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Hello Stéphane,

it is very beautiful!

yes I have errors

> Error: Undefined function RND-RANGE called with arguments (48 2000) .
> While executing: CCL::CHEAP-EVAL-IN-ENVIRONMENT, in process Listener-1(7).
> Type cmd-/ to continue, cmd-. to abort, cmd-\ for a list of available restarts.
> If continued: Retry applying RND-RANGE to (48 2000).
> Type :? for other options.

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i have this error

 Error: Unexpected end of file on #<STRING-INPUT-STREAM  #x302003D7018D>, near position 3348, within "\" 
>          )
>        )
>        "
> While executing: CCL::READ-CHAR-INTERNAL, in process Listener-2(8).
> Type cmd-. to abort, cmd-\ for a list of available restarts.
> Type :? for other options.

now i have score but no sound, to get the sound in gm,  how do i change the port?


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Did you success with other files ?

Did you try (midi-destinations) function listener to find the correct number of the midi port used by your DAW ?


Once this number found, evaluate the following score and replace the number in :port 0 by the number of your midi port to your DAW to test it.


(def-score temp 
            :key-signature 'chromatic 
            :time-signature '(4 4) 
            :tempo 120

 :omn '((q c4 d4 e4 f4)(q g4 a4 b4 c5))
 :channel 1
 :port 0



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Ok, i suppose your DAW is connected to "looMIDI Port" so you have to use :port 1 .

My example above just send to your Microsoft GM wavetable but not to your DAW.

Naturally, if you DAW is connected to  "looMIDI Port 1" , it is :port 2 according to your setup and "looMIDI Port 2" = :port 3 etc...

So, in FiboMedit file, you have to set up the port on 1 (if DAW connected "looMIDI Port") like that:


(setf size 48)
;; define the high value for fibonacci serie
(setf fiboharmup (rnd-round size 2000))
;; define low val
(setf fiboharmbase (- fiboharmup size))
;; Fibo definition
(setf fibo (modus (fibonacci fiboharmbase fiboharmup) :mod 12))
;; Transform to pitch
(setf pmat (integer-to-pitch fibo))
;; define chords size for harmonic mapping
(setf chordsize 4)
;; chords generation
(setf chords (gen-chord2 size chordsize pmat :offset (vector-to-list
                                                      (vector-round 3 chordsize fibo))
                         :transpose (vector-to-list 
                                     (vector-round -6 12 fibo))))
;;Hamonic path definition
(setf path (tonality-series chords))
;; Make some parts
(setf pad1* (tonality-map path (gen-repeat (/ size 4) '((4/1 c4g4c5e5g5)))))
(setf pad2* (tonality-map path (gen-repeat (/ size 4) '((4/1 c3g3c4e4g4)))))

(setf arpbase1 
                 :pitch (integer-to-pitch (gen-trim 64 fibo))
                 :length (list (length-span 4 (binary-map (modus fibo :mod 2) (gen-repeat 16 's))))
(setf arp1* (tonality-map path (gen-repeat (/ size 4) arpbase1)))
(setf arpbase2 
                 :pitch (integer-to-pitch (gen-trim 64 (gen-rotate 8 fibo)))
                 :length (list (length-span 4 (binary-map (modus (gen-rotate 8 fibo) :mod 2) (gen-repeat 16 's))))
(setf arp2* (tonality-map path (gen-repeat (/ size 4) arpbase2)))

;; Instrumentation et timeline
 pad1 pad1*
 arp1 arp1*
 arp2 arp2*
 pad2 pad1*
 pad3 pad2*

(setf fibobase1 (rnd-round size 2000))
(setf fibomute1 (substitute-map 
                 '(x -) '(0 1)
                 (modus (fibonacci (- fibobase1 size) fibobase1) :mod 2)))
(setf fibobase2 (rnd-round size 2000))
(setf fibomute2 (substitute-map 
                 '(x -) '(0 1)
                 (modus (fibonacci (- fibobase2 size) fibobase2) :mod 2)))
(setf fibobase3 (rnd-round size 2000))
(setf fibomute3 (substitute-map 
                 '(x -) '(0 1)
                 (modus (fibonacci (- fibobase3 size) fibobase3) :mod 2)))
(setf fibobase4 (rnd-round size 2000))
(setf fibomute4 (substitute-map 
                 '(x -) '(0 1)
                 (modus (fibonacci (- fibobase4 size) fibobase4) :mod 2)))
(setf fibobase5 (rnd-round size 2000))
(setf fibomute5 (substitute-map 
                 '(x -) '(0 1)
                 (modus (fibonacci (- fibobase5 size) fibobase5) :mod 2)))
(setf fibobase6 (rnd-round size 2000))
(setf fibomute6 (substitute-map 
                 '(x -) '(0 1)
                 (modus (fibonacci (- fibobase6 size) fibobase6) :mod 2)))

   pad1 fibomute1
   arp1 fibomute2
   arp2 fibomute3
   pad2 fibomute4
   pad3 fibomute5
 '(gen-pause x) :time 4/1)

;; Score definition
(def-score fibomeditation
            :title "Fibonacci's Meditation"
            :key-signature 'chromatic
            :time-signature '(4 4)
            :composer "S.Boussuge"
            :copyright "Copyright © 2015 S.Boussuge"
            :tempo 72

(pad1 :omn pad1 :channel 1 :port 1 :volume 52 :pan 42)
(arp1 :omn arp1 :channel 2 :port 1 :volume 112 :pan 74)
(arp2 :omn arp2 :channel 3 :port 1 :volume 96 :pan 45)
(pad2 :omn pad2 :channel 4 :port 1 :volume 38)
(pad3 :omn pad3 :channel 5 :port 1 :volume 58 :pan 64)


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yes, and thank you.   I seem to be missing something fundamental here, as, when I evaluate score, no notation appears, and no sound made. Perhaps I need to go further study Opusmodus. Or, perhaps it is not for me. I have no coding background, and it just doesn't feel very intuitive to me. Which is sad. It appears to be a wonderful software.  I just can't justify taking up any more of anyone's time on this.

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Opusmodus is for everybody but the start could be difficult indeed.


To evaluate, you have to be sure you right click into the score file and choose : "Evaluate score / Notation" and NOT "Evaluate all" because in that case you will get nothing...


May be you can take a private lesson with me just for the start or check my videos course, particularly "Introduction to Opusmodus".


Appointment for lessons or videos pack lessons are available here:





Best !





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Thanks for that, Stéphane... I was choosing: "Evaluate score/Notation", so I had that right! I am an ambient music composer, and it seems that the promise of OpusModus in that regard would be very powerful ... maybe overkill?  At any rate, I want to keep trying. Maybe, as you said, a lesson or so might be of some help. I'll further consider! And many thanks for your help!

All the best


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I don't know if it could be the reason but in you study score, I see a (midi-destination) function in the middle of your def-score !!!


Try to remove it to see if it was the problem...



We will find a solution.


If you can't find, I will help you by Zoom (for free).






Hi again,


here's your file corrected.

Continue to study, you will success.





Fibonacci Meditation STUDY DOC Correction.opmo

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