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    FWIW (YMMV ;-)), the time shown in the banner above this post is actually already adjusted to my local time (i.e. the correct time)...I originally used my 'world clock' app to adjust for CEST to PST and wound up being 9 hours early! So, look at time above (overlaid upon the banner picture) and check to see if it is already adjusted for you (it may be a forum setting, i.e. specifying your local time in your forum CP) or something else? doing the automatic correction??). hth
  2. ULAM-SPIRAL-ARRAY!!! The foundations of my musical choices and explorations for the last decade have been Ulam's Prime Spirals (along with Amazing Abarim Publications Pillars), so this is VERY exciting to see how it is implemented in Opusmodus Sure am glad I took the opportunity afforded by the spring sale to get updated...this is a most unexpected, but very welcome surprise Is that from the forum direct download link or Opusmodus...I haven't upgraded yet but based on my forum monitoring it seems updating needs to be done manually from forums li
  3. And 10.9.5 please Moving from my 2009 Mac Pro to a new Mac Pro that now ONLY runs Catalina would throw 90% of my software investments and workflow out the window (not to mention the $7,000 + cost lol), so I am in no big hurry to upgrade hardware...as long as I can keep being creative with machine I have
  4. And care must be taken, as many of the updates released for Catalina notarization compatibility are now broken under 10.9.5. Apparently, certain combinations of code are ok, but at least as far as audio apps and plug-ins...9 out of 10 updates no longer run on my machine. I am told 10.11 is minimum, but several developers (like Zynaptiq) are able to maintain 10.9.5 compatibility...so it is possible, at least with their framework. And again, my experience is mainly coming from audio plug-ins compiled for Catalina that did work previously on Mavericks, and now don't. Not sure what, if
  5. No '13' or '19'? I find the Ulam Prime Spirals and Abarim 'Pillars' to also produce interesting polyrhythms:)
  6. Thank you for the code...can't wait to study and tweak example;-) Will await new release with great anticipation
  7. Adding 'swallow' to LENGTH-WEIGHT function would be appreciated here
  8. You've got my attention! Amazing example, thanks
  9. Your "pedagogical examples" ALWAYS worked through and well-appreciated here Stephane, thank you ;-)
  10. Lovely piece Stephane ;-) Fibonacci and Kandinsky, 'these are a few of my favorite things' :) ...
  11. Oh, you are welcome...so glad you both found it interesting/useful :) I have recently been rediscovering it's potentials using MIDI 'Learn'...connecting the 'rotation', pitch values, etc to external LFO's (I use Numerology 4 Pro) makes for some interesting morphing rhythm studies ;-) ...
  12. Hey Julio, I was revisiting some old interests and remembered your post...have you come across these particular related presentations and software? https://theconversation.com/how-a-little-mathematics-can-help-create-some-beautiful-music-61812 http://www.dynamictonality.com/xronomorph.htm ...
  13. Wow! Just installed and ran some examples from your docs...thank you Torsten for sharing this, and all your hard work to document and help install. I will simply echo "lviklund" and say, "This is brilliant!" ;-)
  14. As a novice, I have run into this in my experimentations, and chalked it up to, well...being a novice! ;-) I have imagined it has something to do with having a valid formatting maintained from audition to complete score (given that 'audition' allows direct export to the various formats). And like you, I would suspect it would be the standardized notation requirements..but would be interested to know more (and any workarounds as to 'audition' and thus 'export' options), as the potential of "arbitrary non-regular rhythms" in Opusmodus remains a strong interest of mine for similar re
  15. Eight hours later! Spent all day reviewing related Opusumodus functions/documentation and researching your concepts and references...a very satisfying time in furtherance of my ongoing Opusmodus education ;-) Thanks again Julio for the inspiration, and Janusz for ALREADY including/implementing so many useful tools related to these subjects :)
  16. Thank you very much for taking the time to share ;-) Please feel free to continue to do so as I am most interested in this subject of Timepoint/Rhythm, especially as you apply your research to Opusmodus coding applications/implementations :)
  17. Fantastic,very insightful....thanks for sharing! Visual patterns as compositional approach are one of my interests, as is the idea of organizing rhythm into 'scales' ;-) Please inform if an English translation of main dissertation becomes available (though the excellent illustrations and footnotes in English in current version provide plenty of food for thought as it is, especially as many of your references are on already on my bookshelf ;-))
  18. ;;; SET Variables (setf pitch-1 '(c2 cs2 d2 ds2 e2 f2 fs2 g2 gs2 a2 as2 b2 c3 cs3 d3 ds3 e3 f3 fs3 g3 gs3 a3 as3 b3)) (setf pitch-2 '(c2 cs2 d2 ds2 e2 f2 fs2 g2 gs2 a2 as2 b2 c3 cs3 d3 ds3 e3 f3 fs3 g3 gs3 a3 as3 b3 c4)) (setf reverse-p (nreverse pitch-2)) (setf rotation-p-1 (gen-rotate :left pitch-1 :type :seq)) (setf rotation-p-2 (gen-rotate :right reverse-p :type :seq)) (setf rotation-p-3 (gen-rotate :right pitch-1 :type :seq)) (setf rotation-p-4 (gen-rotate :left reverse-p :type :seq)) (setf rotation-combo-A (gen-repeat 17 (append rotation-p-1 rotation-p-3))) (setf rotation-combo-B (ge
  19. Eno/Byrne-esque 'Beat-Betas' as audition tape (i.e. 60 second continuous excerpts). Opusmodus generated MIDI...Mixed as "prototypes" in Logic 9.1.8,'auditioned' in iTunes 'live' to "Audio Hijack Pro".
  20. Janusz, where is this above function 'length-tempo-map'? It doesn't appear to be part of system and system/forum searches only come up with this one reference? Thanks in advance.
  21. oneder, I wrote Peter Stone around that time, and he stated that he was very busy on a project(s) and would update at some time in future but DID take the time to assist me. He has been at this a long time (my original copy of SCOM I have been upgrading from was purchased for an Atari in the early 90's!), and he has always replied to my emails over that long period...but I imagine SCOM is not necessarily 'in demand' such to be a priority from a marketing standpoint i.e the website. If you need support, write him directly... he has always presented himself to me as a pro
  22. Can someone clarify the procedure for loading a pre-compiled MIDI file into 'Live Coding Instrument'? Documentation states: "The live-coding function can start by loading a pre-compiled midi-file..." and from under "Arguments" states: "file-or-midi an integer (outer interval-size)"....but that's all there is to documentation for MIDI files??? There are no examples concerning this aspect I could locate. I am currently using the "(live-coding-midi (compile-score...)" with success, but would like the basic example/process/syntax for loading existing MIDI files
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