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I would note that 'Tutorials' are part of the very topmost forum tabs now, and are the same material as the references built into Opusmodus named 'Stages'.


I myself appreciate having these materials duplicated here as I often like to read/study Opusmodus materials on my iPad when away from main computer :)

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    • By etu
      I couldn't follow this instruction: Go to the Tools menu and choose Evaluate and Play I did determine that Evaluate Score > Display MIDI will play the score. Also, in lesson 2 file 4 the instruction is: ;; Try viewing / playing these expressions as SNIPPETS. I get this error when I press ⌘1 to play the snippet: > Error: No length specified before first pitch > While executing: (:internal parse-omn-note), in process Listener-1(6). > Type cmd-. to abort, cmd-\ for a list of available restarts. > Type :? for other options.  
      In a previous post it was mentioned that MIDI import would be supported in 2.0.  Is this still true? Is there a way to highlight a command and then search for it in the reference?
    • By julio d'escrivan
      the function is missing here:
      ;;; Lesson 2 - Algorithmic
      ;;; 4. Pitches
      (setf pitch-transp (7 -12 pitches))  
      ;; Now let's transpose those pitches down an octave.
      this snippet eval gives this:
      > Error: Car of (7 -12 pitches) is not a function name or lambda-expression. > While executing: ccl::cheap-eval-in-environment, in process Listener-1(8).  
      so I checked back to the Full score and it says this:
      (setf pitch-transp (pitch-transpose -12 pitches))  
      which works and makes sense! the name of the setfield is quite similar to the function which can be confusing...
      Just thought I would point this out for the benefit of other newbies!
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