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Found 3 results

  1. There appears to be an issue in omitting dyads (chords) in the notation viewer when attaching attribute 'ped, as in this example: '((q c4 e3e4 ped) (q g3 c3c4 ped h e4 ped) (q c4 ped g4 e4e5 ped)) Similar issues occur when using the attribute-series function: (setf mat '((q c4 e3e4) (q g3 c3c4 h e4) (q c4 g4 e4e5))) (attribute-series '((- 1) (ped 2) (ped 4) (ped 1)) mat)
  2. Hi all, I just would like to inform you all that I have made some first tests with xml export to the new Dorico notation program. (compile-score 'violins :file "test2" :output :musicxml) (musicxml-to-editor "test2" :application "Dorico") It works smooth and without problems. Maybe Dorico will be an alternative to Sibelius in the future. It looks promising with quite a few flaws in this first version 1.0.0. /Lasse
  3. Is there a function or some parameter I can set to avoid note collisions in chords? For a very simple example, to re-notate the chord (c4 cs4 e) as C, D flat, E. If not, another question-- maybe a way to set all D sharps to be notated as E flat, etc. Thanks! Paul M.
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