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Found 9 results

  1. Stephane Boussuge


    new piece inspired by my new location in Austria: Vienna SB.
  2. Hi, here's the first movement of a work in progress, my strings quartet No.1. OpmoScore attached. You can also find how it was algorithmically made in this forum article/example: SB. Sqrt1-Full-GM.opmo
  3. Stephane Boussuge

    Image 3

    Last piece from 3 Images pour Violon et Piano. SB.
  4. Stephane Boussuge

    My wandering path leads over abyss

    Hi, new piece after a paint by Egon Schiele. SB. mwploaFullScoreEdit.opmo (update)
  5. Stephane Boussuge

    Quatuor avec Piano

    Hi, new piece, Quartet with piano. Stéphane.
  6. Stephane Boussuge

    3 Frasques for Chamber Ensemble

    Finally, here's the 3 "Frasques" for Chamber Ensemble. Happy Opusmodusing ! SB.
  7. Stephane Boussuge

    Après la pluie Trio

    Hi, here's a new score, Après la pluie, scored for a friends trio. Opusmodus score and Notation file score attached to this post. SB. ApresLaPluieTrio - Partition et parties.pdf ApresLaPluieTrio.opmo
  8. Stephane Boussuge

    Score 114

    A short piece scored for Violin, Clarinet, Cello and Piano (Opusmodus template :Messiaen Quartet). Score script attached to this post. Music score available a Musicaneo: http://stephaneboussuge.musicaneo.com SB. Score114.opmo
  9. Stephane Boussuge

    En Esquisse for Chamber ensemble

    Here's a score for Chamber ensemble named "En esquisse". The main idea came from the desire to define the piece in "a single line" with an algorithmic management onside parameters across the entire piece. SB. En_esquisse_06.opmo En Esquisse.pdf