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  1. I understand that the first argument value in the ambitus-chord function represents the outer-interval size measured by an integer or a list of integers. What does the second value in the size argument list affect when processing two [or more] chords, as illustrated in the example below? Is the second value affecting the second chord in the first list or both chords in the second list? Thank you! (ambitus-chord '(14 6) '((eb4c6 c4fs4 b4) (c4b4 b3eb5b3)))
  2. I was able to set up Logic or Opusmodus playback via IAC driver by loading a Logic setup file into my workspace (saved in Documents folder). In this way, I can audition short snippets and lines of code, which playback through Logic just fine (OMN Audition + Notation). However, I'm having difficulties with evaluating and auditioning the whole score (Evaluate Score Audition + Notation). I'm including a short code example for your reference in case you have any feedback. And here's the listener error code: > Error: OMN Parse Error: fail > While executing: omn-to-as
  3. Thanks so much for the clarification! It all makes sense now. Very versatile set of functions!
  4. Many thanks for the reply. The issue in question is applicable to both examples. However, looking at the second example only (copied below) that features a transformation of the given harmonic sequence (omn), the pitches (pitch classes) of the harmonic sequence are retained when ambitus function is applied, but not when gen-ambitus-series is used. I wanted to ask why is that the case, namely why the original pitches are not preserved when gen-ambitus-series is used. Thank you! (setf omn '((h e4f5 p c5a4) (h b3d3 gs4eb2fs3) (h bb2g5cs5 gs4d4eb2) (w bb2 mp) (h g3f4cs5 p
  5. After a short break, I'm slowly coming back to Opusmodus, mainly by working through functions examples. Looking at the gen-ambitus-series function example below, would someone be willing to explain why the ambitus function is not producing all diatonic pitches included in list_? I understand that I may want to use harmonic-path or similar instead, but I just wanted to ask for the learning experience. I feel like I might be missing something so I welcome the feedback! (setf range_ (gen-ambitus-series '(-10 30) (vector-smooth 0.2 (gen-white-noise 6 :seed 23))
  6. Many thanks, Stephane. This is very helpful!
  7. Thanks, Torsten. This is very informative. All the best, Zvony
  8. Thanks for a very informative post. Would someone be willing to explain the four integers included in the :offset '(2 1 2 3) parameter from Stephane's reply? It is clear why the parameter is used; I just hope to better understand the purpose of the integer(s) used in order to better control the parameter. Many thanks!
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