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  1. Hi, evaluating sieve-tree-series or sieve-tree gives error "undefined function get-sieve-tree-series (or get-sieve-tree) called". Opusmodus is the newest version 2.2.26595. Henry
  2. Ok, I'll give it a try. It seems to have all I need. Thanks for help! Henry
  3. Sorry, I was a little bit unclear. What I tried to say was that the Audition and Notation snippets don't work with the ?alqsv-commands. Plotting was an example of something that works. Henry
  4. Hello! The Opusmodus commands for Emacs that are listed in file "Slime in Opusmodus" don't work for me. Written commands, like "(circle-pitch-plot 'bartok :point-radius 4)", work ok, a window opens from Opusmodus and shows the plot. But not the ?alqsv-commands, that are shown in mini buffer, but don't do anything, except command "?", that shows commands listed. I'm using Aquamacs 3.5 and my Clozure version is 1.12. Is this setup ok? Best wishes, Henry
  5. Works fine here too. Thanks for a good job! Henry
  6. Hello! I have been trying the new MIDI Entry system. Data can be seen in Opusmodus as long as a key is pressed, but vanishes when key is released. Note values seem to stick, but not note names, attributes or volumes. My keyboard is M-Audio Keystation 88 Pro. In MIDI Monitor I can see that this keyboard does not send note off messages, but instead note on with zero value when key is released. I guess that this is normal behaviour in any keyboard. Anyway, this second note on wipes off the data that came in with the first note on. I appreciate any suggestions that might help! Best wishes, Henry
  7. Hello! When printing a notated score or a document from Opusmodus, some amount of the content is cut out from left and right sides of the page. Maybe there is a setting somewhere that could be adjusted to enlarge the printable area? My system is Mojave 10.14.6. My preferred page size is A4. Thanks for help, Henry
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