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  1. More functionality in MICROPOLYPHONE to control the complexity: (progn (setf interval-series '((0) (1 -1 2 -2) (6 -6 11 -11) (13 -13))) (micropolyphony 4 40 1/16 1/4 :intervals interval-series :interval-prob '(.2 .2 .3 .3) :length-prob '(.1 .9 .5 .9) :proportional t :index 'a :seed 830134 :span 7 ) (micropolyphony 4 40 1/16 1/2 :intervals interval-series :interval-prob '(.2 .2 .3 .9) :length-prob '(.2 .9 .4 .9) :proportional t :index 'b :seed 855650 :span 13 ) (setf rh-a (quantize (ambitus-chord 13 (dissolve-voices (merge-voices a1 a2))) '(1 2 4)) lh-a (quantize (ambitus-chord 13 (dissolve-voices (merge-voices a3 a4))) '(1 2 4)) rh-b (quantize (ambitus-chord 13 (dissolve-voices (merge-voices b1 b2))) '(1 2 4)) lh-b (quantize (ambitus-chord 13 (dissolve-voices (merge-voices b3 b4))) '(1 2 4)) ) (setf rh-1 (omn-to-time-signature (assemble-seq rh-a rh-b) '(4 4)) lh-1 (omn-to-time-signature (assemble-seq lh-a lh-b) '(4 4)) ) (setf rh (dictum '((:do p) (:do mf :bar (1..5)) (:do > :bar (5..7 16..20)) (:last pp :bar 20) (:last fermata :bar 20)) rh-1) lh (dictum '((:do p) (:do mf :bar (1..5)) (:do > :bar (5..7 16..20)) (:last pp :bar 20) (:last fermata :bar 20)) lh-1) ) (ps 'gm :p (list (ambitus '(0 45) rh) (ambitus '(-32 -1) lh)) :tempo 112) ) MP Series.mp3
  2. Hi, here's a short score composed for string quartet. All the best to all OM users ! Stéphane stephaneboussuge · Méditation MeditationPourRené.opmo 01 - Conducteur - Méditation.pdf
  3. A.S. Mailbox (three serial miniatures for string quartet) dur: circa 4´30 Composer: Julio HERRLEIN Porto Alegre - Jun/2021 I. Email from Anton II. [SPAM] Re: Hauer III. Letter from Alban A.S. (Arnold Schoenberg) Mailbox are a set of three miniatures for string quartet using 12-tone serial techniques and parametric composition processes. The idea is a imaginary mailbox of Schoenberg dialogues with his main disciples Webern and Berg, and also Hauer, his rival in the creation of a 12-tone composition method. All the pieces are (loosely) based in the same all interval 12-tone row: c4 eb4 a4 db4 b4 ab4 g4 d4 e4 f4 bb4 gb4 PERFORMANCE NOTE: The score and parts accidentals favor the FLATS (b) for easier enharmonic reading. Some of the uses of the tone row are also related to the rhythmic span of the orchestration and the algorithmic method for spreading the tones through the lisp lists in the Opusmodus software. The first miniature “Email from Anton” are inspired by the pointilistic textures used by Webern in his op. 28. In a later section, the textures are intensified by melodic figures and tremolos across the instruments of the quartet. The second miniature “[SPAM] Re: Hauer” is an imaginary email from Hauer (lost in “Arnie´s” spam box…) where he shows to A.S. his klangreihen method (as actually described by Dominik SEDIVÝ, 2011, pp. 25-30) to harmonize and make a smooth parsimonious voice-leading of a 12-tone row. The last piece “Letter from Alban” set up some 6-attack melodic motifs based on the hexachords of the basic row, combined with rhythmic ostinato textures of accompaniment and sweet chords derived from retrograde version of the row. All the best !! Thanks to everyone in this forum who have patience with me ! Julio Herrlein, 2021/JUNE
  4. Nothing to do during my Covid period and a bit of fever, so... stephaneboussuge · Covid - For - String - Quartet Covid-forStringQuartet.opmo
  5. I am sharing here the score of some piece I did some time ago with Opusmodus and which I will touch upon in my presentation at the forthcoming Opusmodus convention. Unfortunately, I only have a score for this and no recording. Torsten Torsten Anders - 2017 - Aschenputtel - for Flute Solo.pdf
  6. A short piano piece using GEN-FRAGMENT function. SB. Voile Suspendu.mp3 Voile Suspendu - Partition complète.pdf
  7. Here's a new piece made in Opusmodus. The pdf itself is raw output of Opusmodus, I've just added Title, name etc... with PdfExpert software. Enjoy. SB. CouleursDuTempsPourFluteEtPiano.pdf
  8. Hi, A short study about some harmonic procedures and unfold set simple usage. SB. Score: MelodieFlutePiano280819GM.opmo
  9. Hi, here's a new piece with score. All the best to all of the Opusmodus users ! S.B. 18/07/19 => Small update, missing function added. PolygonsV1-05-Forum.opmo Polygons1-05.mp3
  10. Here's a short study for a small ensemble. All the best ! SB. Mapcar1.opmo
  11. The forthcoming POLYGON-RHYTHM function will allow you to think and compose in a clear symmetrical structures. The great amount of keywords (OPMO stile) makes this algorithm very powerful. This is a short example using POLYGON-RHYTHM exclusively. Instruments: VSL Tenor Sax and Jazz Drumset.
  12. Hi, Here's a score for 4 hands recently finished. SB. Score: PourEtContre1Edit2.opmo
  13. In memoriam Narcis Bonet who was one of my teachers. Opusmodus score attached. SB. PlutonV1-02.opmo
  14. Here's a small piano study using my new function make-chord-if-length and few others from my personal lib. Enjoy SB. ;;; UTILITIES ;;; ======================================== ;;; GEN-PITCH-LINE ;;; Fonction de génération de hauteurs basées sur une conversion de vecteur de bruit ;;; avec un grand choix de type de bruit, taux de compression du vecteur, filtrage des répétitions et ambitus. (defun gen-pitch-line (nb-pitch &key (compress 1) (ambitus '(c4 c6)) seed filter-repeat (type :white)) (setf seed (rnd-seed seed)) (let (pitches) (do-verbose ("gen-pitch-line :seed ~s" seed) (labels ((white-or-pink (nb-pitch seed type) (if (eq type ':pink) (gen-pink-noise nb-pitch :seed seed) (gen-white-noise nb-pitch :seed seed :type (if (eq type ':white) :normal type)))) (process (nb-pitch &key (compress 1) (ambitus '(c4 c6)) seed filter-repeat type) (setf pitches (vector-to-pitch ambitus (vector-smooth compress (white-or-pink nb-pitch seed type)))) (when filter-repeat (setf pitches (gen-trim nb-pitch (filter-repeat filter-repeat pitches)))) pitches) ) (process nb-pitch :compress compress :ambitus ambitus :filter-repeat filter-repeat :seed (seed) :type type))))) #| USAGE (gen-pitch-line 24 :compress 0.42 :type :white :filter-repeat 1) (gen-pitch-line 24 :compress 0.42 :type :pink :filter-repeat 1) (gen-pitch-line 24 :compress 0.42 :type :extreme :filter-repeat 1) (gen-eval 8 '(make-omn :pitch (gen-pitch-line 24 :compress 0.42 :type :white :filter-repeat 1) :length (euclidean-rhythm 16 1 16 's :type 2) ) :seed 33) |# ;;; OMN-ARTICULATION-PROCESSOR (defun omn-articulation-processor (map omn-mat &key (section nil)) (do-verbose ("omn-articulation-processor") (let ((artic (pattern-map map (omn :length omn-mat) :otherwise '(default) :section section)) ) (omn-replace :articulation artic omn-mat) ))) ;;; MAKE-CHORD-IF-LENGTH (defun make-chord-if-length-aux (omn &key (test #'>) (length-val 1/8) (interval-list '((4 7)(7 12))) (cycle t)(relative nil) seed) (setf seed (rnd-seed seed)) (let ((s-events (single-events omn))) (loop for e in s-events when (funcall test (omn-encode (first e)) length-val) append (omn-replace :pitch (gen-chord3 (list (second e)) interval-list :cycle cycle :relative relative :seed (seed)) e ) else append e))) (defun make-chord-if-length (omn &key (test #'>) (length-val 1/8) (interval-list '((4 7)(7 12)))(cycle nil)(relative nil) seed) (setf seed (rnd-seed seed)) (do-verbose ("make-chord-if-length :seed ~s :length-val ~s :interval-list ~s :cycle ~s :relative ~s" seed length-val interval-list cycle relative) (let ((test-fn (case test (> #'>) (< #'<) (= #'=) (otherwise test)))) (if (listp (car omn)) (mapcar #'(lambda (x) (make-chord-if-length-aux x :test test-fn :length-val (omn-encode length-val) :interval-list interval-list :cycle cycle :relative relative :seed (seed))) omn) (make-chord-if-length-aux omn :test test-fn :length-val (omn-encode length-val) :interval-list interval-list :cycle cycle :relative relative :seed (seed)))))) ;;; ======================================== ;;;--------------------------------------------------------- ;;; Parameters ;;;--------------------------------------------------------- (setf size 24) (setf flow1 (pitch-transpose -7 (make-omn :pitch (gen-pitch-line 128 :compress 0.33 :seed 729353) :length (rnd-sample size '((s s s s s s s s -q) (e e h)(h.)(q q e e) (e e q q)(s s s s q q) (q s s s s q)(s s e -e s s q) ) :seed 729355) :velocity (rnd-sample size '((ppp)(pp)(p)(mp)(mf)) :seed 729356) ))) (setf flow2 (pitch-transpose -4 (make-omn :pitch (gen-pitch-line 128 :compress 0.73 :seed 353) :length (rnd-sample size '((h. ) (q. e q)(h.)(q q q) (h -q)(e e h) (h e e) ) :seed 729355) :velocity (rnd-sample size '((ppp)(pp)(p)) :seed 729356) ))) (setf flow3 (pitch-transpose -7 (make-omn :pitch (gen-pitch-line 128 :compress 0.33 :seed 7353) :length (rnd-sample size '((s s s s s s s s -q) (e e h)(h.)(q q e e) (e e q q)(s s s s q q) (q s s s s q)(s s e -e s s q) ) :seed 7255) :velocity (rnd-sample size '((ppp)(pp)(p)(mp)(mf)) :seed 7256) ))) ;;; Articulation remap (setf map '(((1/16 1/16 1/16 1/16)(leg leg leg default)))) (setf with-ch1 (omn-articulation-processor map (pitch-ornament (make-chord-if-length flow1 :interval-list '((-7 -19 3 9)(-4 -16 3 7) (-5 -17 4 12)(-3 -15 7)) :cycle nil :relative t :seed 729358 )))) (setf with-ch2 (omn-articulation-processor map (pitch-ornament (make-chord-if-length flow2 :interval-list '((-7 -19 3 9)(-4 -16 3 7) (-5 -17 4 12)(-3 -15 7)) :cycle nil :relative t :seed 729358 )))) (setf with-ch3 (omn-articulation-processor map (pitch-ornament (make-chord-if-length flow3 :interval-list '((-7 -19 3 9)(-4 -16 3 7) (-5 -17 4 12)(-3 -15 7)) :cycle nil :relative t :seed 729358 )))) ;;; SCORE ASSEMBLY (setf piano-rh (omn-replace :articulation '(default leg leg leg default fermata-l) (ambitus-filter '(c4 c8) (assemble-seq with-ch1 with-ch2 with-ch3)) :section '(71))) (setf piano-lh (omn-replace :articulation '(default fermata-l) (ambitus-filter '(c0 b3) (assemble-seq with-ch1 with-ch2 with-ch3)) :section '(71))) ;;;--------------------------------------------------------- ;;; Score and Layout ;;;--------------------------------------------------------- (def-score Study (:title "Mcil-study" :composer "S.Boussuge" :copyright "Copyright © 2018 s.boussuge " :key-signature 'chromatic :time-signature '((1 1 1) 4) :tempo 82 :layout (piano-solo-layout 'piano-rh 'piano-lh)) (piano-rh :omn piano-rh :channel 1 :sound 'gm :program 'acoustic-grand-piano :volume 100 :pan 64 :controllers (91 '(48)) ) (piano-lh :omn piano-lh :channel 2 :controllers (91 '(48)) ) )
  15. Here's a short piece for violin solo and Strings ensemble with Fibonacci based harmony. Full score attached to this post fully commented but in French SB. BrinD'or-V04.opmo
  16. Eno/Byrne-esque 'Beat-Betas' as audition tape (i.e. 60 second continuous excerpts). Opusmodus generated MIDI...Mixed as "prototypes" in Logic 9.1.8,'auditioned' in iTunes 'live' to "Audio Hijack Pro".
  17. Hi, here's for study purpose the Opusmodus score of the first movement of my piano trio. All the best to the wonderful Opusmodus users community ! SB. PianoTrio-SlonimskyV2.opmo
  18. In memoriam to Nigel St. Clair Morgan. RequiemCommented.opmo
  19. Algorithmic avant garde jazz improvisation for tenor saxophone, piano, bass and drums. I thought it is time to add something new to our 'Made in Opusmodus' forum. Samples: VSL Ensemble Pro with Vienna Instruments Pro. If you like to study the score, here it is: DADA Quartet.opmo
  20. Hi, for study purpose only, you will find attached to this post the score script of this Prelude for Piano. SB. PreludeForNicolai.opmo
  21. Hi, here's the first movement of a work in progress, my strings quartet No.1. OpmoScore attached. You can also find how it was algorithmically made in this forum article/example: SB. Sqrt1-Full-GM.opmo
  22. Hi, new piece after a paint by Egon Schiele. SB. mwploaFullScoreEdit.opmo (update)
  23. Hi, is it possible to use Klangfarbenmelodie with OMN ? It could be like that: pitch 1, midi channel 1 pitch 2, midi channel 2... Is there any easy way to do it, or maybe a function I haven't see yet ? Thanks Alain
  24. Here's some few examples of use of the recently updated tonality-system. (complete opmo score attached to this post.) ;; Utility function useful for using ;; bass note of chords/scales as root ;; in tonality-series. (defun get-lowest-chord-tone (chords) (do-verbose ("get-lowest-chord-tone") (integer-to-pitch (mapcar 'find-min (pitch-to-integer chords))) )) #| ;;; USAGE (setf chords '(d4f4a4 ab3d4eb4g4 f4eb3c5)) (get-lowest-chord-tone chords) |# It is better now to see the tonality as kind of PCS (pitch Class Set). If you would express them in pitch, it is easier to work on C base. Something interesting if the fact tonality can now be sorted or not. It will be reflected in the output of tonality-map. ;; Some tests (tonality-map '(d4e4f4g4a4b4) '(c4 d4 e4 f4 g4 a4 b4)) (tonality-map '(d4e4f4g4a4b4) '(c3 e4g4)) (tonality-map '(d4e4f4g4a4b4 :root d4) '(c3 e4g4)) (tonality-map '((0 2 3 5 7 9 10) :root d4) '(c3 e4g4)) (tonality-map '((0 2 3 5 7 9 10) :root d4 :closest 'down) '(c3 e4g4)) More extended test with use of bass note as root: (setf row '(c4 e4 f4 b4 a4 bb4 cs4 gs4 fs4 g4 eb4 d4)) (setf modes1 (harmonic-progression '(0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11) row :step 1 :size 8 )) (setf mtv '((s c4 d4 e4 f4 g4 a4 b4 c5))) (setf test1 (tonality-map (mclist modes1) (gen-repeat 12 mtv))) (setf path1 (tonality-series modes1 :root (get-lowest-chord-tone modes1) ;:closest '(down) )) (setf test2 (tonality-map path1 (gen-repeat 12 mtv))) (setf mtv2 '((s c4 cs4 d4 ds4 e4 f4 fs4 g4))) (setf test3 (tonality-map (mclist modes1) (gen-repeat 12 mtv2))) (setf test4 (tonality-map path1 (gen-repeat 12 mtv2))) (setf path2 (tonality-series modes1 :root (get-lowest-chord-tone modes1) ;:closest '(down) :map '(step) )) (setf test5 (tonality-map path2 (gen-repeat 12 mtv))) (setf test6 (tonality-map path2 (gen-repeat 12 mtv2))) (setf path3 (tonality-series modes1 :root (get-lowest-chord-tone modes1) ;:closest '(down) :map '(step) :sort t )) (setf test7 (tonality-map path3 (gen-repeat 12 mtv2))) (setf test8 (tonality-map path3 (gen-repeat 12 mtv))) SB. NewTonalitySystemExamples.opmo
  25. Hello, a small piece for piano solo. Score script attached to this post. SB. Jeu2PourPiano.opmo
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