julio
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