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  1. Help for selected text used to be <ctrl-tab> and is now <command-=>
  2. Hi Janusz, nice listening. Did you by any chance derive this using the polygon-rhythm function a la DADA Quartet? Either way it would be nice to hear this piece accompanied by the Quartet!
  3. Thanks opmo - its a very handy function for quick reference. Thanks too for all your hard work on the move to the new platform - I can only imagine...
  4. Thanks Opmo. For some reason though on my system (OS 11.7) , this works from the Help menu but not from the keyboard.
  5. Ctrl-Tab appears to be undefined in v3. Is there another assignment? Thanks!
  6. Dear Stéphane, nice work for the Quartet! Interesting and pleasing textures and unsurprisingly some feverish moments Glad to hear you're feeling better! Wishing you a swift recovery. cheers! Peter PS Thanks for your usual generosity in uploading the code.
  7. Hi Opmo - Am having trouble accessing the Templates when starting a New file. The submenus appear, (Band, Chamber Groups etc) but the templates themselves (Brass Choir etc) appear greyed out and will not load. Have I inadvertently messed with my directory structure? How can I bring them back? thanks, Peter Measroch (edesert) Hi Opmo - you can ignore this post. I just realized I have to first open a new workspace before being able to access the individual templates. Sorry to bother! Peter
  8. Hi Ole - my name is Peter Measroch from Electric Desert Music, Edesert is my forum name, and I would be very happy to continue on this basis. Hope you are successful in putting the group together. My email is pmeasroch@mac.com and my phone number here in Montreal is +1 514 898-9972 I think the 50 euros is a good way to go and I could send via email or PayPal. Fingers crossed for more sessions with Stéphane! best wishes, Peter
  9. Yes - thank you so much for doing these sessions, Stéphane, its always very inspiring and they have done so much to increase my zone of comfort with this software. Peter
  10. Thanks again Stéphane for today's Zoom! I always come away from these sessions inspired by the possibilities of this great software! I am learning to speak with a Lisp
  11. Hi Stéphane - just ran the algorithm using EW and Ivory and it sounds great! Thanks for posting. Peter
  12. Thanks Stéphane. Very informative, as always - plus it sounds good!
  13. Thanks Stéphane. I really appreciated the topic - very useful. Peter M.
  14. Hi Stéphane. Thanks for this - actually I did unplug my pedal at one point and it did not help in my case. However Janusz seems to have solved the problem with update 25898. I have tested this on my Prokeys88 with all the midi input options and it all checks out fine - Peter
  15. Hello all - I have the same problem with an M-Audio Prokeys88. First saw it with a notation program a couple of years ago and seem to remember solving it by resetting factory defaults on the M-Audio. Now factory reset does not help either. I also see Henry T's description of midi monitor zero value notes instead of note offs. Am now using a 3-octave Korg MicroKey with pitch-bend and mod wheels and everything works beautifully with Opusmodus. Midi Monitor in Logic is showing a normal Note Off (with strikethrough on the notes), so this has to be an M-Audio problem. If anyone solves it please let me know. Interestingly though, if I switch from using the buggy input from the m-Audio controller directly to using the Korg input in the middle of a list, OM will no longer insert spaces between the notes and starts writing long chords and I have to start a new file to reset. So M-Audio input seems to be leaving a trace somewhere in the OM software...
  16. Still not working, Stéphane. I'll keep playing with it and maybe we'll have time to discuss after Zoom on Saturday. All lines evaluate just fine except the setf flute, clarinet etc with the pitch-transpose and assemble parentheses. A great learning template but frustrating not to be able to preview. best, Peter
  17. PS - Downloaded to my MacPro laptop running 10.13.6 and had exactly the same results and error messages...
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